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Determination of sensory active compounds in hops using GC-MS
Zlochová, Tereza ; Sobotníková, Jana (advisor) ; Čejka, Pavel (referee)
Determination of sensory active compounds in hops using GC-MS Abstract The goal of this thesis was to determine sensory active compounds from a sample of hops by gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric detection. Hop oils were selected for this determination which, despite its low representation in hops, contain up to several hundred components. Hop oils were exctracted using a new method based on fluidized-bed extraction. An integral part of this work was identifying the yield of the method that has become an instrument to defining the content of hop oils in different hop varieties. A comparsion of the obtained extracts with the literature was made and a search was done for the link between chemical structure of the hop oils and their representation in the hops sample with regard to its age. Keywords: exctraction, hops, hop oil, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry
Determination of non-volatile N-nitrosamines in malt
Vavrová, Dominika ; Sobotníková, Jana (advisor) ; Čejka, Pavel (referee)
The aim of diploma thesis has been development and optimization of method determination of N- nitrososarcosine and N-nitrosoproline in malt by gas chromatography with chemiluminiscence detector. Optimization of extraction method has been performed by response surface method. Quantification has been performed by internal standard method (N-nitrosopipecolic acid, in which matrix effects has been studied. These has been verified in münchen and pilsen malt, therefore matrix-matched calibration has been constructed. The developed method has been aplicated on wheat, münchen and pilsen malt. N- nitrosoproline was detected only in münchen malt and in other cases has been under limit of detection (LOD=4,0 µg/kg). N-nitrososarcosine was in all cases under limit of detection (LOD=3,7 µg/kg). The matrix-matched calibration has been constructed for experimental münchen malt with N-nitrosoproline concentration at 13,2 ± 2,9 µg/kg. Powered by TCPDF (
National-Cultural Comparison of Generations X and Y in the Czech Republic and Impact on Marketing Mix
Hebersteinová, Ilona ; Čejka, Pavel (advisor) ; Matoušek, David (referee)
The aim of this work is to provide a theoretical overview of research studies on cultural differences and their critical evaluation. The quantitative research on national and cultural comparison of generations X and Y in the Czech Republic will be implemented on the basis of a reduced questionnaire used in the research of European Values Survey in 2008. The data analysis will focus both on the current research and creating a time series of selected variables, using the results of previous research within European Values Survey. The starting point for comparing the behaviour of Generation X and Generation Y will be the national-cultural model of World Values Survey, and the results will be applied to marketing mix. The conclusion provides an overview and evaluation of the particular generations in terms of cultural performance as well as of marketing.
Analysis of Communication Mix of a chosen Product
Kuklíková, Zdeňka ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Čejka, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation is dealing with the analysis of the Thermomur Praha s.r.o. company's communication mix. Specifically analysing the Themomur structural system. The aim is to analyze the marketing communication of the structural system, Themomur and based on this propose different suggestions to improve it. The theoretical part of this dissertation identifies basic concepts of the marketing theory, marketing mix, communication mix and its tools. In the practical part the company Thermomur Praha s.r.o. is introduced. After that the communication mix of the Themomur structural system is analyzed and the SWOT analysis is made. The proposal and recommendations should be useful as a foundation to adjust or assemble a new communicational mix of the company.
Marketing Situational Analysis of a chosen Company
Doležal, Ondřej ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Čejka, Pavel (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to create an educated description of marketing situational analysis of selected energy company - ČEZ, Inc. The analysis should help the company to better plan its marketing activities and thus succeed in a competitive environment. The theoretical part deals with basic concepts related to marketing as a whole and theoretical background needed for the completion of marketing situational analysis, which includes both PEST analysis, Porter's fice forces analysis, SWOT analysis and marketing mix. Results from those are then applied in practice. The result of each analysis are then formulated into recommendations that should help the company to improve its marketing management.
Study of diaphragm pump with linear motor
Čejka, Pavel ; Uttendorfský, Petr (referee) ; Pochylý, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis is aimed at the constructional design of diaphragm pumps with a linear motor. This pump is supposed to be used in medicine for pumping the blood or as an artificial heart. The basic facts, which are focused on the function of the heart and artificial heart, are mentioned in the first parts of the thesis. The next parts describe the diaphragm pumps and the constructional ways of their diaphragm fixation. Furthermore, the basic calculations, describing the function of the pump, are derived there. The basic parameters of the pump are also calculated. The thesis also contains the description of the body pump construction, whose working room is optimized by CFD calculation before the pump is manufactured. The final part of the thesis is concentrated on the measurement evaluation of produced pump model.
Pump design
Čejka, Pavel ; Himr, Daniel (referee) ; Klas, Roman (advisor)
In this bachelor’s thesis are including basic information about dividing hydrostatic pump. In the first chapter of thesis will be introduced the basic dividing pumps namely on pump hydrostatic and hydrodynamic. Accordance with this dividing will be next introduced basic construction design of hydrostatic pump. With each one type of pump will be introduced their advantages and disadvantages, then also their description of function and their using in practice and all this will be eked with simple scheme or with picture of pumps. Next will be described individual characteristic parts of their construction. In the conclusion will be introduced basic numerical relations for characteristic value of pump and their interdependence will be described with diagrams.
Comparison 3M subsidiaries in the Czech and Slovak through quantitative methodologies intercultural Globe with applications of marketing management
Čiháková, Michaela ; Čejka, Pavel (advisor) ; Laník, Petr (referee)
The goal of this thesis is cross-cultural comparation of Czech and Slovak subsidiary of 3M Company. It will be reached through GLOBE study in comparison with Geert Hofstede method and its five main cultural dimensions. Questionnaire research will be conducted for achieving this goal ( according to original questionnaire of GLOBE study) among employees of mentioned subsidiaries in Prague and Bratislava. Findings of this research method will be used for explanation of cultural differences (should there be any) between 3M Cesko and 3M Slovensko. Also these findings will proof wheter or not is possible to apply the same marketing management in both countries.
A pilot validation of Hofstede's original 4 dimensional cultural model and its marketing implications from the perspective of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
Čejka, Pavel ; Mohelská, Hana (advisor) ; Hiršová, Miloslava (referee) ; Franěk, Marek (referee) ; Hyršlová, Jaroslava (referee)
The research hopes to provide a deeper understanding of the leading countries in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region from a culture sensitive marketing perspective. The aim of this work is to provide a pilot study upon which more critical national culture studies are to be introduced.The purpose of this dissertation is four-fold: 1) To discuss the proper methodology for the research; 2) to replicate the original study in order to suggest the values for the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia; 3) to introduce the marketing application theoretical framework for the original study, and 4) to translate the results to marketing scholars and practitioners.
Rationality versus Irrationality in Managerial Decision Making
Daňková, Tereza ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Čejka, Pavel (referee)
The thesis focuses on rationality in decisions by managers. The terms rationality, irrationality and bounded rationality are defined in the first part. The current state of knowledge on the concept of bounded rationality in decision making is then followed by a specific consideration of managerial decision making. The chosen bounded rationality effects, including heuristics, are also described. The purpose of the second part of this study is to examine experimentally the differential uses of heuristics among the students of the Faculty of Management relative to completion of the Managerial Decision Making course. The effect of time to use of heuristics is examined as well.

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