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I Live Tarot
Oplatková, Hana ; Vondřejcová, Silvie (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Private deck of cards created during six-month survey and documentation of daily experiences. The package contains 49 cards and it is inspired by a set of 78 tarot cards. Text content - reverse side of the card was created using diary notes. Face side of the card was chosen as a representation of processes taking place usually in days when the card was read.
Individualization in music education in heterogeneous classroom at the first level of primary school with regard to current trends in education
Růžičková, Veronika
This dissertation thesis deals with individualization in music education in a heterogeneous class- room at the first level of primary school. The theoretical part focuses on the turnaround in edu- cation that occurred with the advent of reform pedagogy, bringing about efforts to change teaching,differentiation of studentsand curriculum,individualization of learning, and specialed- ucation projects. The text organizes the findings of general pedagogy, which are followed by the principles and suggestions of the disciplinary didactics concerning the teaching of music educa- tion. At the same time, the specifics that distinguish music education from other subjects and influence the feasibility of individualization or the choice of appropriate methods are presented. The chronological arrangement of the findings from the general and disciplinary didactics is completed with a description of the situation in the present school. This is characterised by the 'diverse classroom', in which pupils with different talents, from different family back- grounds, with different attitudes to education, music and culture, or speaking different mother tongues learn together. The elaboration of the topic takes into account the current trends in education (formulated in the Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech...
Intersectionality From the Perspective of Feminist Activist Collectives in the Czech Republic
Dařílková, Linda ; Kobová, Ĺubica (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
Intersectionality is a topic that resonates with feminist activist collectives in the Czech Republic. Half of the collectives included in this research publicly identify as intersectional, while most of the remaining collectives identify with intersectionality at least to some extent. However, intersectionality is a complex theoretical concept, and one can ask how the collectives understand intersectionality and how they translate it into their practice. Much of the interviews revealed that discursive approaches to intersectionality are driven by an ethos of social justice, i.e. a better world for all. This implies an appeal to inclusivity, which was differentiated in several interviews between inward and outward inclusivity. Outward inclusivity was manifested by including more areas of social justice in the discourse and actions of the collective. At the discursive and practical level, I identified other, equally important, approaches to intersectionality, which I describe in this thesis. Intersectionality, in relation to the actual self-identification of collectives, also expresses an effort to distance oneself from exclusionary strands of feminism or activism in general, and in this respect intersectionality can also take on a normative character. Despite the research participants' largely (but...
Individualization, differentiation, and personalization in mathematics in the Czech Republic through three different approaches: Scheme-oriented, Child-centred, and Undesignated
Brožová, Miroslava ; Coufalová, Jana (advisor) ; Vondrová, Naďa (referee) ; Rowland, Tim (referee)
The goal of the presented work was to determine whether and how individualization, differentiation, and personalization are utilized in the principles of the selected programs and in the teachers' beliefs and practices in the teaching of mathematics at elementary school. In order to collect data, six teachers in the Czech Republic were selected with three different approaches to teaching- Scheme oriented approach, child-centred educational approach, and an undesignated mainstream approach. The basic concepts and all three selected approaches to teaching were defined in the theoretical part of the work. In the experimental part, episodes from interviews about beliefs and practices identified in teaching were interpreted within the context of characteristics of individualization, differentiation, and personalization. Practices such as the use of textbooks and homework assignments were specifically described. The study shows that teachers of a scheme-oriented approach and a child-centred educational approach use elements of individualization, differentiation, and personalization in their practices. Individualization appears in the teaching of the undesignated mainstream approach, but this approach does not contain aspects of differentiation and personalization. The analysis in all monitored areas of...
Reasoning of Sentences by Regional Courts
Forman, Petr ; Drápal, Jakub (advisor) ; Říha, Jiří (referee)
Reasoning of Sentences by Regional Courts Abstract This diploma thesis addresses the question of the sufficiency of reasoning of the criminal judgement by regional courts. In the theoretical part, I focus primarily on arguments for the necessity of proper reasoning of the judgement, stemming from both the law and fundamental legal principles. Furthermore, I delve into the context of sentence reasoning within our legal system, as well as the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, along with their purposes, requirements, and shortcomings. Last but not least, I attempt to present an approach that would help minimize the typical shortcomings of reasoning. The theoretical segment thus gradually answers the following questions concerning reasoning: Whether to reason at all, what does the law, theory, and jurisprudence say about reasoning, why to reason, how not to reason, and how to reason. Thus, it comprehensively covers all essential aspects of reasoning including common arguments both for and against various forms of reasoning. In the empirical part, I will present an analysis of 300 decisions made by regional courts. The research question posed was, "Is the sentence reasoning provided by regional courts sufficient?" This question encompasses various sub-questions and aspects that were documented...
Didactic game focused on the development of the individual needs of the pupil
Jirušová, Michaela ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Ronková, Jolana (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Pedagogická fakulta Katedra preprimární a primární pedagogiky ABSTRACT Didactic game focused on the development of the individual needs of the pupil Bc. Michaela Jirušová Vedoucí práce: prof. PaedDr. Radka Wildová, CSc. Studijní program: Magisterské studium Studijní obor: Učitelství 1. stupně ZŠ, KS ABSTRACT The thesis is deal with activisation methods, mainly with didactic games and their use in teaching, their aim to develop individual needs of learners, their own development, learning, motivation and self-realisation at lower elementary level. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, topics and teaching methods are characterised with regard to chosen literature. The practical part is the survey of didactical games use at lower elementary level - their frequency, subjects which use them, their aim at the learner's individuality etc. Finally, a summary of didactic games is prepared. KEYWORDS activation methods, didactic game, motivation, summary of games, game
Math textbooks for elementary schools and their readiness for distance learning
The number of changes that accompany the current Czech school system is a response for global social and pandemic changes and it is focused on methods of pupils´ education. New educational trends are linked to a requirement to acquire key competences as a basis for lifelong learning with a change of educational content, which are means of a versatile development of a child´s personality, not just a goal. In this context, we also talk about distance learning regarding the transformation of educational content which is addressed in the thesis. The thesis deals with issues and critical points of distance as well as face-to-face learning of geometry. Interactive materials were created, that could help the students to overcome these critical points. At the end of the thesis, a reflection obtained from teachers and students, who worked with the mentioned materials, is attached.
The Step by Step School Educational Programme in preschool Education in the Context of Children with Special Needs
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the "Step by Step" education programme in nursery schools in the context of children with special learning needs. The thesis aims to elaborate on the defined problem on a theoretical level and, on that basis, to subsequently conduct a qualitative investigation designed as a case study, which aims to describe the implementation and application of the "Step by Step" programme in the nursery school environment.
Teacher's change of the approach to education in relation to inclusion
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of inclusion and the didactic specifics of education in teaching, this being connected with the ordinance No. 27/2016 on the education of pupils with specific educational needs and talented pupils. The author focuses specifically on the teacher that is conceived as an important part of the inclusive teaching. This thesis tries to compare the inclusive model of education, particularly focused on the teacher, with the traditional model of education. The theoretical part introduces inclusion as such and compares teaching with and without inclusive tendencies. This comparison is focused towards the complex perception of the pedagogue in the education process. The practical part tracks the changes or tendencies of the teachers in education. Due to the need for deeper analysis of the problematics, the author uses qualitative design with data collected from interviews. For the research purposes it uses multi-case study with 4 participants.
Use of Differentation and Individualization in the teaching of foreign languages.
The diploma thesis deals the theme with the use differentiation and individualization in foreign language teaching. This research is divided into theoretical and partical parts. The theoreticla part focuses on concept of differentiation and individualization, their history and mainly of the personality of Václav Příhoda and his concept of differentiation and individualization in education.It also deals with the concept of differentiation and individualization in present education. The partical part is based on the basis of qualitative research survey in the form of interviews that followed after realized German teaching with use of differentiation and individualization at the selected school.The aim of this thesis is to find answers to questions about how this way of teaching is reflected by the pupils themselves, how the teachers and the assistant who is in the lessons as an independent observer.

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