Original title: Measurements of dynamic wind pressures on gable roofs – comparison with ČSN EN 1991-1-4
Authors: Pospíšil, Stanislav ; Macháček, Michael ; Hračov, Stanislav ; Kuznetsov, Sergeii ; Trush, Arsenii
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Dynamics of Civil Engineering and Transport Structures and Wind Engineering – DYN-WIND’2017, Trstená (SK), 20170521
Year: 2017
Language: eng
Abstract: The contribution is dealing with the wind tunnel measurements of dynamic pressures on the canopy roofs. It compares experimentally determined pressure coefficients Cp with the values in ČSN EN 1991-1-4 and former code ČSN 73 0035 as well. The pressures are expressed by the dynamic values. Thus, the averaged values are presented together with the fluctuating part, which significantly contributes to the overall loading. The measurement is carried out at two roof models, two basic directions, and two turbulence intensities.
Keywords: atmospheric boundary layer; dynamic pressures on roofs; gable roof; wind load codes; wind loads; wind tunnel experiments
Project no.: GC17-26353J (CEP), LO1219 (CEP)
Host item entry: MATEC Web of Conferences, ISSN 2261-236X
Note: Související webová stránka: https://doi.org/10.1051/matecconf/201710700079

Institution: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
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Permalink: http://www.nusl.cz/ntk/nusl-373432

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