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School and Community Projects Focusing on Health and Safety at Primary Schools in the Pardubice region
Kumpanová, Marcela ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with school and commuinicative projects with a focus on health and safety at elementary schools in the Pardubice region. The aim of this thesis is to find out whether the offer of projects or programs related to health and safety is sufficient, whether schools use these offered projects or if they prefer to create projects or programs themselves. Another goal of the thesis is to find out if the schools feel any lack of program topics or programs on the market and if so, which ones. The final goal of this work is to create an overview of externally offered projects and programs related to health and safety. In the theoretical part are defined terms related to projects and programs focusing on health and safety questions of an individual, of their organization, and of realization at elementary school in the Pardubice region. The practical part presents interviews with school leaders, expert teachers and with school operational staff. In some interviews, the interviewed respondents mention interesting school projects that the respective schools have created themselves and that the projects proven successful in practice. The practical part also includes a list of projects and programs offered to schools in the Pardubice region. This list is divided into sections according...
Cross-border cooperation between Šumava National Park and Bavarian Forest National Park
The bachelor thesis deals with cross-border cooperation between the Šumava National Park and the Bavarian Forest National Park. The projects focus mainly on nature conservation, monitoring of animal, fungi or plant species, environmental education and the construction of nature trails; the activities are largely supported by European funds. The text also deals with regional policy, Euroregions and forms of cooperation. The development of individual national parks and their approach to nature conservation is also covered.
Crowdfunding and its use for a specific business plan
The thesis deals with the design of a crowdfunding campaign for the business plan of a planned company Motýlkárna producing original wooden bow ties. The thesis is based on the study and comparison of Czech and foreign literature related to the topic of crowdfunding and is divided into two parts - theoretical, where the concept of crowdfunding itself is introduced, its history is outlined and specific types, subjects, functions and phases are specified . Then, in the practical part, the actual business plan is described and a financial plan is drawn up for the first year of the company's operation, for which a crowdfunding campaign is then designed in detail, including all the necessary steps during each phase. The specific campaign design is based on the analysis of successful projects implemented in the past, recommendations published by the Hithit platform and interviews with its moderators and authors of successful projects. The potential for the implementation of the proposed campaign is assessed in the last part of the thesis in the context of feedback from the director and chief advisor of the chosen Hithit platform, which is then used to create a SWOT analysis of the project.
Project Proposal of Digital Transformation
Žajgla, Roman ; Širáňová, Lenka (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the design of the implementation of digital transformation of a company that focuses on road cargo transportation. The digitalization is mainly focused on the area of vehicle and employee tracking. The aim of this project is to increase efficiency and reduce costs for fuel, repairs and other influential factors. The tracking will be achieved by introducing IoT (Internet of Things) systems such as GPS locators, sensors and cameras, which will send data to a designed web and Android application for further interaction. The theoretical part of the thesis will also describe different project management methods. I will then use the selected methods directly in the design of the digital transformation project.
Project Proposal of a Music Festival
Uzlová, Anna ; Spáčilová, Natálie (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
My bachelor's thesis focuses on the use of project management tools and methods to complete a completely new project. The first part of the bachelor's thesis describes the methods and tools used. This information is further used to analyze the current state of the company and to make proposals. The tools and methods that were chosen are further practically used in the creation of the three phases of the project's life cycle. We will include an analysis of the current state in the pre-project phase, where I will also present the marketing part of the project. The design part is included in the initiation and planning phase of the project. The final output of the bachelor's thesis is a detailed proposal, according to which it is possible to start the project within the set deadline.
Proposal for Improving Project Management Using a Particular Project in a Student Organisation
Vanátová, Miroslava ; Grushevoy, Nikolay (referee) ; Širáňová, Lenka (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with improving project management in a student organization on a selected project. After an introduction made up of the theoretical knowledge required for this bachelor thesis, an analysis of current project management in a student organisation follows. Based on the findings from the analytical part, solutions are proposed in the conclusion with the intention of making project management more effective.
Design of a new production line
Hejl, Martin ; Jurová, Marie (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the project of implementing a production line in a selected company dealing with the recycling of plastic waste and the production of rPET flakes as a secondary raw material for the production of plastic products. First, it deals with the description of the current state and the production process in the company, including the layout of the equipment, and then defines the requirements for the project by the management of the company and individual shareholders of the company. Defining the requirements for the project and at the same time the method of obtaining key information took place on the basis of in-depth interviews with the interested parties of this project, while a pilot design of the layout of the machinery was created, including a description of the technology and a flowchart of the required production process. The main content of the design part is the creation of a proposal for a possible implementation of the production line using a network diagram using the PERT method, which indicates that the duration of the project was calculated to be 106.6 days. Together with the network diagram of the project, an analysis and proposals for managing the risks of this project were prepared. At the end of the draft chapter, a financial analysis of the project's payback period was carried out, as the condition of a payback period of 3-5 years must be met in order for the project to be approved by the shareholders, which this project fulfilled in all three expected progress scenarios.
Selected Works of Daisy Mrázková in Leisure Education for Reading
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to introduce the work of Daisy Mrázková and the use of selected works in leisure education for reading. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part introduces the author's life, her aspirations, the awards she has received, her preferred literary genre and its specifics, an overview of her literary works, an analysis of specific works by the author, the development of the selected target group of children and the selected methods for working with the text. The practical part focuses on the project Afternoon with Daisy Mrázková, which aims to develop children's reading skills and deepen their interest in books.
Games used for personal social development
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to create a professionally supported program for the personal and social development of preschool children based mainly on movement games and activities of the concrete nursery school. The thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part defines the concept of prosocial behaviour and the possibilities of child development. The practical part is based on the creation of a project focused on the personal and social development of the child using psychomotor games and activities, its verification and reflection.
The project proposal of a new store
Šobová, Romana ; Havránek, David (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis discusses a project proposal with the intention to establish a new company store in the Moravian-Silesian region. The aim was to create project documentation applying the available theory, tools and methods. The documents, made in MS Visio, MS Project and MS Excel, give all the essential information needed for a successful project implementation. The resulting advantages of the investigated approach are reflected at the end of the thesis.

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