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Influence of three-point hitch parameters on traction properties of tractors
Voburka, Tomáš ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Bauer, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the development of a mathematical model of the tractor-tool set in the MSC Adams program enabling analysis of the influence of the position of the upper linkage of the three-point hitch on the load of the driving wheels during the system operation. The measured force effects are analysed with focus on the adhesion load of the drive wheels and the traction properties of the tractor. Based on the calculations made, it determines the optimal setting of the upper link of the hitch for the connected tool.
Mobile construction crane load capacity 200 kg
Tomeš, Jakub ; Nezbeda, Jiří (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes mechanical design of mobile construction crane, specified for moving Silka bricks of weight 200 kg. Thesis contains constructing solution of steel frame - boom, column and chassis. Standard purchased components are also defined in this thesis - hydraulic circuits, el. pulley assembly and wheels. Last part of thesis verifies sufficient safety of designed frame using Finite element method. Output of this thesis are mechanical drawings of welded parts of steel frame and assembly drawing of entire crane.
Handling equipment for a storage of the barrels
Matyáš, David ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
The Bachelor´s thesis deals with the design of handling equipment for barrel warehouse as additional device for forklifts. Forklift moves on the flat floor of the warehouse. All functions of the mechanism are powered by hydrostatic oil pressure. In the thesis, some design proposals are made, after their evaluation is chosen final variation which includes functional and strength calculations. The chosen concept includes a drawing documentation.
Lifting table in the bodywork shop for the Automotive
Zoubek, Vojtěch ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the design of lifting table in the bodywork shop for the Automotive. The main content of the thesis is proposal of individual functional components, calculation of roller table drive and lifting drive and determining the main dimensions of lift table. Appendix contains assembly drawing and production drawings.
Industrial oils and greases in construction and agricultural machinery
Šťáva, Rudolf ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis contains the characteristic qualities of oils and greases in the machines for groundwork and in agricultural machinery. It deals with the division, classification and procedures for choosing the right oil or grease. Further focuses on comparison with biologically degradable and crude oils and greases.
Tiller attachment for a skid steer loader
Řezníček, Pavel ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the structural design of a rotary tiller for a skid steer loader. The research part deals with the division of tillers and methods of tillage. The main part deals with the design of tiller for the selected skid steer loader and calculations of the main parts of the tiller.
Suggestion of a workshop service platform for pneumobil
Suchý, Pavel ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Hloušek, David (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor’s thesis is a construction design of a mobile scissor lift based on lifting height, platform plate sizes and load capacity. The first part of this thesis studies a comparison of similar lifts. The second part of this thesis deals with a calculation of forces in the lift and a construction of partial components. The pneumatic cylinder is selected for the lifting and a pneumatic circuit is designed. Finally, the drawings of the assembly, drawings of the subassembly and drawing of the partial components are processed.
Mobile wheel cranes
Matula, David ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is introduction of mobile crane and comparison of individual models from different manufacturers. The first part is devoted to the history of cranes. Other types of cranes are mentioned here as well. In the main part are mentioned systems that we can encounter in cranes. At the same time, it categorizes cranes of the world's leading manufacturers according to the main technical and dimensional solutions. The third and last part of the thesis, is trying to estimate development trends.
Concept of the autonomous tracked vehicle for the agriculture
Masnica, Daniel ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the design of the concept of an autonomous tracked vehicle for agriculture. In the introduction is brief research of similar autonomous vehicles. The next part of the thesis is the conceptual design, dimensional and performance calculations. Based on the calculation, the individual components of the vehicle and the retrospective strength calculation of the individual parts. The result of this work is a concept that corresponds to all specified parameters.
Pipe screw conveyor for fly ash transport
Žaloudek, Vilém ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with design and constructional solution of oblique tubular screw conveyor for transportation of power plant ash from silo to further technological processing. In this thesis evaluation of fundamental dimensions, design of power unit, design of bearings, evaluation of filling of the through and strength control of selected components of screw conveyor is done. This thesis consists of evaluation report and drawing documentation.

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