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Warehouse management study for the purchase of selected material elements
Klimovič, Ondřej ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a study of warehouse management for the purchase of selected material elements. The bachelor thesis is divided into six main chapters, in which I deal with the issue of lean warehouse management in a selected company. The first chapter describes the theoretical background. Within the second chapter, the company I have chosen, in which I have worked for several years, will be introduced in more detail. In chapter three, I will discuss the current situation of the warehouse management in the company, where I will describe exactly the building of the current material inventory warehouse, which is the most important for my study. The fourth and fifth chapters belong to outlining the current state of warehouse management and purchasing processes in the company. The sixth then presents the conditions for the implementation of the suggestions made in the previous chapters.
Lean Management as an Ethical Problem
Kureš, Jakub ; Štica, Petr (advisor) ; Červenková, Denisa (referee)
Annotation: Lean Management as an Ethical Problem Business management methods are mainly depended on what the company is doing. One of the management options is lean management which is typical for the automotive industry, but is used for its efficiency in other industries as well. It is a method of management that maximizes labor productivity, reduces the financial burden in the production process, and reduces human errors. The main goal of this thesis is focused on explaining the basic concepts of economics and ethics focused on the way of business management. It includes a description of a specific case of the implementation of lean management in a particular company. An ethical reflection follows, which focuses on comparing the described implementation with the presented company values. Second point is the reflection of lean management with the theory Stakeholder. The work concludes with a description of the consequences of the implementation of systems focused primarily on efficiency and profit with possible solution points. Key words: lean management, ethical management of a company, manager, employee, corporate culture, efficiency, profit, key indicators, corporate values, code of ethics, stress.
Řízení změny ve vyrobním podniku
Ferby, Michal
This bachelor thesis is devoted to change management in the production company with focus on communication with employees. In the first part are explained the change management methods. In the second part was established the subject of the change and proposed the suitable communication method.
Digitalization of Manufacturing Process Data as a Tool for Efficient Production Management
Jalůvka, Jakub ; Novotný, Marek (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the issue of proposing a solution which eliminates negative effects in an automotive company. The solution suggested is processed on the basis of a theoretical part (modern trends in production) and a detailed analysis. The final solution is a new operational layer of production management, using the implementation of MES system.
Production line optimization using lean manufacturing methods
Bartuněk, Martin ; Simeonov, Simeon (referee) ; Hromková, Ivana (advisor)
This Bachelor´s thesis deals with optimization of manufacture process at CommScope Czech Republic s.r.o. with help of lean production methods. The first part of the thesis has a form of study of individual methods. The next part is shortly about the company and optic cable manufacturing process. The second part of thesis contain measuring, analyzing and finally optimization of the examine process. In conclusion are evaluated gained results and financial savings.
Lean project management
Vrba, Vojtěch ; Štroner, Marek (referee) ; Strejček, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of lean project management. It is divided into four main parts. The opening one deals with general principles of project management. The second part includes a list of and a brief description of individual losses within the field. The remaining parts join managers’ practical knowledge with information from reference books. The conclusion contains a custom form which is a basis for an analysis of project work in a company that carries it out. An improvement suggestion follows.
Application of Lean Production Methods on the Workplace
Kosařová, Zuzana ; Petržela, Jakub (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on proposal of workplace modification according to the lean manufacturing methodology (DMAIC). The target is to minimize the wasting and to increase the production efficiency based on LEAN tools implementation. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the basic terms, such as primarily lean production, DMAIC, wasting. In the practical part there is at problem analysis using the DMAIC method, then the proposal for improvement is solved, that contains reduction of wasting, process of the project, timetable, costs and implantation of the solution, finally there is evaluated the benefit.
Measure the level of Leanness of specific company in the electronics industry
Langr, David ; Martínez, Felipe (advisor) ; Moravec, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis brings a view of the Leanness level of company based on ethnographic research. The combination of these two disciplines, the Lean concept and ethnography, is unique and brings new direction to research the level and approach of organizations to Lean philosophy. There is possible to assess the company in areas of value for customers, waste and continuous improvement through the research. Through the analysis, it is possible to find out where the organization has areas for improvement. The aim of the thesis is to propose the step to increase the level of Leanness of the organization. The thesis deals with the analysis and measurement of Leanness level of production and administrative processes in a manufacturing plant in the electronics industry.
Lean Start Up for product SweetBox
Zhavoronkova, Anna ; Martínez, Felipe (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
This Bachelors Thesis (BT) aims to purpose a guide for the continuous development of the product SweetBox, applying Lean StartUp approach and Operations Management tools. The motivation of this BT development of a start up company, with little investments and resources in possession. To fulfil the aim, a guide for Lean StartUp development is constructed. This BT is built upon usage of Lean StartUp cycle methodology, through preparation of hypothesis and cycles. Each cycle has hypothesis and knowledge to help create and alter the product. By iteration, after three cycles, a primary guide is proposed. This BT evidences the viability of Lean StartUp model. The obtained knowledge facilitates the presentation of the final product version. Interviewers were successfully transformed from non-buyers to buyers and eventual sales figures stabilized. The methodology is recent, introduced in 2011 year. This kind of method for company and product development was originated and mainly applied in Information Technology firms. The BT contributes to the body of knowledge, evidencing that the methodology works and feasible to apply. This BT demonstrates the application of this method in the product producing companies.
Business Process Improvement Proposal
Rudykh, Alena ; Civín, Roman (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis is focused on process improvement in a specific company. It explains the concept of process management and highlights the benefits of continuous improvement. There is analysis of current situation in the company and a process map. Based on the findings, process improvements are proposed, which allow elimination of waste and reduce cost of the process.

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