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Resolving DifficultSituations in Pre-school Children Using Methods and Techniques of Dramatic Theory
Bečková, Jana ; Hanyš Holemá, Irena (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on preschool children and resolving their challenging life situations using techniques and methods of drama education (hereinafter referred to as DE). The aim of the thesis is to find out whether the use of DE techniques and methods is effective in mastering the safe and correct behavior of preschool children in selected challenging situations. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part I focus on the definition of the term RV, its process, purposes, principles, techniques and methods, as well as the environment and conditions. I also summarize the characteristics of preschool age.In the practical part, I focus on what are the dangerous, crisis and especially challenging situations in which preschool children may find themselves. I state how the solution of the given situations should look right, therefore safe. From the reactions of children during dramatization and from the answers during the interview, it is clear what children imagine under the concept of danger and difficult situations. I watch how with the help of DE children learn to behave in given situations. I confirm the effectiveness of DE in the acquisition of abilities and skills by children of correct and safe behavior through the method of interview and...
The Complexity of Security Threats in Urban Areas: The Case of Johannesburg.
Sanjoh, Charles ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Svitková, Katarína (referee)
Cities today have become a playground for man-made security threats. From terrorism, drug abuse, and different forms of physical violence that impedes the smooth functioning of the activities of those living within the city spaces. Considering the present day violence and insecurity in our cities, it is vital not only to embark on preventive measures, but also to learn how to cope with and adapt to them. Since it would be an illusion to think of eliminating violence, resilience becomes an important aspect, a gateway to move on with our daily activities without fear and with greater hope for a better future. It is in this respect that I decided in this thesis to talk about resilience within our municipalities with a special focus on the city of Johannesburg in South Africa.
The child's personality and beginning attending a nursery school
Zradičková Šafránková, Karla ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The ability of autoregulation of an individual is a process which moderates coping with social demands. The transition from family environment to a nursery school, functioning in the interaction of various changes, can be considered one of such strong developmental challenges. Theoretical foundations of our research project consist of the concept of resilience based on social cognitive theory. Our probands were a group of 97 preschool children, beginning with attending a nursery school, incoming from the family environment. The data has been collected twice, in September and November. In our research, the data stem from two sources - teacher's observations, and a questionnaire method. As for observations, the areas of monitoring have been established in advance. The frequency and quality of behavioral expressions of children in the adaptation period were recorded by teachers utilizing observation sheets, which were created based on the study of literature on adaptation, and empiricism. Resilient factors are operationalized by initiative, self-regulation, and quality of relationships, measured by means of the DECA - P2 (Devereux Early Childhood Assessment for Preschoolers) questionnaire method. For the purposes of this research, it was transferred and converted into the Czech language from the...
Supervision as a source of support for midwives
Královec Černá, Eliška ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pastucha, Petr (referee)
This work is focused on the profession of midwifery and supervision in this profession. The main objective was to identify the sources of stress and perceived support midwives in their work and determine, whether the supervision rendering source of support for midwives. The theoretical part is concerned with the context of the profession of midwives and then presents the profession in the Czech Republic, especially the education and competence, as provided for developing legislation. For comparison options are, also presented Conditions profession of midwives in selected European countries. Separate chapters are devoted to sources of stress to which the midwife faced in their work, the concept of resilience as its counterweight and finally sources of support that midwife in the exercise of their profession can earn. In the empirical part of the thesis is a qualitative research technique using focus groups. Its aim is to describe the factors that act as sources of stress or support in the profession of midwives as they see themselves. Using analytical story is then presented contemporary painting experience midwives set in the context presented in the theoretical part. The main results of the research point to the vague competence, lack of support and legal uncertainty in the profession of midwives...
Teacher and his role in the process of pupil's self-conception forming
Volfová, Kamila ; Krykorková, Hana (advisor) ; Vítečková, Michaela (referee)
Theoretical and empirical thesis "Teacher and his role in the process of pupil's self- conception forming" aims to explore the theme of self-conception from the perspective of those involved in the educational process. Primarily in terms of personal and social development, whose major component is the development of self-conception of pupil. The thesis explores the possibilities and limits of teaching experience and tries to find some starting points and recommendations that can help teachers better manage claims that contemporary society places on education of children. It also seeks to give teachers a tool that would simply and effectively determine the level of their work on self-development of their pupils.
Relationship of quality of life and hardiness, relisience and grit in parahockey and wheelchair rugby players
Jiskrová, Markéta ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Pavlová, Ilona (referee)
anglicky Objectives: This thesis aims to investigate whether we can predict the general and sport- specific quality of life of athletes with physical disabilities based on selected positive psychological constructs (resilience, hardiness and grit). Method: Forty players of para ice-hockey and wheelchair rugby (of which only two were women) underwent this study. The data were obtained by a questionnaire, compiled by Professor Martin from Wayne State University, which contains six parts: general information, life satisfaction, grit, resilience, sports engagement and hardiness. The "translation and reverse translation" method was used to translate the questionnaire. We used the statistical program IBM SPSS 2200 to analyze the obtained data. Results: Life satisfaction can be best predicted on the basis of hardiness (R = 0.686), but also resilience (R = 0.496) and grit (R = 0.340). We can predict sports engagement only based on resilience (R = 0.374). We recommend searching for other possible positive constructs that could better predict sports engagement. Key words: quality of life, sport engagement, life satisfaction, resilience, hardiness, grit, para ice hockey, wheelchair rugby
Impacts of supervision on resilience of helpline workers
Hermánková, Lucie ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Antoš, Svatopluk (referee)
The diploma thesis: "Impacts of supervision on resilience of helpline workers" presents the results of case study focused on particular helpline, the case of which is the impact of supervision on workers feeling themselves comfortable with their professional roles on helpline. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the key concepts of resilience and supervision, and presents the general characteristic of helplines, the method of telephone crisis intervention and the social service of telephone crisis assistance. The empirical part of the thesis explains the context of the particular helpline which was the subject of case study. The main topic of the research is: mastering of helpline workers of their professional roles and the influence of supervision on its changes in time. The research captures the changes of perception of supervision and of its effect on helpline workers dealing with their professional roles.
Benefits of resilience and social support in mentoring relations with school children
Novotná, Petra ; Seidlová Málková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with medium-term benefits of peer mentorng programs from the point of resilience and social support to the care recipients- children and adolescents from risk environment or with risk factors influenced. Data of this study comes from International peer mentoring survey Big Brothers Big Sisters- Pět P in Czech republic. The study is important for its in-depth and longitudinal (1 year) survey of 7 mentoring couples. Thesis is secondary analysis of mentioned study and is interessed in concepts of resilience and social support in context of mentoring community intervences. Key words: Mentoring, Mentoring programs, Voluntary, Resilience, Social support, Social network, Social capital, Attachement Powered by TCPDF (
Resilience as the modern approach to cities' security: Critical analysis of the London case
Novák, Ladislav ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Svitková, Katarína (referee)
This thesis examines the understanding of the concept of resilience in urban security with focus on countering terrorism and emergency planning in London between 2000 and 2015. It analyses the implementation of the concept and the results of it. The thesis first describes the theoretical backgrounds of the concept and creates a classification based on the evolution of the concept. A discourse analysis of security strategies and other official documents is done to demonstrate how resilience was conceptualised in the United Kingdom and how it evolved. Also the influence of private actors is evalueted. The same discourse analysis is done on the level of the city of London. The thesis then describes the specific implementation of resilience that impacts everyday lives of London citizens and it shows that the measures penetrates every aspect of it. The International Political Sociology and the theory of insecuritization is used to assess the findings. It concludes that resilience is used as a governing tool enabeling the UK government to produce an appearance of decisive governing, while it transfers the actual responsibility for everyday security to the citizens and their communities. The transfer is not accompanied by providig appropriete tools and consecquently an atmosphere of insecurity and...

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