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Structural changes in intermetallic compounds
Doležal, Petr ; Prchal, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the study of the structural phase transitions in intermetallic compounds LaPd2(Al,Ga)2 by low-temperature x-ray powder diffraction and macroscopic measurements on single crystals. The results obtained from powder diffraction at room temperature confirm that the compounds crystallize in tetragonal CaBe2Ge2 structure type (space group P4/nmm). At low temperature all the compounds undergo the same structural phase transition by lowering the symmetry to the orthorhombic space group Cmma. Although the structural transformation is of first order, the transition is not-manifested in step-like change of the phase at a certain temperature, but occurs in a broader temperature interval. In this interval the different phases coexist and transform gradually from high- to low- temperature phase. After application of hydrostatic pressure the structural transition is shifted to higher temperatures. Despite that the low temperature structures are of the same type, there is a difference between compounds containing Ga and Al in the discontinuity of the lattice parameters resulting in a distinct anomaly in electrical resistivity. In pressures >0.6 GPa this characteristic anomaly on single crystalline CePd2Al2 is changed, indicating a pressure- induced change of the low-temperature...
Dispersal of the large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis, at various stages of the life cycle
Doležal, Petr ; Davídková, Markéta
The report summarizes information on flight abilities of the large pine weevil and their changes during growing season. Laboratory experiments on flight mills were confirmed by a field capture-mark-recapture experiment.
Effects of inhibition of digestive enzymes and selected bioinsecticides on survival of bark beetles in harvested spruce timber
Doležal, Petr ; Davídková, Markéta ; Skoková Habuštová, Oxana ; Půža, Vladimír ; Nermuť, Jiří ; Hlávková, Daniela
The report summarizes the results of field and laboratory applications of substances with insecticidal effects on spruce timber infested with bark beetles.
The fauna of cambioxylophagous insects on Scots pines at selected localities in the Czech republic
Doležal, Petr ; Davídková, Markéta ; Hlávková, Daniela
The report summarizes information on cambioxylophagous fauna of Scots pine at selected localities in central Bohemia, Vysočina region and south Moravia. Economic importance of detected species in relation to forest protection is broadly discussed. The report includes comparative tests of pheromone traps baited with dispensers of various producers against bark beetle pests of Scots pines.
The use of microinjections aginst bark beetles on spruce in forestry praxis
Doležal, Petr ; Davídková, Markéta ; Hlávková, Daniela
The report summarizes the results of toxicity tests of various bioinsecticides and their field applications to spruce trees via microinjections to protect stands against the spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus.
Measurement of infiltration in the field using MiniDisk infiltrometer
Vláčilíková, Michaela ; Doležal, Ing Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with measuring of infiltration by MiniDisk method and its evaluation, but also with analysis of intact and grab soil sample, by means of which it is possible to assess the soil quality. The measurements took place on 30.4.2019, 4.5.2019, 12.5.2019, 2.6.2019, 30.6.2019, 2.7.2019, 31.8.2019 and 21.9.2019 on grassland near the town of Luhačovice. Grab and intact soil samples were taken from the upper soil layer and processed in a pedological laboratory. The Zhang method was used to evaluate the infiltration results. The results of soil analyzes and infiltration were processed numerically, plotted and subsequently described and compared.
The Project of a Small Water Reservoir in the Níhov Cadastral Area
Matoušek, David ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
Diploma thesis ‚The project of a small water reservoir in the Níhov cadastral area’ has goal to introduce to reader the small water reservoir as the important landscape element. Small water reservoir is cornerstone of local ecological stability, which has important income for microclima in the closes surrounding. Furthermore, the function of constant improvement water quality in the basis or contribute to increasing of ground water level. Thesis is divided into two parts. In the first theoretical part thesis describes the topic of small water reservoirs briefly. The first part shortly describes the details of designing process or inner process within the reservoir. In the second practical part is created basic project documentation based on the data collected and measured in the affected area. The project was created in cooperation and upon request of investor the representation of the village Níhov.
Proposal of Water Management Measures in the Cadastral Area
Prokop, Pavel ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part describes issues of the proposal of water management measures in land consolidation process. Second part deals with the conceptual proposal of water management measures in the specific cadastral area. This part also include graphic attachments.
Effects of soil management on soil quality near Šardičky village
Schneiderová, Šárka ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on influence of reduced tillage technology of soil processing on it´s near-surface soil layer (0 to 10 cm). The research was carried out on agricultural land near Šardičky village, where company ZEMO spol. s r.o. provides long-term use of reduced tillage technology. In 2016 the soil quality in this site was evaluated by using physical and hydrophysical parameters, results are presented in the previous bachelor thesis "Selected hydrophysical parameters as indicators of soil quality.". In diploma thesis in addition chemical and other hydrophysical properties have been evaluated to provide a comprehensive assessment of soil quality. In 2016, poppy seed was grown on this site and spring barley was grown in 2017 and 2018. Grab samples and intact soil cores were taken during the vegetation period of the crop. After three years of experimental research, in which I participated, it is possible to assess the development of individual parameters and the influence of reduced tillage technology on near-surface soil layer. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the description of the reduced tillage technology and problematics of the determination of soil parameters, which are used for evaluation of the quality of the near-surface layer. The practical part deals with evaluation of these parameters according to various authors and describes the development of soil quality during years 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Assessment health/quality of the soil near the village Bohaté Málkovice
Suchá, Kateřina ; Doležal, Petr (referee) ; Kameníčková, Ivana (advisor)
Diploma thesis evaluates quality and healthiness of the soil health located close to Bohate Malkovice focusing on changes in both physical and chemical characteristics of the soil in time. The theoretical part describes physical, chemical, and biological parameters of the soil. Selected physical parameters are structure, texture, determination of measured weight, bulk density of the soil, porosity, actual volumetric water content of the soil, aeration, saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity, infiltration, and colour. Chosen chemical parameters are pH, carbonates, soil electrical conductivity, and humus content. Picked biological parameters are microbial biomass, respiration, nitrogen content, and weed infestation. The practical part analyses selected indicators of quality of the soil from the location of the experiment close to Bohate Malkovice. The area under evaluation has been treated using reduced tillage for long term. The practical part is based on the laboratory examination of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples taken between years 2016 and 2018. Based on outcome results we can evaluate the quality of the soil considering plants growth, development, and soil fertility.

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