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Design of drive for malt germination line
Pochylý, Petr ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Omasta, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the construction of power lines and germination malt. The first part deals with the line itself and malting. The second part of this thesis describes the types technology of germination and technology transfers. The last part contains construction solution.
Influence of plasma activated water on seed germination and quality of corn
Kovařík, Martin ; Zlámalová Gargošová, Helena (referee) ; Kozáková, Zdenka (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the effect of plasma-activated water on corn germination. After water comes into contact with plasma, the water changes its chemical composition and thus, it acquires new properties that can be used in agriculture. The theoretical part is divided into two basic parts. At the beginning of the first part, plasma is briefly characterized, and then this part deals with plasma-activated water, its formation, physical and chemical properties, and at the end of this part, its use. The second part of the theoretical part is devoted to the germination of plants, external influences affecting germination and statistical evaluation of germination. At the end of the theoretical part, this thesis deals with the ecotoxicity of plants. The content of the experimental part was the preparation of PAW, its subsequent application to corn seeds and the study of its effect on germination and plant quality. PAW was created from distilled or tap water using three different plasma systems and the effect of each PAW on the seeds was compared with that of each control sample. The obtained results indicate a positive effect of PAW on seed germination, but the final hypothesis would require more extensive experiments in different environments, especially in soil.
Vliv ošetření osiva superabsorbčním polymerem na vzcházení, růst a výnos plodiny
Lokaj, Lukáš
The thesis deals with the use of a superabsorbent polymer, specifically seed coated with this polymer and the evaluation of emergence, growth and yield of the crop. One part of the experiment was carried out in the laboratory, namely plant germination, while the second part was carried out under field conditions on the land of the School Farm at the site of Žabčice in the years 2020–2022. The effects of SAP seed treatment on germina-tion, emergence and crop yield were monitored. Four experimental treatments were evalu-ated for wheat, barley, maize and rape, namely seed untreated, seed treated with SAP, seed picled and seed picled and treated with SAP. SAP treated seed germinated faster for all crops. For wheat variety Luana and maize variety Celong, SAP increased yield by al-most 0.5 t/ha, and for rape by 0.7 t/ha. Barley and maize variety Alombo were negatively affected by SAP.
The influence of external factors on the growth of selected species of genus \kur{Digitaria}
PAUROVÁ, Natálie
Fonio is native to West Africa and is one of the world's oldest grains. It is a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and sulfur amino acids - methionine and cysteine. The aim of the work was to determine the optimal conditions for germination and seed growth of a selected representative of the genus Digitaria in laboratory and field conditions, and to evaluate the possibility of cultivation in the Czech Republic. Under the laboratory conditions were evaluated the effect of drought, salinity,presence of aluminium, waterlogging, light intensity, and storage temperature on seed germination of fonio. Furthermore, laboratory emergence of plants in different substrates and from different sowing depths was also evaluated and a field experiment was performed with different sowing dates. The most suitable temperature for germination of fonio seeds is 30 ° C in the dark. Fonio seeds were resistant to salinity to a concentration of 200 mM sodium chloride. The presence of aluminum had no significant effect on germination. Fonio exhibits very good resistance to waterlogging. Seed germination of fonio was not affected by drought stress up to a PEG solution concentration of 15%. Germination was not reduced by storing the seeds at 21°C for 3 months. The germination of fonio seeds was not significantly affected by the type of substrate or the sowing depth.
Fyziologická a ekologická míra specificity orchidejí a mykorhizních hub
The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of specificity of mycorrhizal fungi in selected species of the Orchidaceae family. This thesis is composed of two parts, a literature review, and a scientific project proposal.
Porovnávání klíčivosti a přežívání semenáčků v mikrostanovištích pastvin
The success of seedling survival was studied in microhabitats of a pasture. Seed germination of three species Trifolium pratense, Achillea millefolium and Carlina acaulis was observed in different types of microhabitats i.e. molehills, anthills, wild boar disturbances, and artificial gaps. Also, the environmental factors were measured. The observed microsites varied greatly in their soil conditions and seedlings of Trifolium pratense performed the best, particularly in wild boar disturbances.
Alleopathic potential of plants of hemp (\kur{Cannabis sativa})
The aim of the work was to compare the effects of germinating seeds, fresh flowers and aqueous extracts from fresh and dried parts (leaves and flowers) of hemp plants on seed germination of model crops - wheat, oats, white mustard, narrow-leaved lupin, white clover and lettuce in laboratory conditions. After 3 days of germination, the total length of the roots and shoots was measured. In individual variants, the relative allelopathic effect, average germination and statistical significance were evaluated. The effect of the distance of germinating seeds from samples of hemp material was also monitored. The effect of germinating hemp seeds, with the exception of oats, has not proved to be very significant. The effect of parts and aqueous extracts of hemp plants was as follows: -statistically significant inhibitory effect of the aqueous extract of the dried flower on the germination of wheat -statistically significant inhibitory effect of fresh flowers and extract from dried leaves of flowering plants on the germination of oats, there is also a statistically significant effect of the distance of germinating seeds from the sample of hemp material -statistically significant inhibitory effect of fresh flowers and extracts of fresh and dried leaves on the germination of white mustard, there is also an effect on average germination values -practically no or stimulating effect on the germination of legumes: narrow-leaved lupins and white clover -statistically significant inhibitory effect of fresh flowers and fresh leaf extract on lettuce germination, again with an effect on average germination
Factors limiting the distribution of the mycoheterotrophic plants in fragmented landscape
This thesis investigates the influence of habitat, dispersal abilities and evolution on distribution of mycoheterotrophic plants represented by six orchid species. Several methods including seed trapping, in situ seed germination, fungal barcoding, gene flow study and stable isotopes analyses were used to examine this topic. The final synthesis of these approaches shows lower limitation by dispersal abilities and stronger limitation by habitat.
Studying the regulation of expression of genes involved in barley malting quality
Hoffmannová, Viktorie ; Svobodová, Leona (advisor) ; Lipavská, Helena (referee)
Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is a grain cultivated as an agricultural crop across many varying climatic areas of the world. It is mainly used for its feed and brewing industry properties. This work will focus on studying the malting process on a molecular level, which mainly includes the genes for degradative enzymes of storage proteins, starch and compounds of endosperm cell walls. We shall observe how all these components interact during malting and other processes of brewing beer. It is known that malting quality parameters are tied to several genes, whose expression is regulated. These regulatory pathways will also be included in this work.

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