Original title: Effect of the size of piriform sinuses on the voice quality
Authors: Vampola, T. ; Horáček, Jaromír
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Engineering Mechanics 2013 /19./, Svratka (CZ), 2013-05-13 / 2013-05-16
Year: 2013
Language: eng
Abstract: The influence of piriform sinuses (PS) on the resonance and antiresonance characteristics of the vocal tract is investigated. The change in sizes of PS cavities alters the resulting voice quality. Pilot studies reveal that additional formants caused by PS can occur in the frequency range of 3 – 5 kHz, i.e., in the range which is important for the production of the so called singer’s or speaker’s formant. This contribution therefore aims at investigating the influence of the side cavities of the vocal tract in more detail using two computational models of the vocal tract. First, is presented analysis of the influence of the acoustic spaces of PS on the existence of resonances and antiresonances in the spectra of the acoustic signal simulated using a reduced finite element (FE) model of the human vocal tract. Then the full FE model is used for the analysis by using direct numerical simulations of phonation.
Keywords: biomechanics of voice; human vocal tract; numerical simulation of phonation; singers’s formant; voice quality
Project no.: GAP101/12/1306 (CEP)
Funding provider: GA ČR
Host item entry: Engineering Mechanics 2013, ISBN 978-80-87012-47-5, ISSN 1805-8256

Institution: Institute of Thermomechanics AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
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