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How parents regulate behavior of their preschool children
This bachelor's thesis investigates the view of parents on how they regulate the behavior of their preschool children, the ways in which they try to regulate children's behavior, how they perceive that ways and their influence on the child, and what, according to them, enters the context of their child rearing guidance. In the theoretical part, the developmental specifics of preschool age, the role of the parent, determinants of parental behavior, upbringing and child rearing practices are described. The practical part is based on a qualitative research design, specifically a multiple case study. Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with six parents of preschool children. The results of the research show that parents regulate their children´s behavior in four basic ways. The analysis of the obtained data also provides insight into the context of the regulation of children's behavior, in which parents place their own experiences and diverse determinants that modify the form of their parental behavior.
Kindergarten teachers' attitudes and experiences with discussing topics of death-related topics.
This bachelor thesis investigates the competencies and experiences of preschool teachers in addressing topics related to death. The theoretical part focuses on understanding dying and death, societal attitudes towards the topic of death, and children's perception of death. The work further examines the influence of media on children's conception of death. It provides an overview of the profession of a preschool teacher and approaches to teaching related to death, how to talk to children about death and how to help children in times of grief. It also presents a range of techniques and activities that can be used in preschools to understand and process death both in a preventive and interventional sense.
Adaptation of children in kindergarten from point of view of their mothers
This bachelor thesis is focused on the adaptation process of children in kindergarten and is especially focused on their mothers' view. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the general characteristics connected to the age of three years old children, the relationship between mother and child in this period of life is described as well as the emotional connection between mother and child and its impact on the adaptation of child in kindergarten. Additionally the aspects of adaptation from the Kindergarten education framework are described. In the practical part of the bachelor thesis, the results from the survey are evaluated and general conclusions based on the data are delivered as well as recommendations for kindergarten teachers and potentially mothers.
Possibilities of connecting exercise and dance education using drama education
Šulcová, Helena ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Sobková, Ivana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis describes the possibilities of linking movement and dance education using drama education. This connection should better comprehensively develop and shape the child's personality. The goal is to find out whether it is possible to connect these aesthetic educations with dramatic education and thus get the most out of the individual educations as much as possible for the comprehensive development of the child. In the theoretical part, my work deals with preschool children, their development and children's play. Children's play is the most natural way to knowledge and education for a child's development. In other chapters, I will describe aesthetic education, which is an integral part of the life of the teacher as well as of the child. It is important to take the work of a teacher seriously and leave nothing to chance. Therefore, in my work, I examine how advantageous this connection is, whether it is functional and, among other things, how it could make their work easier for teachers and better connect the individual areas that we already know from the framework educational program and aesthetic education. In the practical part, I focus on applying the lesson I created, which I apply to several selected kindergartens. The lesson that I created is created in such a way that both...
How to motivate children to read: action research in a kindergarten
Papayová, Vanda ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the topic of motivation of children of preschool age to read and to improve their preliteracy. The aim of the thesis is to ensure the development of a positive attitude towards reading and also the motivation to read through the set of activities for pre- school children. The text is divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, I am dealing with the explanation of basic concepts such as readership, reading preliteracy and literacy. I am also presenting further the important roles of readership and the readership development. The second chapter is devoted to the development of readership and the motivation to read. The last chapter of theoretical part is about the contemporary literature. The empirical part of the thesis is describing the implementation of the action research in a selected kindergarten. I have defined a problem statement during my action research and I have subsequently determined a proposal to support children's motivation to read. As part of the research investigation, I have compiled a questionnaire (pre-test and post- test) with the help of my supervisor that I have processed and I have evaluated the results. When summarizing and evaluating the obtained data, I concluded that the activities I implemented with...
Social life of healthy children and children with autism spectrum disorders in preschool age
This bachelor thesis deals with the theme of autism spectrum disorders, social life of healthy children in comparison with children with autism spectrum disorders, triad of damage of this children - communication, social behavior and imagination. It also describes the social life of families with ASD or the view from other people of children with this disorder and their families. The empirical part deals with the study of the social life of two families in which preschool boys with ASD are. Data will be obtained through semi-structured interviews. This bachelar work wants to describe the social life of preschool children with ASD.
The concept of art activities in the practice of kindergarten
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the concept of art activities based on experiential learning in practice in preschools. The theoretical part contains five basic parts. The first part deals with the concept of preschool children and their development. The second part goes on to describe artistic activities and methods for managing them, while the third part is focused on developing children's drawing skills. The fourth part is focused on art techniques, which are further divided into traditional techniques and non-traditional techniques. Finally. the fifth part deals with experiential learning and its features. The research part contains practical instructions for implementing art activities, including experiential learning, with Individual activities being divided according to the age category of children.
Development of empathy with the help of literature for children
This Bachelor thesis is focused on literature for children which is viewed as a valuable information source for the development of kids empathy. The aim of this thesis is to examine this development and offer the opportunity to use it in kindergarten. The theoretical part is aimed at the historical chain of events in the area of development of children literature, literature awards and empathy which is defined and observed during the development of a child. The practical part is aimed at collecting quality children literature that supports the development of empathy from which is one book used in a topical part that couldn't have been realised due to the problems with the pandemic. Therefore, it was evaluated with the help of pedagogues from kindergartens, and it is going to be realised in the first chance possible.
Contribution of fairy tales for preschool children
The topic of the thesis is The benefits of fairy tales for preschool children. The objective of the thesis is to find out how children perceive the message of the induvial fairy tales. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. In the first chapter it deals with the fairy tale, its definition, development, types and its motives. The second chapter deals with the benefits of fairy tales for a preschool child, especially with how the child understands and perceives fairy tales. For this purpose, I analyzed four classical fairy tales where I also mentioned their psychological significance for a preschool child. In the third chapter I remind that preschool age is a foundation for future reading. The practical part contains the suggestion and realization of the weekly project of two fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood and Gingerbread House. During the realization I was trying to find out which messages children perceive in fairy tales.

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