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National Phonotegue of the Czech Republic
Horová, Iva
The paper introduces the history of sound and efforts to create a Czech National Phonotegue. It describes the current situation in the area of care for this kind of cultural heritage, which is in the Czech Republic backward and insufficient. It presents the VNF portal and its functions.
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Measuring of light resistance of materials used for modern bookbindings with the help of the Microfadeometer System
Vávrová, Petra ; Neoralová, Jitka ; Mračková, Lucie
Cílem metodiky je představení principu a techniky měření pomocí systému Mikrofadeometr a jeho využití pro zjišťování světlostálosti materiálů za účelem účinnější ochrany materiálů kulturního dědictví citlivých na světlo.
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Public Libraries as Mediators of Electronic Resources of Cultural Heritage
Taišlová, Tereza ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Stöcklová, Anna (referee)
The thesis focuses on the mediation of electronic information resources of cultural heritage from public libraries to public. The text is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. Introductory chapters explain key terms - cultural heritage, digitization of analog cultural object and digital library and describe chosen benefits that providing of electronic information resources of cultural heritage brings to public libraries. The thesis also includes analysis of chosen electronic information resources of cultural heritage. They are presented Manuscriptorium, Kramerius, Moll Collection, online portal Europeana and web site of American Memory project. The practical part of this thesis presents the results of a supply and demand survey. The first survey was implemented on web pages of Czech regional libraries and the second survey is user survey among the Czech public. The last chapter is formed by recommendations for public libraries which offer electronic resources of cultural heritage.
Survey of Old Prints and Manuscripts Collections in Faculty Libraries of Charles University in Prague
Kafková, Ivana ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
(in English): This study focuses on the faculty libraries of the Charles University in Prague. More precisely, it deals with their collections of manuscripts, old and rare books. The introductory chapters are dedicated to theoretical basis of protection and preservation of historical documents. The main body of the thesis is created by an analysis of historical collections in particular libraries. This analysis is based on a questionnaire survey, on study of sources and on a research carried out during an actual visit to these libraries. Each chapter includes a brief history of the faculty library, the origin of the collection, and other important features such as the size of the collection, its thematic focus and especially the details of the way it is stored and available to readers. Another important focus of this study is to express the needs, the aims and experience of these faculty libraries. A more detailed study is dedicated to the library of The Protestant Theological Faculty. It includes a report about my research into the actual physical condition of the collection. The concluding and summarizing part of this thesis consists of thematically structured chapters, diagrams and tables which try to give an overall perspective on the situation. It tries to define the common grounds and...

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