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Kvantitatívne uvoľňovánie v Japonsku a jeho dopad na HDP
Balážová, Jana
During the period known as Two Lost Decades Japan suffered by weak economic growth, deflation and negative output gap. By the end of 2012, Shinzo Abe was elected as prime minister of Japan and his plan so called Abenomics included extensive quantitative easing by Bank of Japan, fiscal consolidation and structural reforms. Quantitative easing included a significant increase of monetary base and its goal was to achieve the 2% inflation target. It should have encouraged the private consumption and closed the output gap. The aim of this paper is analysis of macroeconomic indicators related to quantitative easing and finding whether inflation and real GDP have increased and the output gap has been closed or not.
Ekonomická krize a role Evropské centrální banky
Staněk, Dominik
The thesis provides an evaluation of monetary policy of the European central bank during the last financial crisis, mainly by using the Taylor rule. Different modifications of the Taylor rule will be compared and the best version will be used for an estimation of desired interest rate of member states of the eurozone. It will allow to compare their preferences with monetary policy of the European central bank.
Dopad monetárnej politiky Českej národnej banky na automobilový priemysel
Maslo, Frederik
The bachelor thesis deals with the impact of monetary policy on the automotive industry in the Czech Republic. The testing includes 62 firms of the Czech automotive industry in the period from 2006 to 2015. The monitored effects are verified by panel regression. The resulting findings are compared with the results of the existing empirical studies.
Vliv monetární politiky na investiční aktivitu firem v zemích V4
Růžičková, Elena
Růžičková, E. The influence of monetary policy on firm investment activity in countries of V4. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The aim of this thesis is to determine the influence of monetary policy on firm investment activity in the automotive industry in countries of V4, together with the further verification of the influence of other company-specific characteristics. The analysis uses the panel data of microeconomic character, which was drawn from the Amadeus database in the period from 2006 to 2015. As an independent variable representing the influence of monetary policy, a 12-month interest rate PRIBOR, BRIBOR, EURIBOR, BUBOR and WIBOR, representing each of states, was chosen. Other independent variables were selected as company-specific characteristics. Net fixed assets have been chosen as a dependent variable, which can be used to express investment in fixed assets. The models for selected countries will verify the influence of monetary policy on the development of investment activity in the selected industry.
Adekvátnost informací Česká národní banky při zajišťování finanční stability
Le Viet, Cuong
The bachelor thesis deals with the adequacy of the information of the Czech National Bank in fulfilling its basic functions with a focus on ensuring financial stability. The work is based on information that individual central banks publish on their official websites. In order to meet the main goal of this thesis, we have defined the term "financial stability" and have formulated important information to ensure financial stability. In the last step, we chose the method of comparing the methodology of data collection and data range with central banks of the Czech Republic, Eurozone, USA, Great Britain and Japan. The benefit of this work is the evaluation of the current data collection and data type at the Czech National Bank. At the same time, it provides insight into new opportunities in data collection and data type and use in the direction of ensuring financial stability.
Vplyv monetárnej politiky centrálnych bánk na komerčné bankovníctvo v Českej republike a Nemecku
Bulková, Martina
This bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part informs about essential terms from monetary policy, central and commercial banking and through graphical elements evaluate the impact of central bank´s instruments on the banking sector. In practical part is on real data using statistical methods analysed the relation between the central bank and interbank market and commercial banking. Further is analysed the impact of monetary policy of central bank on the banking sector. In the last part is compared the development and structure of the banking sector´s profit in both countries.
Vliv politického režimu na zpoždění v hospodářské politice
Filla, Adam
Bachelor thesis focuses on impact of political regime on lags in economic policy. The lags of economic policy, its causes and consequences has been defined at the beginning of the thesis. This part of the thesis also describes forms of government and its characteristics. Next part consists of case studies for selected countries, which are focusing on description of political regime and length of implementation lags of fiscal and monetary policy. The selected countries are compared based on case studies outputs. Impact of political regime on lags in economic policy is described in conclusion together with suggestions for future research.
The effects on monetary policy on corporate investment in Finland
Koskenniemi, Niko Henri Joonas
This thesis aims to find out the effectivity of monetary policy on investment activity in Finnish manufacturing firms. Research question is divided into three parts for clarification: 1) what the effect of low interest rates is, 2) what other factors are impacting the investments and 3) what the interaction between monetary policy and these other factors is. To come up with answers to these questions econometric model is built. Interpretation of the results and policy recommendations are presented in the discussion part. Theoretical background for monetary policy and situation of Finnish economy are also presented, as well as literature review of researches of the area.
Nekonvenčné nástroje monetárnej politiky
Štulrajterová, Eva
This Diploma thesis deals with unconventional monetary policy tools, specifically with quantitative easing and its impact on two macroeconomic variables – GDP and inflation. Unconventional monetary policy has been mostly implemented since last financial crisis broke out in 2008 and has replaced the traditional but inefficient interest rate policy because of low interest rate environment. The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate macroeconomic effects of quantitative easing according to previously empirically estimated effects of QE between 2010 and 2018 and to identify the differences of these effects among three concerned economies – the USA, the United Kingdom and Euro area using linear regression. The question of effectiveness of QE’s impact on macroeconomic variables is answered in accordance with the main findings of the thesis and some related recommendations for future implementation of economic policy are made.
Determinanty úverovej aktivity v bank-based a market-based systéme
Vinická, Michaela
This master‘s thesis deals with the effect of selected determinants on lending activity with distinguishing of bank-based and market-based financial systems. Empirical analysis by means of panel regression analysis with fixed effects leads to results which show a significant impact of particular bank characteristics on loan activity which is considered as stable even after addition of macroeconomic fundamentals. Apart from the bank specifics loan activity is affected by economic cycle as well. Monetary policy tools, namely central bank total assets and interbank interest rate, were examined within the individual types of financial systems. The working of interest rate channel in the bank based financial system and the influence of the central bank assets in the market-based financial systems were proved.

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