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Supporting grassland biodiversity through small-scale fallows
Fabšičová, Martina ; Frei, I. ; Jiroušek, M. ; Smetanová, S. ; Šipoš, Jan ; Trnka, F. ; Vymyslický, T. ; Winkler, J. ; Zdražílková, M.
The main goal of the methodology presented here is to propose a system of recommendations for applying fallow in nature conservation based on our experiments. Due to the independence of agricultural land outside specially protected areas with direct payments from the Ministry of Agriculture, it is currently important to apply the methodology, especially in large protected areas where the primary objective is to preserve natural and cultural heritage. Annual and perennial fallows, i.e. biotopes adapted toregular soil disturbance, offer suitable habitats for a number of now-threatened plant and animal species. This is a technically and economically easy solution, but it is challenging to select a suitable location to achieve maximum efficiency. Ploughing must not be used in species-rich grasslands which would lead to ruderalization and degradation of the native vegetation. Furthermore, it must not be carried out on land at risk of erosion. Linear grassland margins, which have been ploughed in the past, recently grassed fields, fallows, and field margins should be selected for fallow management. Nearby populations of invasive plant species can be a problem. Our recommendations for the use of fallow management relate primarily to land in lowland and upland areas with a lower soil nutrient supply.
Fast-growing trees as a renewable energy source
Žvaková, Veronika ; Půčková, Helena (referee) ; Kotlík, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on biomass as a renewable energy sources. The main topic is fast growing trees and their effects on biological diversity, the local ecosystem and landscape ecology. Literature survey was conducted regarding using this kind of biomass in the Czech Republic. Thesis reviews technological methods of cultivation and treatment of fast growing trees.
Hevlín – place in the landscape
Kubíčková, Karolína ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to create a landscape that supports water retention and helps the river Dyje to create a branched, meandering watercourse. The design also deals with the permeability of the territory and the design of wooden objects that respond in function and shape to the created landscape.
Naturkulturstadt Brno Židenice – Local community center, reflection on tradition and autonomy
Vaculíková, Klára ; Bindr, Tomáš (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
The work deals with the recovery of the cultural landscape in the locality of contrasting polarities of the city and the village, that were joined together, and what this junction means for urbanity and for the landscape.
Temporální vývoj záborů zemědělské půdy ve vybraném území a jeho dopady na krajinu
Marek, Libor
The presented diploma thesis is devoted to the subject of the grabbing of agricultural land for the new construction of a bypass road in the village called Čebín. In the literature review are defined the basic terms and sources of the legal regulation of land grabbing and protection. The focus of the work lies in the analysis of the grabbing of agricultural land for the construction of the Čebín road bypass and its impact on the landscape and biodiversity. In the practical part will be addressed the route of the Čebín road bypass. The data provided by the Administration and maintenance of roads in the South Moravian Region were used in the work. According to the developed results, a comparsion of the creditworthiness of the agricultural land. Furthermore, the road bypass will be evaluated especially from the point of view of the temporal development of land grabbing and its impact on the landscape and the environment. The work is based on spatial plans and transport infrastructure plans. The conclusion of the work brings suggestions de lege ferenda.
Posouzení stavu lesů a principů lesního hospodářství v zemích na území Karpat
Sklář, Petr
This bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of the condition of forests and the principles of forest management in the countries of the Carpathian Mountains. The thesis describes the climatic conditions, historical development and natural conditions of the region. Furthermore, is described in detail the state and level of forest management in each country and the factors or negative phenomena causing the disappearance or degradation of forests. The thesis concludes with a comparison of the forest management of each country regarding the principles of sustainable management and identifies the risks and opportunities for forest management development. The aim of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of the state and level of forest management in the countries of the Carpathian region and to offer opportunities for its further development.
Pozemkové úpravy a udržitelný rozvoj zemědělské krajiny
Bárek, Ondřej
I have chosen the topic of land consolidation on the basis of many years of working in the enterprise of the Agricultural and Commercial Cooperative (ZOD) Letonice, specifically as an operator of agricultural equipment. This area has become close to my heart and movement in the landscape has become my daily routine. The influence of the past, when our territory was suddenly subject to land consolidation and the creation of comprehensive area hunts for more acceptable farming, had a negative impact on the overall ecosystem of the landscape over time. The boundary lines between farming units have been eroded, the migratory element has been reduced or completely lost and the overall biodiversity of the landscape has been undermined. The above-mentioned problems have also affected the municipality of Letonice, where the landscape has been eroded mainly by water erosion and the land and dirt roads are currently in a poor state. The work will try to outline this situation more and also try to solve the mentioned problems.
Degradace krajiny a její vnímání pastevci na Sokotře
Jurczková, Nikola
Overgrazing is one of the main causes of landscape degradation in Socotra. This bachelor is focused on research on local herders and their perceptions of landscape degradation on the island. Also, the willingness of herders to participate in environmental protection is examined. The research was conducted through a questionnaire survey during the period 9.10. –9.11.2021. The results show that the pressure on tree vegetation has increased due to changes in traditional farming practices. The research also confirmed that herders are aware of landscape degradation, even perceiving a link between land degradation and overgrazing. Herders are aware of the negative impacts on their livelihoods as a result of landscape degradation but are unaware of the future consequences and threats to the existence of forests. Many of them are willing to voluntarily contribute to environmental protection. Herders are open to development cooperation, participation in landscape management or education through seminars. They are also willing to reduce grazing in the forest or reduce the number of their livestock in order to protect the forest, but many of them only with certain compensations. Local people depend on their livestock as they are the main source of livelihood for the local population and other forms of management are very limited due to climatic conditions. The research conducted helped to understand how herders perceive landscape degradation and to what extent they are willing to cooperate in nature conservation.
Zhodnocení biologického potenciálu dřevin na lokalitě Zámecký park Neuberk a specifikace managementových opatření pro udržení, nebo zvýšení tohoto potenciálu
Fišerová, Linda
The organism biodiversity bound to trees is constantly decreasing due to the climate changes, vanishing of natural shelters and intensive management of public and private greenery. This thesis analyzes biodiversity in the park Neuberk in Mělník. Specific conditions of the park currently offer variety of habitats for number of organisms, especially those bound to trees. There were found several specially protected species (under the law rules for Czech Republic) of both vertebrates and invertebrates at the locality. On the basis of the outputs evaluation and the tree assessment this thesis proposes cultivation measures in order to reach an ideal compromise between maintaining the highest possible biologic potential and the operating safety of trees. Furthermore, there are proposed additional management measurements offering an alternative approach in order to boost biodiversity at this location in long term view.
Biodiverzita větrolamů a biokoridorů v krajině
Nerušil, Dominik
This bachelor thesis is focused on the assessment of the floristic composition of sixteen biocorridors located in the territory of South Moravia. Individual biocorridors are studied from the point of view of species diversity of plants. Subsequently, the share of nitrophytes and forest species from the total number of species found in the locality is solved. The results showed that the total number of species in the locality is directly proportional to the width, the total area and the location of the biocorridor in the landscape. Biocorridors located in the White Carpathian region achieved the best rating. The future use of individual outputs from this bachelor thesis is very realistic with regard to the increasing interest in the issue of biocorridors in the countryside.

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