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Mixed-use building in Mikulov
Kučera, Pavel ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis follows a project developed within the subject AG035 Studio of Architectural Creation. The subject of the design is a multifunctional house in the place of the gap, which currently serves as a parking lot or marketplace. The multifunctional house is located close to the walls and castle gardens of Mikulov Castle - located in the urban conservation zone, which was declared in Mikulov in 1982. Due to the elevation of the plot and the street to which the design is adjacent, the multifunctional house is divided into three related parts. The outer parts are set aside for commercial purposes on the first floor (florist, newsagent, bistro). The second, third floor and attic offer a total of 8 apartments. The middle part is reserved only for a literary café. The design also includes underground parking accessible by stairs from the first floor of the outer parts of the multifunctional building. Entry and exit is provided by two ramps. An integral part is the culture of the remaining free space adjacent to the walls of the Mikulov castle. It will consist of gardens and a space/passage adjacent to the wine cellar located under the walls. At the same time, it will be possible to get from this passage to the area of the castle gardens by means of a designed elevator. The facades of all three parts of the multifunctional house are richly glazed and designed in white, beige plaster or pigmented concrete trowel. They take into account the fact that the multifunctional house is located in the urban conservation zone. The roof of the building is saddle with concrete covering in a traditional red-brown colour.
In an Apartment in a small town, Mikulov
Solár, Michal ; Kozelský, Tomáš (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The concept is based on the historical development of the plot and the city as such. Historically, the area has been defined by self-help and without clearly specified dogmatic guidelines. It is thanks to this that the city is enriched with moments that do not fulfill only the aesthetic or spiritual, but also the functional nature of the city. The moment of surprise and certain visas enriches the interior of the yard as well as the city. At first glance, such annoying spaces have a certain quality, caused by the play of light or the overall concept of space. An important feature of the object is the moment of surprise from the perceived space. The transition from a clearly defined ground floor to the rear, at first glance, irrational courtyard is enhanced by a passage, which also refers to the typical division of the small town house. ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION The principle of layering of individual spaces clearly reflects the moments of surprise. By specific fragmentation of the building, a character that resembles rather a family house as a residential object, spaces of different quality and utilization are created. The lower dwellings have a spatially and optically separated garden from the total mass, with the top terrace being terraces which are optically linked to the courtyard, but are not accessible to the public. The apartments in the attic have mostly urban character. This creates the principle of co-existence, which is typical of the whole area of the city. The layering is evident in the distribution of flats with different connections to gardens and terraces as well as the variety of housing units. The spirit of the place is a standing cellar that reflects the historical transformation of the parcel and is a symbol of the locality.
Valová, Markéta ; Velehradská, Dagmar (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis was to design a winery house in the open landscape in a traditional wine landscape of Mikulov. The designed building serves as a four stars hotel with apartment rooms, restaurant, wellness, wine shop and a small wine farm with a storage of wine. There are unique views to the Mikulov city, Turold hill and surounding vineyards. The longitudinal axe is oriented on northeast–southwest. Majority of rooms, terraces and both atriums are directed on prospective axes. The object has one basement and three groundfloors. It is (situated) into the sloping terrain and constrasts with the wavy landscape of Mikulov for its racional and linear conception. It is inspired by terracced formations in near suroundings and uses it for its mass as well. It creates a new landscape dominant that remainds the geological formation of limestone situated in the surroundings of the Mikulov city. The regular rhytm of windows on facade refers to the Mikulov´s renaissance. The regular placement of window openings, and their rhythm are inspirated by Mikulov renaissance. Smaller holes, glass surfaces, light color of facade, green roof and shielding elements prevent from overheating the object during the summer. The water element in the courtyard offers pleasant refreshment for the visitors.
Flat House
Jakubčík, Lukáš ; Novotný, Miloslav (referee) ; Novotný, Miloslav (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the design of detached apartment building in Mikulov. The apartment building is set into the sloping terrain of the town of Mikulov and consists of one basement and four above-ground floors. From the first to third above-ground floors two residential units with balconies are designed, on the top fourth floor is one spacious residential unit with access to the outdoor terrace. The floors are serviced by a staircase supplemented by an elevator in a separate elevator shaft. The building uses a structural system of ceramic parts for vertical and horizontal structures, part of the foundation structure is made of lost formwork. The roof of the building is warm flat roof. The bachelor´s thesis contains project documentation for the construction.
Strategy for Mikulov
Kratochvíl, Ivo ; Tušer,, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koutný, Jan (advisor)
The project creates a strategy of new developement of Mikulov and it defines interface between city and landscape.
Moravian Wine Center
Kršková, Nikola ; Myslín,, Jiří (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is a proposal of a winery with a wine shop, wine salon and tasting rooms. Furthermore, a four-star hotel for sixty persons with a restaurant, a small wellness center, and all of course with sufficient technical background. This newly designed building is located in the undeveloped part of the town of Mikulov between the Turold and Růžový vrch nature parks. Růžový vrch has become an inspiration for this design. I design here terraces as an analogy to the cultivation of vines on the terraces, where the investor is also the owner of the vineyards grown here. The concept was based on the slope of the terrain and the orientation to the cardinal points. I also tried to make the most valuable views and suppress the view of the technical zone southwest of the parcel. An important element of expression of my proposal is front facade system made of ceramic „squaretubes“, which primarily serve as a sunbreaker.
Ondrová, Klára ; Ing. arch. Petra Žalmanová, Ph.D (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is a multifunctional building of a hotel, in an undeveloped area of picturesque vineyards. The expanding Nikolsburg winery plans to build a hotel with a beautiful view of the historic town Mikulov and the Pálavské vrchy. Hotel should include accommodation for at least 30 guests in **** rooms, a restaurant, a wellness area and, above all, wine storage areas. The wine will be matured in the building and further distributed. Visitors can degustate and buy the wine here. The architectural concept further expands the multifunctionality of the assignment. Common areas should be adapted to the situations and the problem of one-time occupancy of the building, especially in the season and on weekends.
Kotoulková, Leona ; Macháčková, Šárka (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the design of a representative building of the Nikolsburg winery, which decided to get rid of the role of mediator of the grapes supply for another winery to produce its own wine. This building is to house a four-star hotel for thirty people, a tasting room with a view of the barrique barrels, a restaurant for forty people and a small wellness area. This newly designed building is located in the outskirts of Mikulov between the nature reserves Turold and Růžový vrch. The basic concept was created depending on the slope of the terrain and the orientation to the cardinal directions. I also tried my best to take advantage of attractive views and limit the view of the technical zone, which is located southwest of the plot. The façade made of ceramic fittings from the Flexbrick company helps me with this intention. An important expressive element of the building is the division of the last floor with hotel rooms, which are oriented to the surrounding landmarks - Mikulov with the Holy Hill and Růžový vrch.
Mixed-use building in Mikulov
Machů, Kateřina ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Hradil, Dušan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis follows a project developed within the subject AG033 Studio of Architectural Creation. The subject of design is a multifunctional house, which is located in the place of a gap on a sloping, uneven terrain, which currently serves as a parking lot or market place. The design of the multifuncitonal house is located under the castle walls of the Mikulov castle gardens, on a street of Alfons Mucha. It is located in the area of the urban conversation zone, wich was declared in Mikulov in 1982. Due to the character of Mikulov and its development, where the terrain is sloping from the street, the proposed multifunctional house is optically divided by changing the roof height into two imaginary houses. but inside they still have the same floor level. Due to the fact that the adjacent buildings are about same high, the proposed multifunctional house is four-story, of which the top floor is adjacent to the attic and outdoor terrace. The first floor of a multifunctional house is assigned to commerce (cafe, rentable space). On the second and third floors there are already apartments and a porch, which allows access only to apartments that will be used only for short-term rental. There is also a great demand for the improvement of the remaining adjoining space, which is adjacent to the walls of the Mikulov castle, and also the restoration of the wine cellar, which was walled up on this plot. A staircase will be designed, which will lead from street of Alfons Mucha, through which it will be possible to connect directly to the castle walls and further to the Mikulov castle ot it will be possible to go to the wine cellar and the adjacent outdoor terrace. The facade is designed with regard to the surrounding buildings. They are designed in white or light gray plaster. I take into account the fact that the multifunctional house is located in the area of the urban conversation zone. The roof of the building is traditional gable roof, with brick colour.
Běhůnek, Ondřej ; Hudeček, Vladimír (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor) ; Kacálek, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the elaboration of project for the building permit and for the construction of the VW Car Centre in Mikulov. The documentation follows the study maked during the summer semester of the academic year 2019/2020, within the AG033. The aim of the study was to develop an available, functional, and architectural solution. The bachelor's thesis elaborates this study in detail. The building site is in South Moravia, on the northwestern edge of Mikulov in the former collective farm. The building is connected to the local road by Jiráskova Street, two entrances, connected by an asphalt road around the building. Around road, there are parking areas for visitors and employees, as well as parking areas for serviced vehicles and vehicles intended for sale. The building is divided into several functional units, especially the sale of new cars, with administrative, sale of spare parts with a handy warehouse and authorized service, with facilities for employees and a spare parts warehouse. These units are reflected in structure, consisting of three blocks, different in height, adapted to the requirements for traffic height. In the first, one-floor block, there is a car shop, in the middle, two-floor block, storage and sale of spare parts on the ground floor, the administrative on the second floor. In the third block is the service. The parts are interconnected and thus form one continuous object. From an architectural point of view, the building is based on the surrounding industrial buildings and is flattened with a titanium-zinc overhanging perforated shell. The sun exposure of the building is ensured by curtain walls on the sides of the building, on the second floor by windows. Furthermore, the building is illuminated by skylights. In the interior of the sales and administrative part, there is a dominant steel console staircase, connecting these two units. The building is designed to the principles of barrier-free use.

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