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The Town Vimperk and Its Surroundings in Regard to the German Written Documents by the Princely Family of Eggenberg from the Second Half of the 17th Century. On the German Language in Bohemia.
Kříž, Václav ; Vodrážková, Lenka (advisor) ; Bok, Václav (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with the textological analysis of five selected documents written in German and published by the office of the Eggenbergs in Český Krumlov between 1652-1695. In addition to that, it also attempts to add some new information about the local conditions in the Šumava town Vimperk and its near surroundings during the era of the administration of the Eggenberg family in the second half of 17th century. The structure of the thesis is presented by its two main parts, the historical one and the linguistic one. The first part of the thesis describes the Styrian dynasty of the Eggenbergs itself and its princely branch, acting from 1622 even in the area of the province of South Bohemia. At the same time, the exhibitors of the studied documents themselves, Anna Maria (1609-1680) and her son Johann Christian of Eggenberg (1641-1710), are introduced in detail. Subsequently, the situation in the town of Vimperk and in its surroundings between 1630 and 1719 is described and the activities and the production of offices during that period are also presented. The second part of the thesis focuses on the textological analysis of the external as well as of the internal characteristics of the chosen documents. On the basis of this textological analysis, the thesis tries to contribute to the...
Design of a System Solution for Exchanging Documentation with External Partners
Trnka, Štěpán ; Luhan, Jan (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the design of a new solution for the exchange of documentation between the energy distribution company XYZ and its external partners. Based on the analysis of the current documentation exchange process and the requirements of the stakeholders are proposed appropriate system solutions with the necessary functionalities and procedural steps of the exchange.
Documents of the Charles University 1938-1945
Veverková, Andrea ; Sekyrková, Milada (advisor) ; Ratajová, Jana (referee)
Charles university, as the first czech university, had and still has its important place in society. Its history is as rich as history of Czech lands, which it in its way reflects. One of the turning moments was surely the Second World War, which hit hard the whole spectrum of society at that time. This thesis is looking at this period through the optics of diplomatics and it is trying to introduce topic of the day-to-day official agenda of the university and its faculties. This institution of higher education could not function without the office system in the background, since it provided administrative support for the framework of its activities. The administrative work of university officials consisted primarily of the production of records, especially official correspondence, as well as protocols of meetings or the issue of documents governing the course of the university. Its aim is primarily to find out to what extent this clerical life at the university background has survived the period after 17th of November 1939, when the schools in Bohemia and Moravia were closed by Nazi occupiers. The bachelor thesis first deals with the history of university history from the beginning to the liberation in May 1945. In the next part there is a diplomatic analysis of selected papers from the period...
Analýza informací potřebných pro ocenění nemovité věci
HRUBÝ, Štěpán
The aim of my diploma thesis was to evaluate the real estate valued by the price and the usual price with the focus on the difficulty of obtaining the documents and information needed for valuation. In the theoretical part, I described the basic terminology for real estate valuation and provided a detailed list of the valuation documents. In the practical part, I made a complete expert report in the Delta-NEM program, and to its sub-sections I presented the possibilities for obtaining information about its creation.
Cooperation of Municipalities in a Region (Case study - region Benešov)
The purpose of this thesis is to identify different kinds of horizontal cooperation of municipalities in the region Benešov. It shows which factors are affecting this cooperation, sustainability and benefits for the regional development. The theoretical part provides definitions of the forms of the horizontal cooperation, which are extracted from the literature. There is described a chosen region and its towns and municipalities are introduced. Information is gained from selected documents, by analysis of documents and by interviews with representatives of chosen municipalities. The practical part describes the current cooperation of municipalities in that region, which can have various forms. For example MAS groups, associations, microregions etc. The result of this thesis is analysis these kinds of cooperation and possible proposal to beneficial management of cooperation.
Czechoslovak Foreign Policy in 1942. Volume 2 (1. 8. – 31. 12. 1942)
Němeček, Jan ; Kuklík, J. ; Jedličková, Blanka ; Němečková, D.
Second volume of third tome from the project on Documents on Czechoslovak Foreign Policy contains documents from August to December 1942.
The Age of Rudolph II because of Some German Written Documents from 1578-1598. A Historical and Linguistic Study.
Jamal-Aldinová, Diana ; Vodrážková, Lenka (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
The presented thesis deals with an analysis of five selected documents written in German and published by Rudolf II in Prague between 1578 and 1598. The textual source material therefore serves as an illustration of the German language used in the offices located on the Czech territory in the 16th century. The thesis is concerned with the political and social attitudes in the Czech lands in the last quarter of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century; the figure of Rudolf II and his relationship to Prague are also presented. Furthermore, the thesis mentions the main features and figures of the cultural life in Rudolfian Prague, alchemy and science, followed by a chapter describing Rudolf II's Prague office with regard to German as the language of the Prague office. The aim of the thesis is to textologically analyze the documents with a focus on their Macrostructure and Microstructure and therefore contribute to the research of the German language used in the offices in the last quarter of the 16th and at the beginning of the 17th century in the territory of the Czech lands.
The Syllabus Errorum and Selected Documents of the Second Vatican Council
Lejsal, Tomáš ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šmíd, Marek (referee)
The Syllabus Errorum and Selected Documents of the Second Vatican Council The central part of the thesis is a comparison of the document Syllabus Errorum and the documents of the Second Vatican Council. This is preceded by a first section with a comparison of the periods and circumstances in which the two documents came into being. In the following section I provide a summary of the selected literature on this theme. The comparison of the two documents proper, divided up according to logical connections, forms the main section. In the final section I reflect on the general principles and consequences arising out of the preceding comparison and I summarise the conclusions I have come to and look to see how they are reflected in current developments.

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