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Financial health of the agricultural enterprise
This thesis deals with the topic of financial health of an agricultural company. The literature review describes financial analysis as a tool for its assessment. Furthermore, it introduces the sources, users, and basic methods of financial analysis, including absolute indicators, differential indicators, ratio indicators, and notably specific methods such as creditworthiness and bankruptcy models. In the analytical part, a financial analysis of the key indicators of the selected agricultural company is conducted. Subsequently, the results of the financial analysis are utilized in predictive models, the outcomes of which, based on comparisons with industry averages, lead us to the answer regarding the financial health of the enterprise.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Šlapal, David ; Přibylíková, Barbora (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with evaluation of the financial situation of Agros Vyškov - Dědice a.s. The available information and materials of the business, from the years 2012-2016, are shown by using individual indicator methods. The sources of my data are based on the attached financial statements. I also evaluate the overall financial situation of the company. I suggest improvements that could enrich the current situation. And due to the thesis, there could be a positive benefit for this joint-stock company.
Business Plan
Bětík, Tomáš ; Navrátil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with developing the business plan for the construction of an administrative building. First part is theoretical basis for the processing of the business plan. The next section analyzes the current situation in company. At the end is introduced project of realization of the business plan and its overall evaluation, including benefits.
Development of Agrotourism in the Agricultural Company
Pecinová, Iveta ; Pinnerová, Eliška (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with a business project concerning development of agricultural tourism along with farming business. In the first part of the work there are basic terms referring to agriculture, small family businesses and agricultural tourism defined. The following part of this thesis is the present situation analyses of a particular agricultural business. a business plan regarding a development of agricultural tourism in an agricultural business is designed on the basis of gained information further in practical part of the work.
Business Plan - Restructuring of Livestock Production in Farm
Mackovík, Jaroslav ; Navrátil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is a business plan - restructuring of livestock production in farm. The thesis uses theoretical findings from the field of business activity financing, company analysis and evaluation of investment efficiency. The project includes investment plan, its execution and evaluation.
Pozice a výkonnost zemědělského podniku v současném prostředí agrobyznysu České republiky
Hrdličková, Lucie
The diploma thesis focuses on the position and performance of the agricultural business in the current agribusiness environment in the Czech Republic. A selected agricultural com-pany, which is PROAGRO Radešínská Svratka, a.s., is characterized in the thesis. The business core of this company is crops, animal and other production. An important line of the agricultural business is the milk commodity and the production of biogas. Selected indicators of financial analysis were used to evaluate the economic situation of the company. Based on that, it has been concluded that the company is in an acceptable financial situation. It can respond appropriately to the stimuli from the outside environment through its strategic decisions. The thesis draws attention to the main milestones of strategic decisions and their causes. It also considers possible future threats.
Zhodnocení efektivity vyhledávání říjí skotu pomocí systému Ovalert
Janečková, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis is focused on reproduction in cattle, specifically detection of estrus using various methods which aim is to detect estrus in time. In the introduction of a literary section, there are information about fertility, influences that affect fertility and sexual maturity. The summary chapter about physiology of reproduction includes a set of information about genitals, corpus luteum and reproduction cycle, including its hormonal control. Subsequently, attention is focussed on estrus, detection of estrus and methods of detection. Synchronization of estrus, insemination, reinsemination and reproductive indicators are mentioned at the end of the literature review. Practical part is devoted to evaluation of results of the reproduction of a specific company. Two periods are monitored, namely before and after introduction of system Ovalert. Finally, costs of the reproduction are evaluated. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the methods of estrus detection and evaluates the system Ovalert.
Identifikace faktorů ovlivňujících efektivnost zemědělských podniků v NUTS II. Jihovýchod
Kohoutková, Nikola
The aim of the diploma thesis is to identify factors influencing the economic efficiency of agricultural companies in NUTS II. Southeast. The tesis is divided into two parts – a literary research and a practical part. The literary research was eveloper on the basis of knowledge gained from the available literature sources. The identification of enterprises is taking place during the period 2016-2020. The evaluation is compiled on the basis of financial analysis calculations from available data in the FADN database. The partial aim of the thesis is to find answers to 5 hypotheses that are closely related to the economic efficiency of companies. After evaluating the avarage results, the medium-sized enterprises of the South Moravian region perform best. Based on those answers to the hypotheses will be proposed some measures that could support better financial management of the companies. And the main aim of the thesis will be answered, which factors influence companies and also their management.
Improving the Performance of a Selected Joint Stock Company
Slaný, Filip ; Oulehla, Jiří (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of company performance and financial analysis. The thesis is divided into theoretical, analytical and design parts. The chosen methods of financial analysis and the economic value added (EVA) will be applied to a specific joint stock company that is in the agricultural sector. Based on the results of the chosen methods, it will be possible to evaluate the financial performance of the company and to propose suggestions leading to improvement of the situation.
Financial analysis of the farm
The bachelor thesis focuses on a financial analysis of the selected agricultural holding. The aim of the thesis is to carry out a financial analysis based on financial statements such as: a balance sheet, profit and loss account, a cash flow statement and an annual report. These statements assess the financial health of the undertaking. It continues to evaluate proposals for possible improvement and future development of the company. The thesis formulates the basic explanation and its practical part. It contains the subject and distribution of the financial analysis, its inputs and methods. It presents differentiation indicators, ratio indicators and a SWOT analysis. This analysis identifies the strengths that the business uses to grow and weaknesses that may become a threat to the business. Finally, it points to the impact of subsidies in agriculture and comparison with the average business.

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