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A probe of student´s knowledge of photosynthesis at the lower-secondary school
This bachelor's thesis focuses on pupil's knowledge about photosynthesis and the other related processes in the terrestrial plants. The aim of the thesis was to find out misconceptions of the ninth grade pupils of elementary schools and lower grammar schools. It also deals with attitudes of teachers about teaching photosynthesis. Theoretical part of this thesis mentions physiological processes of plants and their possible misconceptions. These misconceptions are common in Czech and foreign studies. The study was realized in four elementary schools and lower grammar school using a questionnaire survey. The results of the survey declare that there are misconceptions and insufficient knowledge of plant physiology. Answers from biology teachers state that teaching biochemical processes in lower grades of primary school is difficult.
Influence of Wim Hof ​​method on freediver performance
Pilušová, Viktorie ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Pavlů, Dagmar (referee)
Title: Influence of Wim Hof method on freediver performance Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to find out whether Wim Hof's method (WHM) can demonstrably improve the performance of a freediver and whether, as an added component of regeneration in his training unit, it can demonstrably contribute to the improvement of selected physiological parameters, compared to a group practicing Pranayama in combination with cold exposure and meditation and a control group without intervention. Another goal is to compare the results obtained in the individual groups for a period of two and four weeks of measurement and thus objectify the effect of the selected intervention. Methods: As part of the issue of improving the athlete's performance, selected physiological parameters of individuals engaged in freediving on the breath were observed. For the implementation, the WHM was used, which uses the connection of psychological and physical resistance to stress factors. A total of 32 healthy male subjects in the age range of 32-61 years participated in the study, who were randomly divided by lot into 3 as closely as possible groups of 10-11 members each for WHM or Pranayama training, or into a control group. The experiment consisted of an initial measurement, where input data was taken from the participants and...
Digital Biomarkers for Assessing Respiratory Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease
Kováč, Daniel ; Cvetler, Dominik
Respiratory disorders are a significant part of hypokineticdysarthria (HD) that affects patients with Parkinson’sdisease (PD). Still, their potential role in the objective assessmentof HD has not yet been fully explored, which is the primary goalof this study. Several respiratory features were designed andextracted from acoustic signals recorded during text reading.Based on these features, the XGBoost model was able to predictclinical test scores of phonorespiration with an estimated errorrate of 12.54%. Statistical analysis revealed that measuring respirationrate and quantifying signal fluctuations during inspirationhave great potential in the objective assessment of respiratorydisorders in patients with PD.
Activated sludge inhibited by pesticides
Pokluda, Michal ; Pavlíková, Marcela (referee) ; Hrich, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on researching the inhibitory effects of selected pesticide substances on activated sludge present in wastewater treatment plants. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The first part provides a theoretical explanation of pesticides, their presence in water, their basic classification, and the legislation addressing the issue of pesticide substances in water. The thesis also lists and describes methods for removing pesticides from water. Furthermore, the content of the theoretical part touches upon the topic of the Modřice wastewater treatment plant, primarily describing its treatment process. The practical part of the thesis involves laboratory research on the oxygen consumption rate of microorganisms in activated sludge in the presence of pesticides toxic to these organisms. The testing methodology is based on the standard ČSN EN ISO 8192.
Development of features quantifying respiratory dysfunctions in Parkinson’s disease patients
Cvetler, Dominik ; Mekyska, Jiří (referee) ; Kováč, Daniel (advisor)
In the beginning of the thesis, Parkinson's disease and hypokinetic dysarthria are briefly described, which have a negative effect on speech production and cause breathing problems during speech in sick patients. The aim of the thesis is to create an algorithm for automated detection of breaths and the design of parameters for the quantification of respiratory disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease. In the MATLAB environment, the recordings of the researched subjects were processed and an algorithm was created for the detection of breaths, which used the logistic regression method. Based on the predicted breaths, proposed parameters were extracted from the recordings, which were then statistically analyzed and compared in healthy controls and patients with Parkinson's disease. By using a machine learning model, it was possible to predict the clinical data of patients from the proposed parameters to a certain extent. The average accuracy of the model for predicting puffs was 0.85. Of the 14 proposed parameters, 6 were suitable for quantifying respiratory disorders associated with hypokinetic dysarthria. The result of the work is a functional algorithm for the automated detection of breaths in the speech signal and proposed parameters that could be useful for the quantification of respiratory disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease.
Vliv správného dechového stereotypu na výkon u vytrvalostních běžců
HEJLÍK, Richard
The bachelor thesis provides insight into the issue of breathing stereotype and examines its effect on the performance in endurance runners. The theoretical part of the thesis contains two parts and collects knowledge related to the given issue. The first part focuses on breathing, breathing stereotype, physiology of the respiratory system and breathing control. The second part contains chapters about the history of running, kinesiology of running, running mechanics, running technique and breathing technique during running. The practical part deals with research aimed at improving the breathing stereotype in endurance runners through the intervention of breathing exercises and then determine the change effect of their endurance performance. The research group was consisted of 3 endurance runners aged 19 to 21 years. Their task was to complete training units prepared by me consisting of breathing exercises for 6 to 7 weeks. The evaluation was based on a comparison of the initial and final examination. Initial and final examinations includes kinesiological analysis, spirometric examination, stress spiroergometric examination, Stange´s test and exspiratory apnoeic pause test. The outcome of the research was the detection of positive changes in breathing stereotype in runners. Performance indicators improved in two of the three runners, while ventilation indicators remained without any significant changes. From the results, the effect of changing breathing stereotype on performance in endurance runners cannot be demonstrated. However, it cannot be excluded either. Further research on a larger scale is important to refine the results and identify new findings. It is also necessary to eliminate mistakes and adjust the methodological procedure of the research. If positive results are confirmed, breathing exercises could be incorporated into running training.
Survey of students' knowledge and teachers' attitudes to the topic of terrestrial plants photosynthesis in basic school education
ŠOBR, Zdeněk
This thesis focuses on the pupil's knowledge about photosynthesis, biomass, the teacher's attitude to teaching these issues including the use of digital educational resources. The focal point of this thesis is a questionnaire survey among primary school teachers and students, which examines the level of knowledge and personal attitudes of both groups of respondents to teaching this topic and its digitization. 154 pupils and 10 teachers from 5 different primary schools were involved in the survey. An analysis of a number of textbooks published by Fraus was also included. The results confirmed that misconceptions, which have already been described in the past, remain among the students. These include, for example: "The plant breathes when it is not performing photosynthesis. The main reason why plants perform photosynthesis is oxygen production. The plant breathes carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen." The literature and the results of this study suggest that using modern aids in science classes and in self-study could be a solution to dealing with misconceptions.
Use of Mapleson C breathing system in pre-hospital care.
FILIP, Michal
The theoretical part describes the physiology of a human's respiratory tract. The next part focuses on the history of ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and its basic ventilation modes. Then it focuses on Mapleson´s systems, their advantages and disadvantages, then it focuses on Mapleson C, which is a priority for this work. Next is the instruction manual and in the last chapters we will discuss an acute situations in pre-hospital care, where Mapleson C can be used and important laws to clarify whether a paramedic can use this system or not. The practical part is processed by using a quantitative questionnaire which is completed by 38 paramedics and doctors in the South Bohemia region. The first goal of the work was to find out a knowledge about the safe use of this system. The second goal was to find out if the use of Mapleson C by a paramedic is correct with current legislation. The result of this thesis shows how high the level of information about Mapleson C system is. It shows its advantages, disadvantages and justifies why it is rarely used in practice. This work could serve as a protocol for the use of Mapleson C, which would be available to all paramedics.
The attitudes and knowledge of pre- and in - service teachers on the topic of plant role in human environment under the global climate changes
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of mutual interactions between vegetation cover and the atmosphere in the period of global climate change. The aim of this work is to determine the level of knowledge of teachers and students of science teaching together with their views on the teaching of this topic in practice at primary school and in out-of-school education. The literary introduction outlines the issue of mutual interactions between vegetation and atmosphere, together with the anchoring of this topic in the framework educational program. The practical part of this work comments on the results of a questionnaire for students of science teaching and the results of a questionnaire designed for science teachers. Based on the results of this survey among students and teachers, a teaching unit was designed for use in out-of-school education at the primary school level.
The effect of abiotic factors on house dust mites Dermatophagoides farinae
Vacková, Tereza ; Hubert, Jan (advisor) ; Zemek, Rostislav (referee)
House dust mites are one of the most important allergenic agents found in households worldwide. The biology of these mites is significantly affected by hygrothermal factors - especially by temperature and humidity. The study is focused on the influence of temperature and humidity to the behavior of Dermatophagoides farinae within a thermal gradient (simulating a vertical section of a mattress), on its metabolism (represented by respiration rate) and population growth. Within a constant thermal gradient (19-41 řC) run for 24 h D. farinae mites most often received food in the sector with a temperature range of 32-36 řC. In experiment with 5 days of alternating cycles of the same gradient (8 h / day) and room temperature (16 h / day) was the sector with a temperature range of 32-36 řC for mite's feeding also the most prefered. In contrast, in both variants of the experiment, non-feeding mites preferred the sector with a temperature range of 19-23 řC (or rather, the largest number of them were found in this sector during the evaluation). During the measurement of respiration, mites of this species showed significant CO2 production when were incubated at temperatures of 25- 30 řC. Out of the studied combinations of temperature and humidity, the highest respiration was measured when mites were incubated...

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