Original title: Creep behavior of oak pegs under tension in dry and wet conditions
Authors: Kunecký, Jiří ; Kloiber, Michal ; Hasníková, Hana ; Hrivnák, Jaroslav ; Sebera, V. ; Tippner, J. ; Milch, J.
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: International Conference on Timber Bridges, ICTB 2017 /3./, Skelleftea (SE), 20170626
Year: 2017
Language: eng
Abstract: Carpentry joints equipped with oak pegs are well suited for applications where increased moisture is not a significant factor. However, for the use in outside conditions, e.g. in the repairs of historical timber bridges, the pegs connecting the two halves of the joint may deform and change their original shape. This happens especially during long-term loading and can be augmented significantly by environmental changes. Creep behavior can play a crucial role for some types of carpentry joints, especially when precise contacts of faces in the joint are required. The paper deals with experimental testing of creep behavior of 16 mm oak pegs under dry and wet conditions loaded by the combination of shear and bending between two planks made of spruce in the direction parallel to grain. The results show that the decrease of theoretical stiffness values over time plays a significant role in the force redistribution in the joint especially due to moisture effects (drop 50-70% of the original stiffness).
Keywords: creep; dowels; oak; pegs; tension
Project no.: DG16P02M026 (CEP), LO1219 (CEP)
Host item entry: Conference proceedings, ICTB 2017, 3rd International Conference on Timber Bridges, ISSN 0284-5172

Institution: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
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