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Integrated solution of waste gas-to-energy unit
Freisleben, Vít ; Buzík, Jiří (referee) ; Reppich, Marcus (referee) ; Jegla, Zdeněk (advisor)
Waste Gas-to-Energy (WGtE) units allow the thermal processing of gaseous waste and its simultaneous energy recovery. However, the operation of WGtE units involves a large consumption of external fuel, and the flue gases produced require the application of flue gas cleaning technology. This thesis presents the results of a study focused on the topic of integrated WGtE unit design, which is an effective approach for achieving external fuel consumption savings while minimizing investment costs. Firstly, it presents the developed analytical method for the design of technological modifications of existing WGtE units treating waste gases in order to achieve their economical and more environmentally friendly operation. Attention is mainly paid to the description of the developed mathematical relations and graphical tools that can be used by the professional community, especially by the operators of WGtE units. To further reduce the negative environmental impact of these units, the second area addressed in the thesis is the development of flue gas cleaning equipment for the reduction of nitrogen oxides concentration. In addition to the technological concept and design of this device, the results of experimental work in laboratory and industrial environment are presented, where the great potential of using these devices in WGtE units as well as in a wide range of other industrial combustion plants was confirmed.
Lichens and eutrophication
Jadrná, Iva ; Svoboda, David (advisor) ; Malíček, Jiří (referee)
Eutrophication is a process of organic nutrients enrichment in an ecosystem, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. This bachelor thesis is dealing with the influence of eutrophication on lichens, especially with the effect of nitrogen compounds in the air and the effect of the combination of nitrogen compounds with phosphorus on epiphytic lichens. Eutrophication is defined and information is provided on changes in abundance and diversity of lichen cover. The mechanisms of eutrophication tolerance in lichens are also described. Key words: lichens, epiphytes, eutrophication, ammonia, ammonium ions, nitrogen oxides, phosphorus
Reduction of nitrogen oxides from the flue gas stream on catalysts under non-standard conditions
Minář, Marek ; Brummer, Vladimír (referee) ; Jecha, David (advisor)
The objective of the presented diploma thesis is reduction of nitrogen oxides from the flue gas stream on catalyst under non-standart conditions. Emphasis is places on the description of selected pollutants in flue gas (especially nitrogen oxides), legislative requirements for air protection and technologies for removal of nitrogen oxides, expecially methods of selective catalytic and non-catalytic reduction. The practical part is devoted to the reduction of nitrogen oxides by selective catalytic reduction on a pilot plant INTEQ II in the laboratory NETME Center. The subject of interest is the determination of the NOx reduction efficiency depend on the temperature for selected catalyst. The end of the practical part pursues with comparison of measurement results and their evaluation.
Research of Progressive Methods for Reduction of Emissions in CI Engine Exhaust Gasses
Franz, Rudolf ; Děrgl, Martin (referee) ; Stodola, Jiří (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
The scope of this dissertation work is a description of modern methods of reducing exhaust emission in diesel engines. The fundamental part is the application of these methods for diesel engines for off-road use that means for engines that are used in tractors and road machines. The mentioned evidence for the practical utility of the results of this dissertation thesis in practice and their verification on the actual engine are given in the conclusion.
Emissions from the burning of garden waste
Kuznetsova, Oksana ; Poláčik, Ján (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of production of gaseous and solid pollutants in the incineration of garden waste. The aim was to carry out and evaluate the experiment. During the evaluation, it was found that the incineration of garden waste produces many times more emissions, than the incineration of wood in the boiler. The reason for the high emission concentrations was the fuel composition and the combustion process. Furthermore, fine particles in the range 17.5–532.8 nm were investigated. In the theoretical part, a literary search was created, which was based on Czech and foreign professional literature.
Technology to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from flue gases for large combustion plants
Kučera, Jan ; Brummer, Vladimír (referee) ; Jecha, David (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with selected abatement techniques of nitrogen oxides (NOx) developed for large combustion plants. The first part describes selected NOx, their properties and explains the formation during combustion. Furthermore, there is an analysis of current legal legislation regulating the issue of emission limits. The third part presents selected primary and secondary measures that are widely used. The emphasis is placed on the description of selective catalytic (SCR) and non-catalytic reduction (SNCR). Finally, the basic design of these technologies for model combustion equipment is performed. The consumption of reducing medium and the volume of the catalyst for the mentioned techniques are calculated here. The estimate of selected operating and investment costs is a part of the basic scheme.
The influence of the combustion air temperature on parameters of the combustion process
Šimeček, Radek ; Hudák, Igor (referee) ; Skryja, Pavel (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá předehřevem spalovacího vzduchu a jeho vlivem na parametry spalovacího procesu. V teoretické části je zpracován přehled nejčastějších znečišťujících látek z průmyslového spalování. Je popsána aktuálně platná relevantní legislativa v Evropské unii a jsou porovnány její implementace do národní legislativy v České republice a v Německu. Dále je provedena klasifikace hořáků z hlediska různých kritérií a rešerše předchozí práce v oblasti předehřevu spalovacího vzduchu. Na zkušebně hořáků byla provedena experimentální studie dvou různých hořáků na zemní plyn při konstantním tepelném příkonu 750 kW se spalovacím vzduchem předehřátým až na 250 °C. Výsledky odhalily pozitivní vliv předehřevu na účinnost spalování. Množství emisí NOx a CO naopak rostlo s teplotou spalovacího vzduchu.
Technologies for NOx Cut-down in Exhaust Gases
Drábik, Michal ; Janoušek, Michal (referee) ; Dundálek, Radim (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of reducing nitrogen oxides emissions in exhaust gases and explains the principles of their reduction. The main aim of the thesis is to analyse and describe systems that are designed to reduce their amount. The following chapter provides examples of solutions for these systems for specific drive units. At the end of the thesis, there is a reflection on possible future development in this sphere.
Electromobility, today and vision
Valíček, Roman ; Kracík, Petr (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
The main target of this bachelor thesis is to create an overview of current and future status of electromobility in the Czech Republic, including an analysis of possible impacts of this developing field to other sectors, especially energy industry and ecology. This work is divided into several sections. The first part is research and it deals with general knowledge related to electromobility at first and then it analyzes the current situation in our country. The electric vehicle charging and electromobility support are discussed in detail. The second part of the thesis focuses on the influence of electromobility growth on the power system and on the electromobile emission footprint. These chapters are based on self calculations and the results are evaluated at the end. The conclusion summarizes the findings and there is a comment about upcoming development of electromobility in the future.
The ability of nitrogen oxides to cause a major-accident
This bachelor thesis is focused on the potential of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas to cause a major accident. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to assess the potential of nitrogen oxides, which are a part of the flue gas, to cause a major accident by reacting with gas phase LPG. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the current state of prevention of major accidents and the handling of chemical substances, the legal framework of this topic and the system of research. It also describes the current state in the topic of flue gas, legal framework and its origin. Finally, the theoretical part describes nitrogen oxides, their origin, characteristics, dangerous properties and methods of their analysis. The aim of this work was to assess the risk posed by nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas, in this case exhaust gases of cars and heaters, in area of major accidents prevention and the ability to cause a combustion of gas phase LPG and consequently a major accident. The necessary data for this assessment were obtained by sampling the exhaust gas, determining the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the samples, and by then carrying out an experimental determination of whether the contact of the gases at these concentrations would cause a combustion. To find out the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the flue gas, the Saltzman flue gas sampling and subsequent analysis method was used. The results show that passenger cars with diesel engines have the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in their exhaust gas. The results of experiments with gas phase LPG did not prove the ability of nitrogen dioxide to initiate a combustion of LPG at concentrations around 100 ?g/l, or to initiate a combustion with diesel car exhaust gas.

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