Název: Recent Trends in Charged Particle Optics and Surface Physics Instrumentation. Proceedings of the 16th International Seminar
Autoři: Mika, Filip ; Pokorná, Zuzana
Typ dokumentu: Sborníky
Konference/Akce: Recent Trends in Charged Particle Optics and Surface Physics Instrumentation, Skalský dvůr (CZ), 20180604
Rok: 2018
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: The origins of the seminar “Recent Trends in Charged Particle Optics and Surface Physics Instrumentation” date back into the eighties, when as a part of the isolated “Eastern Bloc”, we were short of English-language books, papers and conferences. In 1990, at the second Seminar, there were as many as 30 participants from 5 countries. The third Seminar in 1992 was moved to hotel Skalský dvur in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands where it has been held as a biannual meeting ever since.\nThe Seminar takes place in a secluded lakeside hotel surrounded by beautiful nature and calm forests, so all participants have a great possibility to see each other every day and to discuss their topics of interest in more detail. This is a great advantage compared to the huge bustling conferences with their many parallel sections, which are a lively celebration of science but\nsometimes it is difficult to meet there the person with whom you want to discuss a particular scientific topic in more detail.\nFrom the very beginning, the Seminar has been conceived as a meeting devoted more to asking questions not answered yet, than to reporting results. This spirit is usually less present in the introductory presentations and posters but is dominant in the following discussions.\n
Klíčová slova: charged particle optics; instrumentation; surface physics

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