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Resistance of bituminous binder to ageing
Rous, Vojtěch ; Frýbort, David (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
Asphalt binder ageing and experiences with various ageing methods from abroad are described in this thesis. The practical part deals with the RTFOT aging and with the influence of the duration of this test. The comparison of test results is conducted before and after the aging by values of needle penetration, elastic recovery, softening point and resilience tests are evaluated and compared.
Joint sealings of concrete pavements
Doseděl, Jan ; Hýzl, Petr (referee) ; Stehlík, Dušan (advisor)
The findings related to issues of joint sealings of concrete pavements are summarized in this bachelor thesis. The main part of this thesis deals with experimental testing of modified asphalt binder. This asphalt binder was tested at the beginning and at the end of fatigue. The samples of asphalt bitumen were tested by the method of ring and ball, determinativ of needle penetration, elastic recovery and resilince.
Eudaimonia: Happy city
Hermanová, Ada ; Holubová, Martina (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the project is to create eudaimonic environment in the framework of existing city blocks of Husovice in Brno. Simple interventions and minimal means are used to create environment which allows it´s inhabitants to live complex and fulfilled lives.
Properties of binders suitable for hot applied sealants and bituminous membranes
Musil, Vladimír ; Dašek, Ondřej (referee) ; Kudrna, Jan (advisor)
The work describes the basic laboratory characteristics of selected asphalt binders that could be suitable for hot applied sealants and bituminous membranes. Paving grade bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, asfalt-rubber and polymer modified bitumen with crumb rubber addition were used. Properties of binders were compared using tests of dynamic viscosity, needle penetration, cone penetration, softening point, resilience and elastic recovery.
Vliv změn klimatu na bezpečnost průmyslu
NATECH jsou nehody vyvolané různými přírodními událostmi, které ohrožují bezpečnost a provoz technických zařízení či podniků, s významným dopadem na životní prostředí a společnost. Typickým příkladem je havárie jaderné elektrárny Fukušima.
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Experience of peer workers in the field of mental health care
Mikula, Martin ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hrabec, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of our thesis is to describe and gain the best possible understanding of the experience of peer consultants in the field of mental health care. Additionally, it involves identifying essential phenomena that may arise during their mentioned experiences and carry stimuli suitable for further analysis. For these reasons, we chose a qualitative approach in conducting our research. Specifically, we opted for Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, which allows for a detailed focus on the form of experience of individual respondents and its nuances. The respondents consisted of three adult women and two adult men aged between 26 and 56. Each of them is employed as a peer consultant in either health or social services. We gathered data through semi- structured interviews, analyzing it on two levels. Firstly, we outlined and analyzed the experience of each respondent and its specific details. Secondly, we conducted an analysis of the themes that were common among the respondents, yet held analytical potential in relation to the studied phenomenon. These themes include lived experience with SMI (Serious Mental Illness), initiation and initial difficulties, changes in relationships, new coping strategies, and transformations in identity or social roles.In the final chapter, we compared the results...
Srovnání přístupu k adaptačním opatřením na změnu klimatu v lesích ve vybraných státech na úrovni národních plánů a politik
Papalová, Alexandra
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is Comparison of the approach to climate change adaptation measures in forests in selected countries at the level of national plans and policies. In this context, the bachelor thesis deals with adaptation measures that are applied in order to mitigate the effects of climate change on forests and forestry. The bachelor thesis is written in the form of research. The thesis first deals with basic concepts such as climate change and its effects in general, the effects of climate change on forests and forestry, and adaptation to climate change. Subsequently, it deals with the characteristics of natural and socio-economic conditions and their vulnerability, the distribution of forest ownership and change in forest cover in Finland, Spain and Kenya. The last part is devoted to applied adaptation policies and national plans to climate change in the mentioned countries.
The influence of resilience social support and religiosity on the wellbeing of victims of domestic violence in Accra Ghana
Ahmed, Osman Abdul
ABSTRACT Domestic violence and abuse continue to be an issue of alarming concern for governments and nations across the globe because of the threats that it poses to victims psychologically and physically as well as the family, communities and the nation at large. Although many studies have been done on the subject, these studies focus mainly on the antecedents to abuse and its impact on the victims. Few studies have also focused on the punitive measures and the legal framework around which perpetrators of domestic violence are dealt with less focus on psychological, social and spiritual factors that can improve the wellbeing of victims. It is against this background that this study was conducted to examine the influence of resilience, social support and religiosity on the wellbeing of victims of domestic violence in Accra, Ghana. Using the biopsychosocial and spiritual theory of illness and wellbeing, a cross sectional survey was conducted by purposively sampling 100 victims of domestic violence and abuse (M= 28.57; SD= 5.55) within the period of September and October, 2021. The respondents filled questionnaires that examined resilience, social support, religiosity and psychological wellbeing. Results indicated that resilience (r = -.52, p < .001) has a significant negative relationship with wellbeing while social support (r =.48, p > .001) and religiosity (r = .53, p < .001) has a significant positive relationship with wellbeing. Both social support and religiosity predicted wellbeing in the victims of domestic violence accounting for forty-five percent of the variance in wellbeing scores of the victims (p<0.001, Adj. R2=0.45). It is discussed that psychological support be provided for victims and this support should focus on resiliency training, family and community support and spiritual and religious mindfulness. Limitations of this study are also discussed with recommendations to chart the path for future studies.
Resilience and perceived life purpose
Švarcová, Tereza ; Kebza, Vladimír (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Resilience and perceived life purpose are phenomena which have been getting more and more attention in foreign literature recently. The results of resilience and life purpose research has its own place in psychotherapy, psychological consultancy and preventive care. The purpose of the theoretical part of diploma thesis was first to present the concepts of resilience and perceived life purpose as separate areas, and then to connect them into an interacting unit. The theoretical part of the thesis refers to the age - related specifics of resilience in connection to developmental tasks of each stage. The aim of the empirical part of diploma thesis was to prove the relationship between resilience and perceived life purpose using a research sample (N = 231), which was being measured by three questionnaire methods - Connor - Davidson Resilience Scale (CD - RISC), Life Engagement Test (LET) a LOGO - test. Another step in the empirical part was to find out if there are differences in grades of resilience and perceived life purpose between two groups (age 18 - 30 and 31 - 65). The results of the empirical part have proven a significant relationship between both variables. The LOGO - test shows considerable differences between the groups in the grades of perceived existential frustration. The results of the...
The Interplay Between Smart Cities and Disaster Risk Reduction: A Study of the City of Amsterdam
Rossi, Alice ; Špelda, Petr (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
The thesis examines how the development of smart cities interplays with the enhancement of Disaster Risk Reduction. Natural disasters are increasing, especially in urban areas, representing a concentration of social, economic and institutional vulnerabilities due to high population density. The development of smart cities could represent an opportunity to make urban areas safer and prepared to handle possible extreme weather events, as they are based on the development of cross-sectoral policies to deal with urban challenges and increase the city's overall efficiency. Through a single case study research of the city of Amsterdam, the thesis aims to prove the connections between smart cities and disaster risk reduction frameworks through qualitative data analysis. The findings show the overall efficiency of the approach employed by the city of Amsterdam for both the development of the smart city and disaster risk reduction. Even if the city does not explicitly state the connection between the two domains, the study found that Amsterdam's smart city policies have several elements that interplay with the framework of disaster risk reduction, enhancing its effectiveness. Keywords Smart Cities, Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Risk, Vulnerability, Resilience, Policy-Making Title The Interplay Between...

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