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Interní audit v bance
Matyáš, Ondřej ; Bürgerová, Jiřina (advisor)
Podstatou práce Interní audit v bance je poskytnout informace o prvních počátcích vzniku auditu a jeho postupném vývoji až do současnosti. Důležité je však zaměření na interní audit. V obecné rovině jsou rozebrány vlastnosti interního auditu, institucionální zabezpečení interního auditu ve světě a v České republice, působnost interního auditu ve společnosti a také je charakterizována osobnost interního auditora. Následně jsou obecné poznatky interního auditu aplikovány na prostředí obchodní banky v České republice. Je definován charakter auditorské činnosti v bance, možná rizika spojená s bankovními operacemi a jejich řízení. Samozřejmostí je i definování průběhu auditu v bance, včetně jeho jednotlivých fází.
Impacts of mortgage crisis in the banking sector USA and EU
Novák, Robert ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Ježek, Tomáš (referee)
My work focuses on impacts of mortgage crisis in the banking sector, in particular, the USA and the EU after the collapse of the bank Lehman Brothers. The first chapter focuses on the general causes of the crisis. The second chapter focuses on the risks that are associated with the banking business. The second part of my work deals with individual the falls of the banks and financial assistance of the individual governments to the banking industry. The last chapter of my work evaluates impact on the Czech banking sector.
Monetary crisis and state bankruptcy in Argentina
Kubíčková, Tereza ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Jílek, Josef (referee)
The Bachelor thesis analyses the issue of financial crises, the dominant theme is monetary crisis in Argentina. The first part focuses on theoretical causes of crises, possibilities of their prevention and attempts to anticipate coming economic problems. The work deals with the study of Argentina's systemic crisis in the second section. We can observe on historical emergence of economy and behaviour its representatives that country had conditions leading to depression for long time. The work tries to answer questions like whether government was able to avoid the crisis and why its economic incidences were so catastrophical. The extend of the adverse effects is shown on main macroenomic indicators by the help of tables and graphs.
The change of the company beginning with the bank association Master Charge and ending with the stock corporation MasterCard which is being traded in New York stock exchange
Kábelková, Lenka ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Ježek, Tomáš (referee)
In the theoretical part of my diploma thesis I will focus on the developement of the Master Charge Company and then I would like to describe all the facts which the change of the card company brought, beginning with the bank association and ending with the stock corporation which is being traded in NYSE. The focus is especially on the changes of the owner's structure and trade strategy. In the practical part I will deal with the developement of the shares market prices of the MasterCard Company since they have entered NYSE, I will relate this developement with the beginning of the financial crisis. In the last part of my diploma thesis I will focus on the new technologies which are the card companies coming with. The aim of my thesis is therefor the evaluation of the impact of the financial crisis on the price of the shares of the card company and then to sketch the future developement of the technology from the users' point of the view.
Měnověpolitické nástroje České národní banky
Pincová, Stanislava ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor study analyses the monetary policy instruments, which the Central banks are using, and also Czech National Bank. In this work both direct and indirect monetary policy instruments are described. Also there is a historical development of the preferred indirect instruments, and examples of their application in Czech environment. Last but not least, this paper focuses on this problematic also in the European Central Bank.
The European Monetary Integration and the Czech Republic
Rosenberg, Jan ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Ježek, Tomáš (referee)
By accessing the EU the Czech Republic committed to joining the euro area and adopting the single European currency, the euro, after meeting certain criteria as required by the EU legislation. The main aim of my bachelor thesis is to analyse the integration process and readiness of the Czech Republic regarding the adoption of the single currency and the entry into the euro area. Starting with a brief history of the process of monetary integration into the EU from its initiation to forming the Economic and Monetary Union. The pivotal part of my paper focuses on the assessment of achieving the 'convergence criteria' (or 'Maastricht criteria') and the real economic convergence of the Czech Republic to the euro area. The next part of my paper concentrates on the technical and institutional preparations mainly with the National Coordination Group for Euro Introduction and its activities. The approved single-step change to euro is also mentioned. The cost/benefit analysis of the entry into the monetary union is being discussed in the conclusion of my paper.
Bank financial risks - credit risk
Ondračka, Michal ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (referee)
This is analysis of credit risks of bank i.e. risks between bank, as a creditor and it's debtor. Credit risk means uncertainty that the debtor will pay to the bank agreed installment and interest in time. In relationship between bank and debtor there is a lot of risks named in this study. The most dangerous risk is credit risk. The banks take some measures to prevent them: monitoring of the bonity of a client, credit procedure, reinsurance of a debt, managing of risk, capital adequacy, registry, rating etc. Credit risk of bank can cause financial losses but also bank crises with impact on global economy. JEL Classification: G210, E580, D810
Monetary crises
Abrahám, Pavel ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
In this paper the researcher aims to compare monetary crises that took place in Southeast Asia, Russia, Brazil and in the Czech Republic in the 1990s. The first part of the work is primarily focused on the monetary crisis itself. The general causations and consequences of monetary crisis are identified and specific prevention measures are mentioned. In the second part of the paper the progression of the monetary crisis in the four regions chosen is described. Finally, in the third part of the work the roots of the crisis, the government reactions and the consequences for the economy are compared in between these four regions.
Solving consenquences of financial crisis by fiscal and monetary policy
Šťastný, Martin ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
At the beginning of my work I will try to explore the theoretical part, as what are the consequences of a financial crisis on state economy and how to respond to them using disponible tools of fiscal and monetary policy so that the impact is as acceptable as possible. The aim of my essay is an analysis and comparison of the effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy on the reduction of the impact of the financial crisis and what is their effect on the growth of GDP, development of inflation, employment and other macroeconomic indicators. The question is basically how to restart the economic growth and how to achieve it. I will also explore the possible non-acceptance of any precautions. I will try to find the optimal consensus between fiscal and monetary policy and their right setup in comparison of the USA and other European states, where each country's government has accepted certain precautions through fiscal and monetary policy.
Development of the monetary political instruments of the Czech National Bank
Faltysová, Zuzana ; Burgerová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
This Bachelor thesis reports the characteristics of the monetary policy, its development, objectives, and above all, the financing instruments which are used by the Czech National Bank. It also scrutinizes the independence and the operations of central banks. It also analyses the development of the monetary policy and monetary political instruments since the split-up of Czechoslovakia till today. It is focused on a comparision of the main objectives which the CNB wanted to achieve, and on the real impacts of the measure exposed.

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