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Qualification test of heat switch for Martian conditions
Mašek, Jakub ; Horák, Marek (oponent) ; Popela, Robert (vedoucí práce)
Master thesis examines the description of the heat switch project in general and findings that have been attained so far. The thesis focuses on the development of test facility to perform the proposed heat switch test campaign in simulated Martian conditions. The first section foremost aim is to describe the evolution of the Heat switch test chamber intended for extreme condition simulations, i.e. low pressure and temperatures, from a preliminary design to the final test configuration. Thesis deals with reasons of the chamber configuration modifications and serves proposal solutions of unpredictable incidents to be further confirmed or disapproved. The aim of the second part of the thesis is to design the test campaign of the Miniaturized heat switch from initial test chamber validation experiments, via calibration tests to approve the drafted facility configuration performance, to the Bread Board verification tests and EQM final Qualification test. In addition the thesis focuses on measured data evaluation procedure and related effects. The calibration tests of the chamber configuration and data evaluation verification tests all performed with the Dummy specimens are almost finished. Once the results will be approved, the test chamber and test procedure schemes will be ready for BB and EQM testing.