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The attitudes of foster parents to services provided by nonprofit organizations in Ceske Budejovice district
The bachelor thesis deals with the attitudes of foster parents to services provided by accompanying organizations in the district of České Budějovice. The first part of my bachelor thesis describes the basic concepts like the foster care and family. The aim is to present legal rights and responsibilities which foster parents towards the entrusted child have. I dedicated the second part of my theoretical part to the description of the accompanying organizations and social workers. The practical part provides data analysis from the answers acquired during the semi structured interviews. My goal is to find out whether the services provided by non-profit organization to foster families are sufficiently fulfilled according to the act number 359/1999 concerning Legal Code About Social and Legal Protection of Children. This thesis is also interested in their points of view on accompanying organizations and if they would appreciate or welcome any changes.
Unrelated Foster Care
This work deals with unrelated foster care. The aim is to find out the opinions and experiences of foster parents with unrelated foster care. Two research questions were chosen: 1. "What are the positives of foster care from the point of view of unrelated foster parents?" 2. "What are the negatives of foster care from the point of view of unrelated foster parents?" The work is divided into theoretical and practical part, where in the theoretical part were briefly described the institutes of substitute family care and the issue of foster care. Specifically, the motivation, distribution, benefits, rights and obligations, the mediation process, the termination of foster care, as well as the issue of accompaniment and the activities of social and legal protection bodies for children were described. I worked on the practical part using a qualitative strategy, questioning method and semi-structured interview technique. I conducted interviews with unrelated foster parents, which I addressed on the basis of the snowball sampling method. I evaluated the interviews using the open coding method, on the basis of which I created seven categories. Research has shown that foster parents have both positive and negative experiences with foster care. Based on the evaluated interviews, it was found that the foster care system would need to innovate in some areas. The results of the work can serve as a basis for further research or to improve the foster care system. They can also serve as a study material, but also as a guide for those interested in unrelated foster care.
Long-term foster care from the perspective of selected foster parents
Havránková, Kateřina ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kučírek, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of long-term foster care in the Czech Republic, from the perspective of foster parents, who are an important part of the form of substitute family care. The work is classically divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the work defines the substitute family care, mainly foster care with a focus on the long-term type, and explains the important aspects and concepts related to the given care are explained. In practical part, we can find an outline of the research, which is aimed at interpreting the identified data, we got thanks to structured interviews created with selected foster parents and comparing them, including a subsequent summary of the main findings briefly recorded in the results of this work. The main objective of this research and overall my bachelor's thesis is to gather up-to-date information on the whole issue of long-term foster care, from the perspective of the actors of long-term foster care, more precisely foster parents. Relevant sources from book publications and internet sources of the issue were used to identify the necessary information during the whole cration of the work, including the mentioned structured interviews with selected foster parents. KEYWORDS Replacement family care, Foster care, Foster...
Temporary Foster Care
The topic of this bachelor thesis is temporary foster care. The piece is divided into the theoretical and practical part; the theoretical part deals with the definition of terms in temporary foster care, adaptation of the child in the family, the role of a social worker, contact between the child and the parent and the issue of attachment. The aim of the work is to explore how foster parents cope with handing over the child and to bring into focus the formal flaws viewed by the foster parents. The thesis will also investigate whether there is contact between the foster parents and the child after handing the child over. The thesis establishes two research questions connected with the previously stated aim: 1. Which procedures help the foster parent cope with the separation from the child? 2. Are there challenges in temporary foster care that significantly influence the occupation of the foster parent? The practical part uses qualitative research strategy, the method of questioning and the technique of semi-structured interview. Statements of four communication partners were used for the purpose of collection of the data. The results were formed by the method of clustering. There were specific procedures discovered from the collected data, that help the foster parents cope with the leaving of the child. There is also a description of formal flaws that cause difficulties in the foster parents' occupations. The results of the work may serve as a basis for further research, as a compilation for comparison with recent researches, or as a supporting material during the teaching of similar subjects since there was a thorough examination carried out in the lives of the foster families. The contribution of the work may be the close view into the work of long-term foster parents and the determination of formal flaws that make the everyday reality in foster care difficult.
The Aspects of Foster Care
In this bachelor´s thesis I deal with aspects of providing foster care, while the aim of my work is to ascertain how the foster parents are content or discontent with their rights and responsibilities when caring for children. These rights and responsibilities are defined in § 47 of act no. 359/1999 Sb., on the social and legal protection of children. Part of the aim is to learn about experience of foster parents and achievements they make in the growth of their knowledge and skills and to map experience of foster parent with taking the advantage of help in their 24 hour foster child care. In order to achieve the determined aim, I chose the strategy of qualitative research, interview method and semi-structured interview technique. The interviews were conducted with seven foster parents performing foster care or temporary foster care for at least one year and have or has had at least 2 children in their care. The evaluation of acquired data has been carried out with open coding method. The research results show that use of law at foster parents is different. The responsibilities foster parents must obey are perceived positively. There are only a few communication partners who would have a problem enabling the child contact with its biological family for the reason of very bad family relationships. Except for one communication partner all have taken or will take the advantage of long-term respite care. The anticipated benefit of this work lies in the fact that the results may be used as a source of information for specialized public focusing on the issue of foster care. The results can also serve as study material for those studying for social work degree.
Impact of legislative changes for implementation of forster care for temporary period
Nedbalová, Amálie ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This thesis studies the latest form of substitute family care in the Czech Republic - foster care for a temporary period (FCTP). The introductory chapters focus on the entire socio-legal protection of children in the Czech Republic.After this general background information follows an introduction of the FCPT institute, legislated in Act No 359/1999, and its distinctness from foster care and other forms of substitute family care often interchanged with FCPT. The description is not limited to the current state but contains selected key changes brought by the amendments to this act in 2006 and 2013. Further sources are the Civil Code from 2012 and the limited professional literature concerning this topic. Hence, the thesis also uses material available on the internet and the findings are extended by the personal experience of the author and other FCPT parents (with the realization of FCPT). Besides analyzing the current legislation for FCPT, the thesis also studies the development of FCPT and the problematics of preparing applicants for substitute family care. One chapter is devoted to two specific cases of children eligible for FCPT - child of a minor and child of a foreigner. The aim of this thesis is to provide a basic overview of the entire problematics, terming possible difficulties and risks...

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