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Design of Lean Production and its Implementation into the Conditions of Operation when Applying Digitization
Šmíd, Václav ; Matušinec, David (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on design of lean production and its implementation by means of digitization in Fatra, a.s. Napajedla. The partial goal of the thesis is to analyze the functions, advantages and importance of the MES system in the company. First, the company, its production portfolio and organizational structure will be introduced. In the analytical part of the thesis, the production process and the current state of production in the selected section will be characterized. The practical part will focus on optimizing production using digital outputs. The thesis contains a proposal that contributes to increase of efficiency in the given production section.
The role of lipids in the pathogenesis of liver diseases.
Šmíd, Václav ; Muchová, Lucie (advisor) ; Rumlová, Michaela (referee) ; Mičuda, Stanislav (referee)
1 Abstract In this thesis I have focused on the role of lipids in the pathogenesis of liver diseases, specifically on cholestasis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The first major aim was to clarify the changes in liver ganglioside metabolism in various types of cholestasis and to elucidate the role of heme oxygenase-1 (HMOX1) and associated oxidative stress. The second objective was to determine the effects of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA) administration on NAFLD development in a rodent dietary model of NAFLD and in patients with metabolic syndrome and NAFLD. Our results suggest that increased ganglioside biosynthesis and their re-distribution might represent a general protective mechanism of hepatocytes under cholestatic conditions (both estrogen-induced and obstructive aetiology). These changes are closely related to oxidative stress and might protect hepatocytes against deleterious effect of accumulated bile acids. The lack of HMOX1 activity and subsequent oxidative stress potentiate pathological changes in the liver and resulted in tissue-specific modulation of synthesis and re-distribution of gangliosides (in vivo and in vitro). Contrary to it, HMOX1 activation has an opposite effect and may represent a general hepatoprotective mechanism. We have proven that observed changes...
Teaching aids for teaching vocational subjects
Šmíd, Václav ; Němejc, Karel (advisor) ; Irena, Irena (referee)
Modern as well as classical teaching aids greatly support and strengthen the teaching practice while encouraging students to take an active part in the learning activity within the classroom, thus contributing to a higher degree of mastering the subject matter. Integration of teaching aids in teaching vocational subjects not only enables effective and precise teaching, but it also allows the students to acquire their knowledge and practical skills. The theoretical part of this thesis presents an overview, description and comparison of various teaching materials suitable for teaching technical subjects, which are currently the most integrated teaching methods in vocational studies. In addition, the review of literature discusses the history of education and formation of teaching aids. The practical part, which has been conducted in a participating educational institution, elaborates on the questionnaire survey conducted amongst students who are currently in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the three-year program. The questionnaire is focused on obtaining relevant information from the students on how they evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of the teaching aids during the theoretical lesson which takes place prior to the practical training. The results of this thesis can be beneficial in terms of streamlining the theoretical teaching of vocational subjects that are important for students before the start of their practical training.
Apartment house, Brno - Židenice
Šmíd, Václav ; Peterka, Tomáš (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
Within the frame of my master's thesis I processed a project documentation for a construction of an apartment house in Brno – Židenice. The building is unattached and has 7 floors. On the ground floor there are four individual garages, cellar cubicles and a utility room. There are apartments on all other floors. On the highest floor, there is situated a singular apartment with outdoor terrace and vegetation area. The building is founded on strips made of reinforced concrete, vertical load-bearing structure is made of cermic blocks, floor structure is made of hollow core slabs and staircase is also made of prefabricated elements. The house is insulated with contact thermal insulation made of mineral wool. During the process of creating the projet, I followed all the requirements of actual regulations and legal enactments, to provide sufficient mechanical endurance and stability, health safety of the inner space as well as safety of the natural environment.
Šmíd, Václav ; Zuzana, Stránská (referee) ; Balíková, Jitka (advisor)
This is a detached two-generation house in a partially built-up area. The building is situated in the village of Kobylnice, that lies approximately 15 km south-east from Brno. The building has two floors without cellar. Ground floor dwelling unit is meant for a family with two childern. There is entrance hall with dressing room, WC, bathroom, parents´ bedroom, bedroom for childern, living room with study and kitchen with dining room. There is also ground-level terrace accessable from childern´s room and kitchen with dining room. Second floor dwelling unit is meant for a married couple. There is entrance hall and staircase, room for household choirs with dressing room, WC, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen with dining room, pantry and terrace. There is also a common garage with parking space for two cars. The house is based on strips made of plain concrete and is built of the Porotherm building system. Skillion roof is pitched with an inclination of 7°. Roofing tile is standing seam sheet steel Lindab Click. Built-up area is 228,4 m2. There is also included a seminar paper on the topic: Structures of roof cladding for various kinds of roofs according to ČSN 73 1901.

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