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Slang From the Tram Transport Environment in the Transit Company of Brno and Ostrava
Nachtigalová, Kateřina ; Nedvědová, Blanka (advisor) ; Holanová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor thesis presents the issue of slang in the tram transport environment in the transit company of Brno and Ostrava. The aim of the thesis is through a questionnare survey to collect and subsequently analyse the expressions currently used in these environments. The methodology of the work and the research assumptions that will be used are described in the introduction. The theoretical part focuses on the stratification of the Czech language, a general description of slang based on the professional literature, and the ways of creating slang terms. At the end of this section, we characterize the slang environments and briefly describe the typical features of the Central Moravian and Silesian dialects, to which these regions geographically belong. In the practical part of the thesis, the collected slang expressions are presented and subsequently analysed mainly from a word-formation perspective. The practical part also includes a comparison of both slangs, as well as a comparison with slang used in the Prague transit company. In the conclusion of the thesis, the research assumptions that were set in the introduction are evaluated. A total of 391 expressions from Brno and 372 expressions from Ostrava were collected through questionnaires, mostly consisting of one-word names. These are...
Linguistic Analysis of Football Slang in the Colloquial Functional Style
STARÁ, Markéta
The topic of the thesis is the linguistic analysis of colloquial football slang. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with slang and its classification within the Czech language. At the same time, the onomasiological procedures used in the creation of slangisms are presented. It also focuses on functional styles, especially the colloquial style. In the practical part, the excerpted material collected from discussions on the Internet is analysed mainly in terms of morphological, lexical and syntactic, but also semantic and etymological aspects. The thesis also includes the analysis and evaluation of a questionnaire survey aimed at finding out whether the knowledge of slang expressions differs across generations.
Student slang: formal and semantic analysis of Spanish in comparison with Czech
This bachelor's thesis focuses on students' slang in both the Spanish and the Czech language, where it is further illuminated by semantic and formal analysis. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical section deals with the characteristic linguistic features of student slang, which is primarily defined from a lexicological point of view and also presents the most common processes of student slang formation. The practical section uses a questionnaire survey to record the slang and informal expressions currently used by Czech and Spanish university students, and subsequently clarifies them by means of a comparative analysis. The work is supplemented by a small Spanish- Czech glossary of student "slangisms".
Slang of Members of Česká tábornická unie, z.s.
This thesis deals with the specific speech of the members of Česká tábornická unie, z.s. - non-governmental non-profit Czech organization dedicated to working with children and developing camping skills. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining the national language and its units and semi-units, especially on defining slang, including possible ways of creating slang words. One chapter is devoted to the organization itself, namely its symbolism, history, structure and current activities. The practical part analyses the materials obtained through a questionnaire survey.
Language of Czech Prisoners
ŠVÁBOVÁ, Michaela
The topic of this bachelor's thesis is to approach the prison speech closer to wider society and to try to outline the idea of why prison speech arises and is subsequently used. In the theoretical part, the author will focus on the issue of sociolects and will mention some publications related to the development of criminal language. She will acquaint readers with the prison environment and their language. In the practical part, she will conduct a survey, when she will find out whether people who have never been in prison know or even use some of the words used by Czech prisoners. The aim of the thesis is to present the specific speech of Czech prisoners from the linguistic point of view to wider society and at the same time to contribute a partial probe to the research of nonstandard language.
Arabisms in the Present-Day French
JASZOVÁ, Natálie
The thesis Arabisms in the Present-Day French deals with loanwords from the Arabic language in contemporary French. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. The first part defines the concept of Arabisms and describes the issue of borrowing in more detail. It deals with the circumstances of the adoption of Arabisms into French and also with the modification mechanisms for their integration. The second part consists in corpus research, which aims to evaluate the occurrence of French slang expressions of Arabic origin in contemporary French.

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