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Problems of water quality and ecological potential of Lipno Reservoir in the period 1991-2012
Hejzlar, Josef ; Galindo, F. ; Krolová, Monika ; Znachor, Petr ; Žaloudík, Jiří
The research report describes the analysis of trends in water quality, external and internal nutrient loading, and apportionment of nutrient sources in the Lipno reservoir on the River Vltava, Czech Republic, during the period 1991-2012, together with a prognosis of future trends of eutrophication and possible management mitigation measures for improvement of the reservoir´s ecological potential to achieve compliance with the EU Water Framework Directive.
An analysis of the hierarchy of importance of point and diffuse phosphorus sources in the Lomnice River catchment for the eutrophication of Orlík Reservoir
Hejzlar, Josef ; Polívka, Josef ; Žaloudík, Jiří
P sources in the Lomnice River catchment were analysed in two ways: (i) with a balance method of comparing P fluxes at monitored profiles on streams against the sums of partial P sources within their catchments that was reduced by P retention in the stream network and (ii) with the SIMCAT model of the Environmental Agency UK. Both methods appointed as the main source of high concentrations of total P (i.e., mean and 90% percentile of 0,28 and 0,45 mg/l, respectively, at the mouth of the Lomnice River to Orlík Reservoir in 2004-2008) municipal wastewater discharges and intensive fish pond production (55 and 25 % of P sources in the catchment, respectively) while the exports from agricultural and forested areas were 15 and 3 %, respectively. Scenario calculations by both methods indicated that the level of P concentration in the Lomnice River without eutrophication impacts on the reservoir cannot be achieved without measures both in the purification of wastewaters and fisheries.
Phosphorus – the main cause of currently unfavourable state of eutrophication and water quality in Orlík Reservoir
Hejzlar, Josef ; Matěna, Josef ; Šimek, Karel ; Turek, Jan ; Znachor, Petr ; Žaloudík, Jiří ; Rohlík, V. ; Langhansová, M.
Inflow concentration and water retention time are major controlling factors for in-lake P concentration and consecutively development of water blooms and eutrophication. Orlík Reservoir has been hypertrophic in its inflow arms and eutrophic at the dam. For avoiding cyanobacteria blooms it is needed to decrease P load in the reservoir to less than one half. P-source apportionment in the catchment indicated the dominant importance of municipal wastewaters, farmland runoff, and fishpond production.
Ecosystem services of a floodplain
Pithart, David ; Křováková, Kateřina ; Dušek, Jiří ; Žaloudík, Jiří
Natural segments of river floodplains have preserved the ability to provide a scale of ecosystem services. The aim of this study is to evaluate in a monetary way the selected ecosystem services of a natural segment of river Lužnice floodplain, Czech republic, based on the analysis and quantification of ecosystem processes and structures. Evaluated services are flood protection, carbon sequestration, biodiversity refugium and production of hay, wood and fish.
Impacts of eutrophication on water quality in reservoirs: an assessment of nutrient inputs from catchment and of the anti-eutrophication resistance of reservoir ecosystem
Hejzlar, Josef ; Duras, J. ; Staňková, B. ; Turek, Jan ; Žaloudík, Jiří
The paper describes a methodology for the identification and quantification of nutrient sources in catchments (i.e. mainly point and diffuse sources, fishpond production, atmospheric deposition, natural background export) and for the determination of critical loads of reservoirs with nutrients, which are prerequisite for proposing of effective anti-eutrophication measures in reservoirs. An application of this methodology at the drinking water reservoir of Mostiště and its catchment showed that the results are in agreement with alternative methods of catchment nutrient sources assessment, e.g. ratio analysis among land use characteristics and stream water quality and/or direct determination of nutrient export from agricultural land with exclusion of other sources.
The impact of fishery management at fish ponds on water quality in the water supply reservoir of Mostiště
Hejzlar, Josef ; Žaloudík, Jiří ; Duras, J. ; Staňková, B. ; Mivalt, R.
A balance evaluation of nutrient sources and nutrient utilisation in fish ponds in the catchment of Mostiště Reservoir that was based on an analysis of hydraulic regimes of fish ponds, composition of water inputs and outputs, and nutrient balance of fishery, i.e. inputs by fish stocking and feeding and outputs by produced fish, showed a significant conflict in the legislation of the Czech Republic that determine the permissible pollution of surface waters on one hand and that allow feeding doses in fish ponds on the other hand.

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