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Public liability of members of municipal bodies in public administration decision-making process
The thesis focuses on the issue of public liability of persons in relation to their membership and decision-making in elected bodies of local governments. The work presents theoretical background related to the issue of public liability of individual members of municipal bodies, while these theoretical findings are further applied in the practical part, which contains the characteristics of available statistics of crimes committed by persons in this position. The overall data is then supplemented by the data obtained in fifty municipalities of the South Bohemia Region, on the basis of which the current situation and developing tendencies in this area are derived, including a demonstration of the possible negative financial impact on municipal finances. The resulting conclusions are critically evaluated with suggestions of examples of adequate responses to the current situation and its improvement in the future.
Hospodaření malé obce
Hořava, Martin
Hořava, M. Economy of the small municipality. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The bachelor thesis deals with economy of the small municipality Ruprechtov in the years 2016-2019. The aim of bachelor thesis is to find out, how the municipality works with the financial means by analyzing of the incomes and expenditures. The end deals with SWOT analysis and recommendations for the future progress of the municipality.
Vyhodnocení ekonomické situace obce Vémyslice
Pavlíček, Lukáš
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of budget management of a selected municipality. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyse the management of the village Vémyslice in the years 2014-2020, based on it to evaluate the financial situation of the village and finally to propose a solution to any shortcomings. The first part deals with the theoretical foundations of the financial health of municipalities, the space is devoted to municipalities and its specifics and public administration. The second half of the work is devoted to the analysis of the management of the village Vémyslice. The budget analysis was performed in terms of the amount and structure of revenue and expenditure. Furthermore, the work calculates the indicators of indebtedness and liquidity, according to which it is clear, that the financial situation in the municipality is stabilized.
Zadluženost obcí v Moravskoslezském kraji
Kořínková, Pavlína
The diploma thesis is focused on the evaluation of the municipal indebtedness in the Moravian Silesian region. Through selected indicators will be monitored the development of the municipal indebtedness in three years and will be assessed the situation of the indebtedness in these municipalities. In addition, will be possible to assess which of three monitored years was for the municipalities the most demanding and vice versa. According to indicators, two indebted municipalities will be identified and will be determined causes of their higher indebtedness. In the diploma thesis was found out, that these two municipalities got into debt because of expensive investments. However, these investments foster the development of municipalities and the environment. Based on this research will be recommended to invest in projects, which are beneficial for future generations and the development of communities. Municipalities should carefully prepare new projects, optimize their loans and interest rate, and invest in projects, which will generate income in future. This is a way to avoid risky decisions and possible indebtedness.
Implementace konceptu chytrých měst v České republice
Šmarda, Martin
The diploma thesis focuses primarily on the concept of Smart City. Due to urbanization, there is an ever-increasing proportion of people living in cities. One viable way to face the challenges of urbanization is to introduce the Smart City concept. The main goal of the thesis is to find out how and to what extent the concept of Smart City is applied in selected municipalities of the Czech Republic, both within the framework of strategic documents and in the provision of services for the population. The theoretical part contains the main definition of the term Smart City, related research, and a description of the basic structure of the strategic document of the municipality. The practical part of the work presents the results of the analysis of strategic documents of municipalities and interviews with members of municipal councils.
The effects of early marriage on girl child education in Berekum municipality in the Bono region of Ghana
Arthur, Prince
In the Berekum municipality in Ghana's Bono region, the study discusses the topic of early marriage. It expressly gives evidence relating to the factors causing it to continue as well as the unfavourable outcomes that make it more difficult for girls to exercise their human rights. The research also illustrates how early marriage affects young females' ability to pursue a career in the academia. Interviews and questionnaires were used to collect the research's data. The analysis makes it clear that early marriage has a negative impact on girls' human rights since it robs them of their freedom and opportunities for personal development when education is not accessible, according to the report. When young girls leave school to get married, it hinders their education and is detrimental to the municipality's development as well as that of those who are not yet born. The MDGs' goals to improve basic education, alleviate poverty, combat HIV/AIDS, and lower the rate of maternal death are all directly incompatible with this behaviour Therefore, it is advised that all parties interested in education and children's welfare, as well as all development organizations, including the government, start a massive education campaign to inform the public about the impacts of early marriage on a girl's ability to attend school. To this end, it would be important if the government of Ghana and other organizations give teen girls' education more attention.
Preparation of the municipality for solving emergencies and crisis situations
MÁŠKA, Dominik
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse the preparedness of mayors and municipal authorities to deal with emergencies and crisis situations. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of relevant literature and legislation, which is closely related to the duties of the mayor and municipal authorities in the field of preparation and management of emergencies and crisis situations in the municipality. The emphasis is mainly on the obligations of municipal authorities in the field of public protection and related laws. Along with the preparation and management of emergencies or crisis situations, we encounter concepts where their correct and uniform understanding is important for an adequate approach to the emergency and the application of prepared measures. For this reason, the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis focuses, among other things, on these concepts and measures. For the practical part of the bachelor thesis the hypothesis "Mayors and municipal authorities are prepared to deal with emergencies and crisis situations with different levels of preparedness" is chosen. In order to refute or confirm the hypothesis, data from 52 questionnaires filled in by municipal mayors or other competent persons focused on the issue were processed. The survey was based on the results of questionnaires sent to municipalities located in the Czech Republic. The results of the questionnaires show that with regard to the possible threats to the municipality and the number of inhabitants in the municipality, the preparedness of the municipality for dealing with emergencies and crisis situations varies and the hypothesis is confirmed.
Komparace hospodaření vybraných obcí na území okresu České Budějovice
MAŇHAL, Martin
The main goal of the master thesis is to evaluate the financial management of selected municipalities Hluboka nad Vltavou, Lisov, Borovany, Zliv and Trhove Sviny between 2013-2019 and compare their results, based on the main condition indicators of the local municipal economy. The master thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is processed in the form of literary research. This section clarifies the theoretical basis for budgetary processes at a local and a regional level. Furthermore, the individual tools of financial analysis of municipal management are described with a focus on financial indicators. In the practical part, the budgets and financial management of selected municipalities are analysed and economically evaluated in the medium term. The practical part is further completed with a quantitative questionnaire survey which was submitted to the citizens of the municipalities. The purpose of the completed questionnaire is to determine the perception of the situation regarding the financial management of the municipality and invested funds from the municipal budget.
The Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Municipal Budgets in the Czech Republic
NOVOTNÁ, Karolína
This bachelor thesis focuses on municipal budgets of municipalities in the Czech Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic culminated in 2020 but it has led to consequences that remain significant in the coming years. The bachelor thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part includes topics that inquire into the budgets of municipalities, their expenses, incomes, and the causes of financial fluctuation. Further, it examines the economic development and the government budget policy of the Czech Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic. The practical part deals with the analysis of financial management of municipalities in the Czech Republic and the quantification of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their budgets. It also pursues to identify the causes behind that. The municipality Český Krumlov was chosen as an exemplary model of the financial management during the pandemic crisis.
Readiness of the municipality of Úněšov for dealing with extraordinary events
The topic of the diploma thesis is the readiness of the municipality Úněšov or dealing with extraordinary events. The work is focused on two parts, theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part discusses the issue of municipalities and their solutions to emergencies and fire protection units. Other important concepts, such as the risk of threats and evacuations, which play an important role in dealing with emergencies, are discussed in the theoretical section. In the theoretical part, the data are collected from an interview with the mayor of the municipality, the commander of units with voluntary fire services and the inhabitants of the municipality of Úněšov. The resulting data were evaluated using a SWOT analysis, which is focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the examined group and its opportunities and threats. There were set three targets of the work:: "Determine the readiness of municipal authorities to deal with emergencies", "Analyze the readiness and ability of JSDHO to deal with emergencies", "Determine the readiness of residents to deal with emergencies." to deal with emergencies that cause problems for population due to insufficient radio. Other results show that the unit is ready and able to deal with emergencies. In the case of preparedness of the population, it was found that inhabitants do not know the warning signal "General warning", which is to warn of impending danger, and they also do not know how to behave in this situation. Work is focused on the issue of dealing with emergencies in smaller municipalities, which have not yet encountered emergencies and show weaknesses that should be focused on.. The work can be used to achieve greater preparedness of municipalities for dealing with emergencies.

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