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Pozice českého tradičního obchodu na maloobchodním trhu
Svobodová, Erika
The diploma thesis deals with Czech traditional retailers and their position on the retail market in comparison with large multinational chains. The aim is to propose measures to increase the sustainability of small and medium-sized retail compa-nies operating in the Czech market. It is based on a situational analysis of the market and the results of a questionnaire survey focused on customers of small and medium-sized stores up to 400 m2 and their preferences when they choose a shopping place
Application of fairy tale topics in artetherapeutical approach to solving siblings´ relationships
The work focuses on the theme of sibling relationships appearing in the fairy tales Cinderella and Gingerbread house. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the differences in the processing of individual authors with respect to their relationship with their sibling, if they have a brother or sister, if they are a younger or older sibling. In the thesis there are outlined the main sibling constellations and their basic characteristics, the importance of fairy tale themes in the life of an individual and selected passages of fairy tales that touch the topic of sibling relationships. Symbols and their meanings, together with information obtained from the interviews with the authors of pictures, are used to interpret both themes painted by the addressed participants. Influences that may be decisive for selecting a particular display of the fairy tale are identified, mentioned identical and different elements, and compared within the group. Given the small sample of participants, the results of this work cannot be generalized, but the conclusions of the thesis may serve as a topic for further studies.
Editor of Cooperative VR Environment
Schneider, Michael ; Bambušek, Daniel (referee) ; Milet, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this work is to create an editor in the Unity game engine, in which you can easily set up a world for virtual reality.    The work introduces current VR technologies and their limitations. The thesis deals with the design and implementation of a VR application in Unity, including the necessary plugins. The solution also includes VR multiplayer, which allows you to create a world with other VR players. For such an application to work, it was necessary to create complex space management systems, create a server implementation that supports a client controlled by virtual reality and interaction systems, so that the world around the players remained interactive.
Cooperation of First and Second Graders in the Learning Process
Markupová, Pavla ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The work deals with the cooperation of pupils among first and second grade pupils in a primary school. It analyzes to which extent are second grade pupils able to give their knowledge to pupils of the first grade. Then it shows how the learning style and the personality affects the cooperation of an individual within the group. The practical part proofs the long-term investigation in one class that was systematically prepared for the cooperation among older and younger pupils. The results of this research in the observed class evaluate higher level of cooperative and communication skills of individual pupils than those, who previously did not deal with cooperation. Teaching pupils how to cooperate gradually developed their relationship not only to younger classmates, but to the willingness to help each other, to respect the opinions of others and it also strengthened the relationships in the observed classroom. Powered by TCPDF (
Communication of pre-school and elementary education pedagogues at the merged workplace of elementary school and kindergarten
Vacková, Běla ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
TITLE: The communication of pre-school and elementary education pedagogues at the merged workplace of elementary school and kindergarten AUTHOR: Běla Vacková DEPARTMENT: Education Management Center SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Jiří Trunda ABSTRACT: The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to prove benefits of communication and cooperation of pre-school and elementary education pedagogues at merged workplaces. The theoretical part is dedicated to the communication. It is further focused on the organizational culture and the work climate which influences the quality of relationships between employees. The practical part is aimed on the communication and collaboration of pre-school and elementary education pedagogues at merged workplaces. Information were obtained by the questionnaire survey. The thesis maps informational and communicational system of pre- school and elementary school pedagogues. The final part follows from the research investigation. The result of the questionnaire survey may significantly contribute to the quality improvement of pedagogical communication at all merged worklplaces. Pursuant to obtained knowledge, the extention of cooperation and communication between kindergarten and elementary school possibilities was summarized which may help to minimalize adaptational issues that children experience...
Making movies in elementary school
Šuslík, Marcel ; Syřiště, Ivo (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
The theme of this work is the creation of films in elementary school and its place in the teaching process. I have examined the conditions under which this activity benefits both in terms of the development of key competencies and primary prevention. I assessed the availability of information on this topic. I performed in this respect RVP analysis, exploration of topics that handle some basic school and festival platforms, with more room for Antifetfest. Based on my own experience and observation, interviews and questionnaires, I developed a practical point shooting class project. I stated that making films as a class project is beneficial both in terms of prevention of risk behaviors and the development of a number of key competencies. Last but not least, enriching forms of work with students. Powered by TCPDF (
Cooperative forms of learning and their use in the upper elementary school
Mitbauerová, Naděžda ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
On the first pages I tried to theoretically process problems of cooperation and its use from different point of view. The main goal of this work was to discover the teachers' and students' approach on cooperative methods. If they consider them as appropriate, useful and funny as it's written in many other publications. I didn't forget to define essential concepts either. Cooperation itself is in the society dealed with many scientific sectors such as sociology, politic science, psychology, even economy, ecology and last but not least didactics and pedagogy itself. The base for my research was to know as many theoretical aspects on cooperative form of teaching. To make mapping of relevant knowledge about cooperative learning and teaching more meaningful, my work includes empiric part, which describes research survey focused on cooperative teaching form and its use on the second grade on the basic school. The crucial goal of research was to find out what opinion on cooperative forms of education do the teachers and students have and what cooperative method do they consider as the most appropriate. Start from theoretic research preparation and lead to own research performance and evaluation of gain data. In the end of my work I tried to create summary of gain data and their evaluation. Key words:...
Altruistic behavior and its connection with economic climate
Šarapatka, Jan ; Hlaváček, Jiří (advisor) ; Jašová, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to research and summarize the main thoughts of altruism. The thesis concludes that human expression of altruistic behavior is a result of many incentives, which author of the thesis suggests to split in external and internal motives. The thesis justifies view that altruistic behavior can be, except few exceptions, considered as rational. The thesis proves statement that neither CSR nor altruism of state can be considered to be altruistic in the true meaning. At the end, a new version of definition of altruism is suggested. The new version adds an extra condition of selflessness. Thus, the new version does not consider behavior motivated by cold economic calculus or pure reciprocity to be altruistic, even though it often might appear to be altruistic at a first glance. Powered by TCPDF (

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