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Communication ov Czech Television on social networks
Viktora, Jiří ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the communication of Czech Television on social networks. Its goal is to analyse how public media communicate via social networks using the analysis of Czech Television as an example. The theoretical part deals with the definition and introduction of social networks with the focus on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also contains an overview of the most popular social networks and places them in context of social media. The method used in this thesis is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of all content, that was published on the main profiles of Czech Television, channel ČT24 and the Hyde Park Civilizace programme on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ between the 21st of March 2016 and the 3rd of April 2016. The analysis is completed by an overall interpretation of the gained data using responses to carefully chosen research questions.
The introduction of video content in Economia
Chňoupková, Denisa ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis The introduction of video content in Economia deals with one of the essential media trends today, namely growing emphasis of online publishers on the development and production of video content. The author illustrates this phenomenon on the example from the Czech environment, concretely on the example of the publishing house Economia, which in the last two years focused on video production and its range of audio-visual content is constantly expanding. Theoretical part of the thesis describes the phenomena that greatly contributed to the expansion of videos. Primarily, it is the media digitization and also the convergence; furthermore the development of the internet and the emergence and development of new digital media. The author also describes the characteristics of internet video and its various types and finally summarizes the aspects that motivate publishing houses to invest in video content. The practical part is focused on video production of the Economia. The author describes the gradual introduction of video content, the birth of the channel DVTV and last but not least the birth of the Aktuálně.TV - a platform that unites all of the Economia video production. In addition, the author characterizes the look and user interface of the platform and analyses its programs. In...
The activity of journalist on social networks Facebook and Twitter
Hejlová, Karolína ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis The activity of journalist on social networks Facebook and Twitter is to cover the phenomenon of social networks in the environment of journalism. Because of the boom of new media within the internet I focus not only on the digitalization of traditional media but on the way how the new and traditional media step in the social networks and how journalists participate in sharing of the media content on their own personal social network accounts as well. In the thesis I am dealing specifically with Facebook and Twitter, mainly because of their stable position and popularity among Czech users. I emphasize the rate of journalists' activity considering social networks within their work and also the way they use social networks for their profession. The definitions of the new media and the impact of digitalization on media, their production and the change of communication with the recipients are used as a theoretical background. The theoretical part also contains the definition of Facebook and Twitter. In the end of my work I examine through a questionnaire and thematic analysis what the real journalist experience looks like and what the range of their activity on social networks is. I compare the data with theoretical knowledge.
Possibilities of content distribution on the example of Czech and foreign media
Hodboď, Vojtěch ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
My bachelor thesis Possible ways to promote and distribute content on the example of the chosen Czech and foreign media describes the current state of online and print media, what problems and challenges are they facing and what are the possible solutions to those. One of these problems is also the distribution and promotion of medial content. Media are more often forced to look for new ways of finding target readers for their content which is much more complicated nowadays, in online environment particularly, because the readers' behaviour is now changing. In the theoretical part I am trying to specify and name these problems; firstly by myself and then with the help of in-depth interviews with leading representatives of few chosen Czech media. I also dedicated one chapter to the description of a start-up called Trafica, to which I am also a co-founder. My resources were on the one hand literature, such as Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman or selection of Marshall McLuhan's work, but on the other hand I have used mostly online resources, which is due to the not properly examined subject of the thesis. The practical part is focused on two surveys. The respondents of the first survey are readers. In this survey I am trying to understand mostly their reading habits. In the second research I focus...
The growth in importance of the media social networking on the example of the 2015 IIHG Ice Hockey World Championship
Kousal, Kryštof ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
This bachelor's thesis discusses the media utilisation of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter during a top worldwide sporting event. The theoretical part deals with the new media family, then with Facebook and Twitter, their history and operating principles. Besides the methodology, it also presents the 2015 IIHF World Championship, being the main subject of the social media networking. The content analysis of the social newtorks posts had been chosen as the research method for this thesis. The objective is finding out how these three chosen Czech media - Česká televize, news server and Deník Sport were using the two social networks to inform the public about the tournament progress. The second goal was to compare the account contents of the three media to the two Czech IIHF Organization Committee channels and find out about the mistakes the media made while posting on social networks. The shovelware phenomenon is analysed extensively as one of the most used negative elements.
Data journalism and its contemporary use
Indra, Jan ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The rapid development of technology in the last decades caused an extreme growth in the amount of available information. We live in an era, where information whirls around us almost all the time, thus it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a clear notion about the world and keep track of what is going on. Media realise this development and they are forced to react. One of such reactions is the emergence of a new trend in journalism called data journalism. "Data-driven journalism" is principally based on thorough and critical analysis of various amounts and types of data, and its goal is to reveal new insights. Insights about data which might be key for complex understanding of social phenomena in the 21st century. This paper presents data journalism as a unique field of journalistic work, it defines data journalism and describes some of the processes that lead to creating its output. The practical part of the paper presents its own data journalism project, which attempts for an original analysis and visualisation of the Czech Trade Inspection open data sources. Powered by TCPDF (
Monitoring of the news' facebook pages via analytics pro during certain period
Soukupová, Barbora ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Kasík, Pavel (referee)
This work should show the importance of being able to utilize all the meanings of media that our world presents, keeping in touch with people subscribed to certain product, knowing its target audience and being able to give it as much as we possibly can. Are Czech online media capable of this path or are they just forgetting and missing the options? The term new media is still shifting and evolving as we witness new technology revelations. While the world is changing unbelievably fast we need to focus on those transformations and adapt to them, not fight them. But since there are always some who keep resisting innovations, we can see how their work differs from those who follow new manners. With help of Socialbakers and their Analytics PRO tool we will examine certain Czech news websites and see how they cope with social media, Facebook specifically. Their most popular posts will demonstrate the overall orientation of particular page and other metrics will reveal what can be or should be improved.
The transformation of publishing house Economia into multimedia organization
Štefánková, Aneta ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Lysoněk, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis summaries the transformation of publishing house Economia during the period July 2013 and December 2014. The aim of the transformation was to change Economia as a traditional publishing house focused on the print newspapers into multimedia organization. The thesis describes main changes in within the publishing house - foundation of integrated newsroom, acquisition and integration of Centrum Holdings company, integration of separated newsrooms, creating the digital versions of traditional newspapers, launching of new media types, changing the business models, innovation of traditional titles, developing of new job positions and new projects using more of the different departments of the publishing house. The thesis focuses mainly on changes on the editorial level; the chapters on integration of Centrum Holdings are being considered also from the aspect of management and human resources level. Interviews with the managers of Economia publishing house are the valuable part of the case study. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis sorts the trends and challenges that are faced by traditional publishing houses. Terms like information society, media convergence, digitalization are edefined. The changes related to launch of Web 2.0, social networks and portable electronic devices...
The influence of electronic distribution of periodicals on print journalism
Miklica, Tomáš ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Čermák, Miloš (referee)
The bachelor thesis named The influence of electronic distribution of periodicals on print journalism deals with the specifics of electronic distribution, its position among other new media and its relation towards traditional media. This document focuses mainly on the question whether electronic distribution while combining principles of both internet and print journalism can influence the future of print media - its form or even existence. Other hypothesis presented by this document inspects the possibility of utilizing an electronic periodical for saving an unprofitable print version of given periodical - film monthly Svět filmu is used as an example. Both principles of electronic distribution and Svět filmu functioning are being inquired with support of depth interviews with major Czech electronic distribution services representatives and Svět filmu representatives respectively. In addition this work offers a overview of Czech electronic distribution services and examples of digital periodicals. In order to provide complete context a brief description of situation of electronic distribution in other countries is included and listed hypotheses are supplemented by interviews-based prognostic speculations concerning electronic distribution's future and impact on print distribution.

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