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You cannot step into the same fishpond twice - an evolution of fishpond ecosystems to hypertrophy
Vrba, Jaroslav ; Benedová, Z. ; Jezberová, Jitka ; Matoušů, Anna ; Musil, M. ; Nedoma, Jiří ; Pechar, L. ; Potužák, J. ; Řeháková, Klára ; Šimek, Karel ; Šorf, M. ; Zemanová, J.
Shallow manmade fishponds in south Bohemia were used for fish production for centuries, however, their ecosystems have changed dramatically due to excessive nutrient loading and fish stocking. Preliminary results of ten sampled fishponds suggested their hypertrophic status at present, while their plankton structure and dynamics reflected the actual size/age class of fish stock consisting predominantly of common carp. Planktivorous fish (both young carp and whitefish) remarkably reduced abundance, size, and species diversity of crustacean zooplankton, in particular large daphnids, whereas larger carp itself did not cause such a strong top-down effect. All other plankton components, i.e. phytoplankton, bacteria, protists, and rotifers showed rather high abundance and diversity, and suggested a reasonable impact of various microbial processes and interactions in the recent hypertrophic ecosystems.
Affiliate marketing
ŠIMEK, Karel
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of affiliate marketing and presents it as one of the suitable modern marketing tools for the promotion of products and the form of sales promotion in the online environment. The thesis focuses mainly on general description of the basic principle of affiliate marketing and the preparation and realization of the research. The main objective is to analyse and evaluate advantages and disadvantage of several affiliate programs from various online retailers. The results of the analysis show that the products by are the most convenient for an affiliate partner because they attract the largest number of customers. The work discuss the most important arguments on affiliate and on-line marketing that is going to be used for promotion of and offers recommendations for improvements of the program based on the results of the campaign.
Pollution input and transformation along the longitudinal profile of the Vltava stretch in the Orlík
Nedoma, Jiří ; Šimek, Karel ; Hejzlar, Josef
In the Vltava inflow to the Orlík reservoir there are recurrently detected not only highest phosphorus concentrations, but also largest amount of bacteria, algae and cyanobacteria. These parameters showed a downstream decreasing trend indicating efficient self-purification processes. However, the key reservoir problem is the fact that (1) the current phosphorus and biomass loads in the inflow river are so high that without their effective reduction in the Vltava and Lužnice watersheds no real improvement in water quality in the main reservoir body can be expected and, moreover, (2) phosphorus accumulating in sediments could release.
Phosphorus – the main cause of currently unfavourable state of eutrophication and water quality in Orlík Reservoir
Hejzlar, Josef ; Matěna, Josef ; Šimek, Karel ; Turek, Jan ; Znachor, Petr ; Žaloudík, Jiří ; Rohlík, V. ; Langhansová, M.
Inflow concentration and water retention time are major controlling factors for in-lake P concentration and consecutively development of water blooms and eutrophication. Orlík Reservoir has been hypertrophic in its inflow arms and eutrophic at the dam. For avoiding cyanobacteria blooms it is needed to decrease P load in the reservoir to less than one half. P-source apportionment in the catchment indicated the dominant importance of municipal wastewaters, farmland runoff, and fishpond production.

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