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Průzkum krovu kostela
Mikeš, Martin
The topic of the bachelor’s thesis is the pre-construction condition assessment of the truss of the church of Saint James the Elder in Telč. The work begins with the theoretical part, which is devoted to the typology of trusses, methodology and technical procedures of assessments. Bachelor thesis then continues with practical part, which includes a detailed description of the truss, the execution and evaluation of the pre-construction condition assessment. Among other things, the work determines the condition of the truss and evaluates the damage. Part of the results is also the draft of repairs with regard to the historical and cultural value of the building.
Credit unions in Telč 1867-1914
HAVLÍK, Vladimír
The diploma thesis deals with civic credit unions in Telč between the years 1867 and 1914. It outlines briefly the historical development of credit unions in the Czech lands, which is supplemented by a description of the legal standards that regulated establishment and administration of credit unions during the period of our interest. Then follows the characteristics of the city Telč in terms of administrative integration, population, education, culture and economy. The key chapters are devoted individually to civic credit unions in Telč, namely Vzájemná záložna (Mutual Credit Union), Úvěrní jednota pro hospodářství, obchod a průmysl (Credit Unity for Economy, Trade and Industry) and Spořitelní ústav (Savings Institute). There are presented historical development, membership bases, financial and public benefit activities of the mentioned financial institutions. The list of sources and bibliography, the list of abbreviations and appendices, which contain mainly nominal lists of members directorates and committees of Telč credit unions, are an integral part of the thesis.
Personal and family representation of Zacharias of Hradec in the Telc Chateau.
Salava, Jan ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (referee)
The castle in Telc is one of the few buildings in the Czech republic whose interiors from the second half of the 16th century have been preserved almost unaltered. Owner dominion Zacharias of Hradec had the castle enlarged and its interiors splendidly decorated. The decorations reflect the personal taste of the castle lord. The early designs were taken from a production of Nurnberg workshops. Later the Dutch influence prevailed. The inspiration by the Dutch engravers Cornelis Cort, Frans Huys and Swiss Rudolf Wyssenbach can be traced. Later, but not less important source of inspiration, is book Imagines gentis austriacae by the Italian painter and draughtsman Francesco Terzio. Various crypto-portraits, mainly in the Rooms that were opened to the public, may be attributed to personal representation as well. Another very specific form of representation are the bears who support the coat of arms of the castle lord and his first wife Kateřina of Wallenstain. The bears point out to a legend, according to which the castle lord's family descends from house Ursini, an ancient Italian family. The imperial chamber served for family representation as well. The chamber is decorated with portraits medallions of the roman kings and queens and several unidentifiable portraits. Although I was not able to prove...
Population in the town of Telč in 18th century, based on sources of town and cadastral provenance
This diploma thesis deals with population in the town of Telč in 18th century, based on sources of town and cadastral provenance. The issue is of particular interest as it has not been researched in greater detail yet. At first, the thesis provides an introduction to the extant literature covering the history of Telč, assessing the authors' approach, what historical epoch they consider most prosperous and their perspective of the town in 18th century. Chapter II addresses sources of town and cadastral provenance, thus introducing and evaluating the sources the thesis is based on. Chapter III addresses the regulated municipal authority in Telč. Chapter IV provides an insight into the development of town population in the Bohemian lands in 17th and 18th centuries, which enables contextualizing Telč within the development. Chapter V is dedicated to the town itself, focusing on its history in the relevant period, the town's inhabitants, external description, the Inner Town and eventually, the social pattern of the inhabitants. The social pattern is described in a detailed analysis of three houses located on the town square and their owners. In the end I will describe property structure of the town councillors who were serving in office in 1762, 1766, 1768 and 1770.
History of Otokara Breziny Grammar School in the Telč between 1852 - 1952
OPATRNÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of Grammar School of Otokar Březina in Telč between the years 1852-1952. These hundred years are divided into certain time periods according to our history. There is a characteristic of each time period and its influence on the development of the school. There are changes in the educational system in relation to the social-political situation, interesting events, celebrations, anniversaries and other interest related to the school development.
Car Museum
Suchý, Jakub ; Havířová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The subject of these Master Thesis is a new building of Cars Museum. The object is located in Telc on street Radkovska, district Jihlava. This locality was chosen for its favorable conditions. In this area, there are lots of enthusiast and supporters of motorism. The nearest commission of veterans is around 50 km far. This museum is also meaning to improve a network of a commission of veterans. Telc is a beautiful historic city, which is an ideal choice for a museum of veterans. The building is divided into 3 imaginary sectors. The first one is an administrative part, which has two above-ground floors. In the first floor, there is educative room to familiarize guests with the history of vehicles, entry hall with reception, hygienic facilities for guests and base for staff and operations of the museum. In the second floor, there are offices for the museum, the commission of veterans, meeting room, storeroom, gaming-room, and daily room. The second part is the exhibition area. The third part is workshops and a base to remove operating fluids from cars. The investor is a passionate collector of historic vehicles and wants to share his collection with the public.
Adam Pavel Slavata (1603-1657)
UHLÍKOVÁ, Patricie
In the bachelor thesis author tried to describe the life fate of the South Bohemian aristocrat Adam Pavel Slavata (1603-1657) in context to the period events at the beginning of the 17th century. Author mainly focused on different concepts of life between Adam Pavel and his father Vilém Slavata of Chlum and Košumberk (1572-1652), which came after the divorce of Adam Pavel and Marie Markéta of Eggenberg in the early 1630´s. The reverse of life was mainly reflected in Adam Pavel´s views on the ruling court in Vienna and the court career, which was essential to Vilém's life. Adam Pavel left the Imperial court permanently and settled in Nová Bystřice, where he managed over the Slavata dominion, together with the officers who worked in Jindřichův Hradec and in Telč, during the Thirty Years War. Author used the personal correspondence of Vilém Slavata from Chlum and Košumberk, which is stored in the Family Archives of the Slavata in the department of the State Archives of Třeboň in Jindřichův Hradec. Based on extensive scientific literature on nobility, written especially by Petr Maťa and Václav Bůžek, author has compiled the life story of the individual from the highest circles of the society.
Use of themes of cultural and natural attractions of Telc and its surroundings for support of interdisciplinary relationships in teaching in Primary school
This thesis is dealing with summary of findings about thematic instruction and using interdisciplinary relationships in teaching at Primary school. The starting point for the theoretical part is specialist literature about project and thematic instructions. The research section of the thesis is formed by methodological guide for teachers. In the methodological guide there are two complete teaching programs for 3rd year of Primary school. These programs use the themes of cultural and natural attractions of Telč and its surroundings for support of interdisciplinary relationships in teaching at Primary school. The part of the thesis contains an interview with a teacher, who checked the proposal in practise.
The influence of tourism on the UNESCO sights Cesky Krumlov and Telc
Machová, Petra ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
THE INFLUENCE OF TOURISM ON THE UNESCO SIGHTS ČESKÝ KRUMLOV AND TELČ Abstract My thesis is direct at identification of positive and negative effects of tourist industry in historical centre of Cesky Krumlov and Telc after 1992 when the cities were written on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. At the same time thesis analyzes current condition these historical sights. In the first part of thesis is analysing technical literature that is applying with problems of tourism. In the following chapters is thesis focused on attendance, demographical changes and the management of tourism in the individual destinations. The most beneficial part of this thesis may be considered chapters analysing tourist's portals, accommodation and restaurant facilities. The next, chapter of field analyse of selected areas and controlled interviews with chosen participants of tourism and public administration. Key words: Cesky Krumlov, Telc, UNESCO, tourism, impact (effects), development

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