Original title: A Comparison of Probable Magnitudes of the Microplastic Limit of CSN 411375 Steel Determined by the Inductance and Resistance Method
Authors: Gajdoš, Lubomír ; Šperl, Martin ; Mentl, V. ; Kaiser, J.
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: EAN 2012 - Annual conference on Experimental stress analysis /50./, Tábor (CZ), 2012-06-04 / 2012-06-07
Year: 2012
Language: eng
Abstract: The paper takes up our preceding contribution in which an attention was paid to the significance of microplastic strains and to their measurement by means of changes in electrical impedance of specimens made from normalized low-C steel CSN 411375. In the present paper results are presented which enable a deeper insight into the problem of microplastic limit (MPL) in relation to the measuring methods used.
Keywords: electrical impedance; microplastic limit; steel
Project no.: GAP105/10/2052 (CEP), GPP105/10/P555 (CEP)
Host item entry: EAN 2012 Proceedings of the 50th Annual Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis, ISBN 978-80-01-05060-6

Institution: Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
Original record: http://hdl.handle.net/11104/0212146

Permalink: http://www.nusl.cz/ntk/nusl-126624

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