Original title: Methodology of camera spectral response measurement
Authors: Melich, Radek ; Václavík, Jan ; Žídek, Karel
Document type: Research reports
Year: 2016
Language: eng
Abstract: Spectral response of the camera will be measured using monochromator in conjunction with an integration sphere. Camera without objective will be placed in one port of the integrating sphere and light beam from monochromator will be fed into perpendicular port. Sensor of the camera sensor will be therefore uniformly illuminated by diffused light from monochromator. Proposed FWHM of the monochromator is 15 nm as a trade-off between light intensity provided by monochromator and deformation of spectral characteristic (Picture XY). Diameter of the integrating sphere has to be larger than 100 mm to ensure uniform illumination over sensor area.
Keywords: Camera spectral response

Institution: Institute of Plasma Physics AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
Original record: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0294183

Permalink: http://www.nusl.cz/ntk/nusl-393194

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