Název: Effect of the load eccentricity on fracture behaviour of cementitious materials subjected to the modified compact tension test
Autoři: Seitl, Stanislav ; Ríos, J. D. ; Cifuentes, H. ; Veselý, V.
Typ dokumentu: Příspěvky z konference
Konference/Akce: MSMF8. International Conference on Materials Structure and Micromechanics of Fracture /8./, Brno (CZ), 20160627
Rok: 2017
Jazyk: eng
Abstrakt: Fracture properties of quasi-brittle cementitious composites are typically determined from the load–displacement response recorded during a fracture test by using the work-of-fracture method or possibly other relevant fracture models. Our contribution is focused on a set of experimental tests which are used to study the fracture behaviour on notched dog-bone-shaped specimens made of cementitious materials. These specimens are subjected to modified compact tension (ModCT) test under a specific range of eccentricity of the tensile load. This type of test generates a stress state in the specimen ligament which combines a direct tension with a defined level of bending due to eccentricity of the tensile load. Several values of relative notch length are also considered. While the crack propagates, a variety of stress states, resulting in variations in the crack-tip stress and deformation constraint, appears in the ligament zone because of the changes in the eccentricity of the applied load, which influences the fracture behaviour of the investigated specimens. The K-calibration, T-stress, CMOD and COD curves for ModCT specimens are introduced and variations of these curves with varying load eccentricity are discussed.
Klíčová slova: constraint; fracture; load accentricity
Číslo projektu: GA16-18702S (CEP), LM2015069 (CEP)
Zdrojový dokument: Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VIII, ISBN 978-3-03835-626-4, ISSN 1662-9779

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