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Telerehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis
Zeiselová, Jitka ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Kövári, Martina (referee)
The subject of this master thesis is telerehabilitation in pacients with multiple sclerosis with a focus on patients with higher neurological deficit. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system. According to the latest information (31.12.2021) from the ReMuS register there is 17 148 patients with a multiple sclerosis in the Czech republic. Altogether 71 % from this amount are women. The aim of this thesis is breifly introduce the topic of multiple sclerosis, its etiopathogenesis, diagnostic, symptomatology and therapy, with a focus on rehabilitation. Next chapter of the theoretical part is dedicated to telemedicine. There are information about history of telemedicine, some possibilities of its use in other fields of rehabilitation and also describes some platforms which can be used for providing an online therapy. Practical part of the thesis consists of two sections. The first one contains a survey which investigates amount of awareness of telerehabilitation and also amount of interest of it in patients with multiple sclerosis, partially for the needs of the Saint Joseph's Home which plans to expand its rehabilitation services. In the second part we wanted to prove the feasibility of telerehabilitation in patients with higher neurological deficit...
Speech therapy intervention and the profession of speech therapist from the perspective of parents
Novotná, Jitka ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Korandová, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the parents' view of the process of speech therapy intervention and the profession of speech therapist. The work is divided into the theoretical part and the practical part. The introductory chapter describes the individual parts of the speech therapy intervention process, namely speech therapy diagnostics, therapy and prevention. The second chapter deals with departments where it is possible to meet speech therapists. The following chapter deals in detail with the competencies of individual speech therapy professions and also their necessary professional training. The fourth and last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to the parents of children with speech desorder. Their role and participation in the process of speech therapy intervention are described. Subsequently, this issue is also described in the context of the implementation of distance therapies during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the practical part of the diploma thesis, the results of a mixed research based on both a self-constructed questionnaire survey and interviews are presented. The main goal was to analyze the parents' view of speech therapy intervention and the profession of speech a therapist. The partial goals were to find out the degree of relevance that parents attach to speech therapy, the...