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Image descriptors
Dula, Marek ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
Image processing is a growing industry that makes extensive use of image descriptors to analyze objects in a photo. Nowadays, practically all photos go through Image processing, for example for our convenience when browsing digital photos or for our safety, but also for marketing purposes.
Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions by Neural Network
Šimeček, Josef ; Bidlo, Michal (referee) ; Minařík, Miloš (advisor)
This thesis deals with recognition of handwritten mathematical expressions by neural network. Neural network, mathematical syntax, issues of handwritten mathematical expressions and existing mathematical expressions recoginition systems are described in theoretical part. Practical part includes my own proposal  of recognition system. Each part (step) of the system is analyzed in detail. Next part of thesis contains tests performed by implemented recognition system. The results are discussed and reviewed.