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Stojanová, Hana ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
I engage in my dissertation thesis "Formation of strategy alliances into the segment of Information technologies" with problem of strategy alliance development into sector of information and communication technologies. Strategic alliances become an important factor impacting to the company behaviour, company competition advantages, new markets entering and dealing, sales strategy and channels definition as well as the form of marketing communication decision. The companies are deciding between two basic forms of behaviour, at current days. First form is focused to the independent strategy of compete fight, the second one is fosuced to the strategy of cooperation based on strategy allicances. I occupe by the questions delimitating development of strategy alliances, defining reasons and occasions of their establishement as well as current situation at this field, delimitate role and contribution of strategy partnership and aslo problems of practise application. The dissertation thesis are focused on the fullfilment of two basic goals, the congnitional and the inventive goal, buz first of all to the confirmation and/or disconfirmation of setted hypothesis. Due to the first congnitional goal I am analysing problems of multinational ICT companies strategy aliance development and then generalizing the problem. Due to the second inventive goal I am setting new metod of strategy aliance development. The sets hypothesis, as the main target of this work, openned the questions whether is possible to define the major tools and factors of strategy aliance success? If is possible to define the basic principles of strategy cooperation? Whether is possible to create simply applicable and in the same time higly effective method of strategy allicance developing?
The Existence of a Synergistic Effect in Consolidating Entity
Lýsková, Jana ; Kubovic, Pavel (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the issue of achieving synergistic effect in a consolidating entity. Consolidation unit and proposed financial indicators for monitoring the synergistic effect of the parent company and the consolidated group are defined based on the theoretical findings. Based on the analysis of these indicators is evaluated whether the synergistic effect is achieved.
Business Plan of Development
Audová, Petra ; Polanská, Hana (referee) ; Čižinská, Romana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with all the steps necessary for preparing a company for the entry of a strategic partner. The output of the analytic part is the SWOT analysis of the company and its field of business. Based on theoretical outputs regarding the investors´deciding over capital input, two major weaknesses are highlighted, the solution to which is the contents of my practical part of the thesis. More specifically, it deals with the changes concerning property evaluation and HR management of the company.
Assessing the Synergistic Effects of the Selected Consolidated Entity
Babáčková, Markéta ; Kubovic, Pavel (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the methods of assessment of synergies established in a consolidated entity. The text includes a definition of a consolidated unit based on theoretical grounds and a draft set of indicators suitable for the analysis of the achievement of synergies. Synergies are monitored through a comparison between the consolidated unit and the mother company made in several selected areas. Results of the analysis of the draft indicators are assessed to determine whether synergies were achieved.
Determining The Existence of Financial Synergy Effects of Consolidating Units in The Selected Industry
Gürtlerová, Lucie ; PhD, Zdráhal Ivo, (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This diploma thesis is aimed at the issue of monitoring the existence of synergic effects of the selected consolidating entities in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to assess the existence of positive financial synergy effects for entities operating in agronomy. The decision about influence of these effects is based on the analysis of the values of selected economic indicators of the parent company and the consolidation unit.
Analysis of the development project for the construction of an administrative building in Brno
Kolařík, Jan ; Šebesta, Petr (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is determine feasibility and profitability of property development project at particular lands in Brno. Solution of problem includes both, the legislative part that determines possibility lands focused on change of territorial plan and the financial part that estimates costs and revenues in project balance and potencial profits for investor, if project will be realized. Main result of this diploma thesis is to answer the question, if property development project should be realized at particular lands in question and estimate future value of lands and project. Diploma thesis \uv{Analysis of the development project for the construction of an administrative building in Brno} is useful for everyone, who needs estimate potential of a land for profit from realization of property development project.
Merger of Daughter Companies
Kohoutek, Tomáš ; Běhal, Jiří (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the Thesis titled “Mergers of Daughter Companies” is a suggestion of a method of merger of daughter companies of agricultural division of existing corporate group – AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s. The first part introduces the mother company and the daughter companies which were suggested for the mergers, and furthermore specifies other options of corporate transformations permitted by Commercial Code. The second part includes analysis of feasibility of mergers and possible options thereof. It also includes an explanation of legal rules on the chosen method of corporate transformation – an equity takeover. The last part contains a project of merger of daughter companies, including a timeline thereof, contract on equity takeover and related documents.
Assessing the Synergistic Effects of the Selected Consolidated Entity
Skopalová, Lucie ; Kubovic, Pavel (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is evaluation of synergy effects existence in a chosen consolidations subject. Joining of enterprises focuses on attaining certain advantage – synergy effect. This effect should be achieved in various fields. Financial indicators were chosen from theoretical presumptions and it will be finding, if there is a synergy effect in chosen consolidated groups.
Assessing the Synergistic Effects of the Selected Consolidated Entity
Zemková, Jana ; Kubovic, Pavel (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the problem of synergistic effects. There is the basic characteristic of transformations of companies and of consolidated financial statements in opening chapters. After that attention is paid to the suitable indicators to monitor the synergistic effects. In following chapters, the thesis is focused on the evaluation of the synergistic effects in the selected companies.
Merger of Daughter Companies
Krýsa, Pavel ; Kružík, Milan (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
This work deals with mergers of commertial companys in largers economic units. Chapters are systematicly organized and provide the reader with overview of the development, relevant issues and execution of mergers of commercial companies. The work shows styles of merger execution, company´s motives for merger and finally also legal regulations connected with this proccess. Other sections of this work show analyses of companies, which have undergone a merger. You can see characteristics of these organisations and compare their merger execution plans and detailed schedule for different stages of the merge project.

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