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Reverse Logistics in the Selected Company
Staňková, Anežka ; Kuba,, Karel (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with reverse logistics in a selected company. Based on the theoretical part I analyse the current state of reverse logistics activities within the company. In this thesis, I examine the logistics chains within the company, and continue to address the issue of waste management. The aim of this thesis is to propose corrective measures that optimize the amount of waste material and ensure a more efficient flow of reverse logistics activities.
Logistic and logistic chains in the context of transport infrastructure development in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on road infrastructure
Svoboda, Lukáš ; Zelený, Lubomír (advisor) ; Klee, Lukáš (referee) ; Kleprlík, Jaroslav (referee)
The transport infrastructure facilitates the development of national economies not only in Europe but all over the world. Stagnating transport network development, along with stagnating modernisation of such networks caused by a lack of funds and associated with the absence of modern approach and technology within the construction and operation, has a fatal impact on the advancement of trade, industry and, ultimately, the development of the state itself. The dissertation thesis aims to describe and verify the way the heavy road infrastructure development supports the economy of the whole country, regions and economic entities. At the same time, the thesis strives to examine whether the construction completion accelerates the development and building of logistic centres in the vicinity of such big highways, and the manner the commissioning of such buildings is reflected in traffic intensity changes inland and at the borders.
Analysis of the Supply Chain in the company FrostFood a.s.
Vlček, Jakub ; Vinš, Marek (advisor) ; Machová, Jana (referee)
The Master's thesis discusses an analyst of supply chain at Frostfood a.s. The aim is to descibe the entire logistics chain , except production, and propose solutions to the current situation. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes basic concepts such as logistics, warehousing, distribution, etc. In the practical part introduces the company and its impact on various markets. The most important part is analysis of the actual logistics chain, finding weaknesses and propose solutions.
Analysis of the Supply Chain in the company Schiessl s.r.o.
Brožová, Dana ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Jirsák, Petr (referee)
This Master's Thesis discusses an analysis of the supply chain at Schiessl s.r.o. The aim is to describe the entire logistics chain in the Czech Republic and its relationship with the Schiessl group. The aim is also to find weaknesses and to offer possible solutions to these problems. The first part discusses the theoretical basis of the research - basic concepts such as logistics, logistics chain, supply chain management, and more. The second part is devoted to Schiessl s.r.o. It introduces the company and describes its structure in the Czech Republic. The most important part is an analysis of the logistics chains of this company - an evaluation of information and material flows (chains). The work concludes with recommendations that should eliminate bottlenecks in the company's supply chain.
Logistics online store
Kraftová, Jana ; Pernica, Petr (advisor) ; Kuchta, Ladislav (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the logistics of online commerce in a particular company. It focuses on various forms of logistical routes to move goods from manufacturer through to the final retail customer. It deals with claims that various logistical process makes the information flow between supply chain entities. In the first three chapters of the notion of e-business, describes the logistics chain, freight forwarders. The following are the above-mentioned theoretical knowledge is applied to the situation in an online store www. In conclusion, several recommendations and trends with which the company would be counted in the future and gain a competitive edge in logistics.
Contemporary Logistics Processes in the Automotive Industry
Sukdolák, Petr ; Voráček, Jan (advisor) ; Přibil, Jiří (referee)
This research paper is focused on modern ways of distribution in automotive industry and their management methods. In the practical part description of internal operations, including the timeline characteristics in the selected distribution company.

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