Název: Budoucí využitelnost vesmíru: kosmický odpad na oběžné dráze a bezpečnostní agenda
Překlad názvu: The Future Utilisation of Space: Orbital Debris and the Space Security Agenda
Autoři: Oxton, Joe ; Hynek, Nikola (vedoucí práce) ; Střítecký, Vít (oponent)
Typ dokumentu: Diplomové práce
Rok: 2018
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: The growth in orbital debris has been predicted since the dawn of the space age. Now the debris fields cascade through orbits and the risk of collision is on an infinite upward trajectory. This thesis will examine what impact a wider concept of space security can have our understanding of orbital debris and the space security agenda. The space security agenda is in a state a flux as it seeks the most effective way to deal with the threat posed by orbital debris. A traditionally narrow approach of security would see debris discarded as a security threat due to its limited threat to a state. However, a broader approach would see aspects of environmental security emerge, allowing both public and private sectors to act to solve this crisis. There is a sizeable void in the literature that links policy and science when analysing orbital debris. Therefore, when applying the theory, it is best to find consensus and collaboration. The Copenhagen and Welsh Schools of International Security offer opposing views initially. Nonetheless, when examined closely they reveal similarities that allow for a 'hybrid' theory to emerge. The international challenges to legal and policy changes are diverse and complex. Consequently, the significance of transparency and confidence- building measures to lead space policy and...
Klíčová slova: The Future Utilisation of Space: Orbital Debris and the Space Security Agenda

Instituce: Fakulty UK (VŠKP) (web)
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