Original title: Sekuritizace Islámu ve francouzské protiteroristické politice
Translated title: Securitisation of Islam and Counterterrorism Policy in France
Authors: Lesot, Coline ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
Document type: Master’s theses
Year: 2018
Language: eng
Abstract: The Copenhagen School's theory of securitisation establishes the construction of security as a predominantly political phenomenon. The discursive formation of an issue as threatening to the survival of a referent object is therefore considered a political act that can be observed and analysed. Between 2012 and 2017, a wave of terrorist attacks took place in France, resulting in a securitarian response from the government that have been questionable regarding its impact on civil liberties. French Muslims have been the collateral victims of the new measures introduced in this time of crisis and Islamophobia have increased in the country, where integration is already problematic and the place of Islam within the secular system of France is questioned. This dissertation aims at questioning the discourse about Islam within the counterterror discourse by the government. It reveals the different legitimation strategies used as a justificatory framework for the measures implemented, and argues that the narrative of Islam within this framework result in a remote securitisation of the religion. It argues that this securitisation can affect negatively further the future relationship of the state and French Muslims, in addition to undermine the ongoing effort of integration and counter-radicalisation....

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