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Impact of uncoventional technologies of soil cultivation on soil quality
Suchá, Kateřina ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
Agricultural land is being handled by various tillage of soil which affects properties of soil. There are two types of tillage treatment. These are conventional (classic) tillage with plowing and minimization tillage (plowing is excluded). The aim of this particular work is to assess the quality of the soil near the village of Bohaté Málkovice, which is being (long-term) handled by minimization tillage. As indicators of soil quality, we used selected physical and physico-chemical characteristics, which are determined from analysis of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples from the top soil layer (0-10 cm) by standard methods in laboratory conditions. The theoretical part describes the basic physical properties of the soil and the ways of their determination. The practical part is devoted to the presentation of the examined locality and the results of selected physical and physico-chemical properties of the soil are presented and subsequently evaluated. In the conclusion, the impact of used tillage in Bohaté Málkovice on the selected soil properties is assessed.
The effect of soil structure on the hydraulic characteristics of the soil
Čermák, Petr ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
Soil is very important in the hydrological cycle of landscape. The retention and storage ability depends on the quality, type of structure and other properties of the soil. The retention ability of soil is determined by gravitational pores (the coarsest pores), which are drained off after filling the water. The accumulation depends on the capillary pores in which water is bounded by capillary forces. The soil works also as a filter´s environment which cleans naturally the water. This process can be also converse, when various substances are released from soil to water. The state and amount of water between the surface of soil and level of groundwater affect many important processes such as fertility of soil, drain from drainage area, supply of groundwater sources and others. Structure of soil changes fundamentally by cultivation of soil and types of farming crops. Aggregates are mechanical destructed by weather conditions and soil gradually loses its good qualities, fertility is reducing and flood protection is decreasing. This fact can be avoided by right choice of crops and the type of tillage soil.
Quality farmland soils in the Czech Republic and in Europe - development, present and future
Drlíková, Barbora ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
Bachelor thesis documents the development of agricultural land in the Czech Republic and Europe. Further notes the current state of the quality of agricultural land on which adversely affect mainly the degradation processes. They are at work described in succession. The work also includes a kind of outlook regarding the development of soil quality. With so closely related to the legislative provisions dealing with the protection of soil in the Czech Republic and EU.
Assessment health/quality of the soil near the village Bohaté Málkovice
Suchá, Kateřina ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
Diploma thesis evaluates quality and healthiness of the soil health located close to Bohate Malkovice focusing on changes in both physical and chemical characteristics of the soil in time. The theoretical part describes physical, chemical, and biological parameters of the soil. Selected physical parameters are structure, texture, determination of measured weight, bulk density of the soil, porosity, actual volumetric water content of the soil, aeration, saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity, infiltration, and colour. Chosen chemical parameters are pH, carbonates, soil electrical conductivity, and humus content. Picked biological parameters are microbial biomass, respiration, nitrogen content, and weed infestation. The practical part analyses selected indicators of quality of the soil from the location of the experiment close to Bohate Malkovice. The area under evaluation has been treated using reduced tillage for long term. The practical part is based on the laboratory examination of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples taken between years 2016 and 2018. Based on outcome results we can evaluate the quality of the soil considering plants growth, development, and soil fertility.
The soil protection in Czech republic and European Union
Gavlasová, Iva ; Marton, Daniel (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
Bachelor's work affects and documents the basic degradation processes in the soil, agricultural and forest, which belongs to the natural wealth of our country. Further points to the legislative provisions relating to the protection of the soil in the Czech Republic and the EU and their effectiveness. Gradually are analyzed the various degradation processes, erosion, soil compaction, a land grab, desertification, salinisation and sodifikace soils, soil contamination.
Hodnocení aberace půdy vybraných katastrů okresu Třebíč
Nováček, Miroslav
This bachelor thesis focuses on farmland aberration, which is the change in soil properties over time, this change can be positive or negative. To determine the form of aberration, the results of soil analysis were compared with the results of a Comprehensive soil survey from 1965, in the cadastral area of the municipalities of Hartvíkovice and Popůvky in the Třebíč district. The compared values include mainly soil exchange reaction, grain size and humus content. Various soil degradation processes, including water and wind erosion, acidification, loss of organic matter and compaction, cause the negative aberration. After analysis, the results showed that for all the probes examined, positive aberration occurred with an increase in pH and humus content. There was a change in the grain composition of the soils and some soil horizons were shortened.
Průzkum půd z hlediska degradace půdní struktury a stavby s využitím penetrometrie pro vybranou oblast
POLAN, Tomáš
The diploma thesis deals with soil degradation, individual degradation processes and examines the soil structure in the selected area. Two research technologies were chosen for the processing of the work, one of them is the measurement of soil com-paction by pedometric means and the other is the analysis of soil samples taken using Kopecky rollers to determine the water retention capacity, porosity and aera-tion of the soil. In the selected area, two soil cultivation methods are compared with each other, soil cultivation technology with plowing and soil cultivation technology without plowing. At the end of the work, the results of the investigation will be summarized and procedures recommended for reducing degradation effects on the soil.
Vývoj erozní ohroženosti půd v rámci historického vývoje struktury krajiny
Snídal, Jaromír
The bachelor's thesis entitled "Development of soil erosion threat within the historical development of landscape structure" aims to compare the history of the use of agricultural land with the current state in the model cadastral area of Němčice nad Hanou, including an assessment of the impact of landscape structures on soil erosion risk. The thesis also presents the process of erosion, including the factors influencing its intensity. The result of the thesis is the evaluation of the historical and current state of the organization of the parcel plan, the proposal of optimal anti-erosion measures in order to save the quality of the soil and water sharing in the landscape. The conclusions are generalized and formulated, as a set of measures and recommendations for soil erosion protection, subject to possible soil protection technologies.
Influence of technology of basic soil processing on chosen specifications in the process of growing flint maize (Zea mays L.)
ŠIMEK, Roman
The diploma thesis is divided in two elementary parts. Current state and factors influencing soil fertility and its degradation are described in the literary part. An experiment, focused on comparison of two systems of starting the cover considering the period (spring, autumn) of realization of basic soil processing, is described in the practical part based on the methods. The influence of used technology of soil processing on its compaction was evaluated based on gauging the penetrometric resistance and on the evaluation of taken unimpaired soil samples. The values from the penetrometric gauging show that higher values were recorded at autumn dung ploughing in, compared to spring period. Higher values of the penetrometric resistance were gauged at headlands too. The difference in rail lines compaction compared to the field is dependent on the number of taken measures during the plant vegetation period and the measuring showed the compaction of lower soil layers. The values calculated from taken unimpaired soil samples show that the values of reduced mass per volume confirm the results of the penetrometric gauging. The values of maximum capillary water capacity characterize the soil at chosen stands as ?moisture-holding? and higher values were found out when using minimization technologies of soil processing. When comparing the period of soil processing, it was further established, that higher yield was when using the autumn dung ploughing and at the land with the autumn ploughing was also measured higher growth and weight of monitored corn, than at a land with work technologies done in the spring
Educational program-Drought, without water it is not possible
The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to create two proposals for an educational programme titled "Drought, or It doesn´t work without water" for the 4th - 5th grade of Czech elementary school (children aged 9 - 12 years) and 9th grade (children aged 14 - 15 years) focused on drought, which could be used in practice by environmental centres' instructors or teachers of science. The content of the literature review in the first part is the definition, history, tools of environmental education (EE in English; EVVO in Czech) and its inclusion of teaching in schools. The second part of the research describes the types, causes, effects of drought and its effect on soil degradation. The next part of the bachelor's thesis describes the origin and proposal of educational programmes, their partial testing and reflection from teachers. The work includes methodical instructions, worksheets and aids to both teaching programmes.

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