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Znojmo Castle
Jihomoravské muzeum ve Znojmě
Propagační skládačka seznamuje návštěvníky s objektem znojemského hradního komplexu a jeho historií. Vedle zámecké expozice je možno zhlédnout také sbírku soch neoklasicistního sochaře Hugo Lederera či stálou výstavu keramické produkce znojemského regionu.
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The animals in the cathedral. Architectonical sculpture of animals and fantastical creatures by parlerian lodge in the St. Vitus Cathedral, their symbols and iconography.
Urbanová, Karolína ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Sojka, Jaroslav (referee)
This Master Thesis "The animals in the cathedral. Architectural sculpture of animals and fantastical creatures by parlerian lodge in the St. Vitus Cathedral, their symbols and iconography" looks into the architectural sculpture of animal's motifs and motifs of fantastical Creatures. The goal of this work is to summarize recent aspects of research about this theme, explain in more detail individually motifs of animal's and their Iconography and their meaning for Cathedral of St. Vitus. Also this thesis want to explain how could this special animal's motifs fit into the places, where are they have been situated. Their Iconography is taken with larger perspective, by literature's reception from antique over czech medieval age. Concerning animals and fantastic Creatures in the southern vestibule - pelican and phoenix; an owl in the Crown Chamber; gryphon and fight between cat and dog in the inner triforium; an eagle, an unicorn, a horse with bird's legs, a phoenix, a pelican, a stag, a lion, a gryphon, a lioness, a bear, a "cat" and three chimera in the outer triforium; a lion, a dog, a dragon and an eagle in buttresses and at least a dragon and a goat on the Big Tower. Keywords Cathedral st. Vitus, animal's motifs, symbols, iconography, architektonical sculpture, sculptures, console, relief, gothic...
Art in the Public Space in České Budějovice from 1945-1989
This bachelor thesis studies sculptures found in the public space of České Budějovice. Six chosen works created between 1945 and 1989 were put through a formal analysis and evaluated from the art-historical point of view. It also focuses on their authors, art stylestypical for particular periods of time, and the works? impact on the city?s urban planning. That being said, the last topic has been discussed more often lately, which includes discussions of the political and social situation influencing the previously mentioned period.
Minor religious objects in the landscape of ORP Český Krumlov
BACHROŇ, Miroslav
The Bachelor´s Thesis deals with mapping of the minor religious objects in landscape of ORP Český Krumlov. On the basis of terrain research there were taken photographs of minor religious objects in the given area and they were consequently charted to the map. This work contains a typology of the watched religious objects in ORP Český Krumlov. The part of the work are objects lists, which are complemented with the info required by the administrator of ÚAP.

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