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Competitive Intelligence in pharmaceutical industry
Hubálková, Pavla ; Papík, Richard (advisor) ; Horváth, David (referee)
This diploma thesis describes and analyzes an area of competitive intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry. The work is divided into five parts. The first part deals with competitive intelligence and related aspects, the second part is dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, with all specifics. The third part deals with competitive intelligence in the intersection with the pharmaceutical industry, the fourth part contains the classification and description of information resources appropriate for the activities of CI and a fifth part presents research, which consists of a questionnaire survey among pharmaceutical companies on the state of competitive intelligence and semi-structured interview with an expert in the area of CI in pharmaceutical company. The survey results represent a certain sub-probe, which demonstrates the strong position of CI as a common standard of pharmaceutical companies. Keywords competitive intelligence, pharmaceutical industry, information needs, drugs, pharmacovigilance, patents, information resources
Patent Trolls: Do Their Patents Differ?
Trlifaj, Šimon ; Schwarz, Jiří (advisor) ; Wang, Yao (referee)
The United States patent system is undergoing changes, with a sharply increasing number of patent litigations and applications. This Thesis aims at analyzing the role of Non-practicing entities-companies which engage in licensing and litigating patents, as opposed to producing-in the system. Using two unique datasets of 533,720 U.S. patents, I investigate what type of patents these entities uphold. Specifically, I focus on two proxy variables for patent value (forward citations for social value and renewal rate for private value), and analyze patents owned by one of the biggest Non-practicing entities, the Intellectual Ventures. In comparison to two control groups, the results provide some evidence that patents owned by this company: 1) do have an above-average private and social value, and 2) show smaller relation between private and social value. The results support existing research which suggests that Non-practicing entities possess higher proportion of "strategic patents", that are highly privately valuable mainly for their litigation potential.

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