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Digital Historical Representations of the American Frontier Selected chapters from Red Dead Redemption 2
Klabačka, Tomáš ; Kremer, Jan (advisor) ; Foltýn, Dušan (referee)
This thesis deals with the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. In the theoretical part, I discuss popular history in general, and present other game and film western theme titles. This is followed by a section dedicated to the development studio Rockstar Games and the Red Dead game franchise. I am describing the history of the studio and its other work, and introduce the game titles belonging to the mentioned series - from development, to story and reviews. In the practical part, I am making a detailed analysis of RDR2 and futher I going to focus on comparing this title with other westerns released in the 21st century. I will compare four areas. These are: cowboys, natives American, women and children. The objective of my work is firstly to present one of the ways in which a historical video game can be analysed. Secondly to offer a comparison of what is portrayed in contemporary westerns. For example, what these titles present the same or at least in a similar way, and what, on the other hand, they do not agree on at all. KEYWORDS Videogames, historical game studies; popular history; American frontier; native Americans; cowboys; 19th/20th century; Red Dead Redemption; Rockstar Games
Tomb of a known soldier. De-anonymization of war memorials and mass graves as a modernization process
Kessler, Vojtěch ; Michlová, M. ; Šrámek, J.
This article focuses on perceiving the anonymity of fallen soldiers in the mid-19th century war memorials in Bohemia. The researchers working in Central Europe can draw surprisingly different conclusions than Anglo-American works. This article compensates for this lack of research. The anonymity of war memorials in the Czech lands almost disappeared during the first half of the 19th century. We are looking for an explanation in the four main changes that took place at that time. Firstly, fundamental changes in society, secondly, evolving aesthetics reflected in war memorials, thirdly, a difference in the way of waging war, and finally, changings emotions towards the fallen, the homeland and family.
Zdeňka Šemberová and her life in the context of Czech women's movement
Jeřábková, Iveta ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is itroduce to personality of Zdeňka Šemberová which live in years 1841 - 1912 in the context of Czech women's movement. In the first part of thesis is devoted to the development of the women's movement in Bohemia and to the important historical milestones that relate to this movement. The second part is devoted life of Zdeňka Šemberová, her family problems and her subjective view of the company. It was drawn from her personal diary and correspondence. This thesis describes the comparison of life Zdeňky Šemberova with the various stages of Czech women's movement and her contacts with prominent figures of this movement.
Works by Antonín Sucharda Jr. for Church Interiors in Northeastern Bohemia
Hladká, Kateřina
The artistic workshop of Antonín Sucharda Jr. (1843–1911) produced furniture and artworks for numerous church interiors of catholic parishes in Eastern Bohemia, and in many cases also restored older church equipment. The design of these artworks was increasingly influenced by Antonín‘s oldest son Stanislav Sucharda, who had been involved in the family workshop since childhood. The organization and artistic repertoire of this workshop were reconstructed, based on archive records and comparison with signed artworks and design drawings from the family heritage.
Unconquered Yet Defeated. Fortress Towns of Bohemia and Moravia in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866
Kessler, Vojtěch ; Šrámek, J.
Authors of the essay have attempted, based on ego-documents, to reveal the borderlines of the discrepancy between the expected standard of intensity and duration of the Austro-Prussian conflict and the subsequent reality. One of the 19th-century mnodernizing processes condensed in the short and intense clash in the summer of 1866 when in consequence of increased density of the traffic infrastructure and the introduction of new communication and infrastructure networks, the world seemed „smaller“ and „faster“. The essay brings an analysis of the period discrourse that the autohors understand not only as a frame within which memories and events were performed, but also as a poduct of mnemonic processes.
19th Century Methodology of Art History and Research from the Perspective of Progress
Petrasová, Taťána
The paper analyses the possibilities that opened up in the period 1981–1990 for the interdisciplinary research of Historicism in the former Czechoslovakia, given by the founding tradition of the Pilsen symposia. On the one hand, the researchers followed the current ideas of “art and progress” dealt with Ernst Gombrich (1971). From the opposite side came supporters of the idea of “rationality and irrationality” of development as a source of intellectual and aesthetic authenticity of 19th century works, such as jako Rudolf Chadraba, Jiří Ševčík, Helena Lorenzová a Vladimír Macura.
Editorial preparation of the songbook of Václav Hanka the elder
Nedvědová, Blanka ; Hejdová, Tereza
The paper presents a manuscript songbook of folk songs by Václav Hanka senior from the beginning of the 19th century. It focuses on the description of the manuscript, orthography and the problems that the editors had to deal with when creating the edition (working with space, structuring the text, limitations of readability).\n

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