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Digital Historical Representations of the American Frontier Selected chapters from Red Dead Redemption 2
Klabačka, Tomáš ; Kremer, Jan (advisor) ; Foltýn, Dušan (referee)
This thesis deals with the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. In the theoretical part, I discuss popular history in general, and present other game and film western theme titles. This is followed by a section dedicated to the development studio Rockstar Games and the Red Dead game franchise. I am describing the history of the studio and its other work, and introduce the game titles belonging to the mentioned series - from development, to story and reviews. In the practical part, I am making a detailed analysis of RDR2 and futher I going to focus on comparing this title with other westerns released in the 21st century. I will compare four areas. These are: cowboys, natives American, women and children. The objective of my work is firstly to present one of the ways in which a historical video game can be analysed. Secondly to offer a comparison of what is portrayed in contemporary westerns. For example, what these titles present the same or at least in a similar way, and what, on the other hand, they do not agree on at all. KEYWORDS Videogames, historical game studies; popular history; American frontier; native Americans; cowboys; 19th/20th century; Red Dead Redemption; Rockstar Games
Zdeňka Šemberová and her life in the context of Czech women's movement
Jeřábková, Iveta ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is itroduce to personality of Zdeňka Šemberová which live in years 1841 - 1912 in the context of Czech women's movement. In the first part of thesis is devoted to the development of the women's movement in Bohemia and to the important historical milestones that relate to this movement. The second part is devoted life of Zdeňka Šemberová, her family problems and her subjective view of the company. It was drawn from her personal diary and correspondence. This thesis describes the comparison of life Zdeňky Šemberova with the various stages of Czech women's movement and her contacts with prominent figures of this movement.
The memorial Bird´s Castle in Český Krumlov and the cultural and historical context of its origin.
This bachelor thesis focuses on unfinished monument of Karel I. Filip of Schwarzenberg, which is located near castle garden in Český Krumlov. It deals with the urbanism of the building and its description and also describes its current form. Author deals with the construction history of the monument, the person of the monument builder and also the Field Marshal Karel of Schwarzenberg, to whom the monument was dedicated. Important part of this thesis is the style of the English garden and sentimental gardens, as according to the author, this topic is closely related to the topic of the work. In final chapters, the author deals with buildings of a similar type in the Czech Republic and in Europe.
The Story of Czech Immigrants in USA and their Legacy from the End of the 19th Century to Present: The Identity and Everyday Life of a Small Town in Minnesota
The aim of this thesis is to describe the fates, sorrows and joys of Czech peasants (and their descendants) who decided to emigrate to the USA between the second half of the 19th century and the First World War, where they left a legacy that persists to these days. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the general history and knowledge of the emigration of Czechs to the USA, its causes and course. Using collected letters, pamphlets and archival records, it then attempts to reconstruct the journeys of emigrants from Bohemia to their new home across the ocean. The work then describes the various problems that the compatriots had to deal with immediately after landing in the United States, on their way to find available land or to build their homes. The thesis also depicts the efforts to create expatriate communities and societies along with the traditions that Czech immigrants brought with them. The second part focuses on a specific town in Minnesota, but also mentions nearby settlements and towns whose names attest to the Czech origins of their founders. The work focuses on the history of New Prague and its surroundings, associations and traditions that are connected to Czech cultural heritage and still play an important role in maintaining the Czech-American identity of the local population. With the help of the informations from local residents, the thesis seeks to capture and then analyse their perception of their Czech origins and their efforts to maintain awareness of Czech culture and language. Finally, the thesis will focus on specific events and festivals in and around New Prague that serve as evidence of the continuing awareness of Czech culture among Americans.
Analysis of social conditions of workers from the main mining enterprise for silver and lead of St. Karel Boromejský in Příbram accepted between years 1880-1890
This bachelor thesis is focused on the elaboration of chosen data from so called mining personell records, which were used for registration of new employees from the main mining enterprise for silver and lead of St. Karel Boromejský in Příbram. A database in Microsoft Excel will be created. The period between years 1880-1890 shall prove to be crucial for the research. Mainly quantitative method and a method of a probe will be used. The main emphasis shall be laid on the ascertainment of the time of employment, the age of employees and their marital status. The results will lead to a further research.
Three Women and Italy. Travel Diaries of Zdenka Braunerová, Marie Riegrová-Červinková and Anna Řeháková and Their Literary and Cultural Context
The bachelor thesis deals with travel notes of three Czech female travellers from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, Zdenka Braunerová, Marie Červinková-Riegrová and Anna Řeháková, from their literary and secondarily their cultural and historical aspect. The aim is also to introduce the conception of a woman who is a traveller at a time this hobby was far from a commonly acceptable female activity. Therefore, we look at the mentioned notes as i tis the evidence of the transformation of social conventions, when the idea of a woman as a mere protector of the household is fading and it is replaced with an image of an emancipated, independent woman, perhaps just in the role of a female traveller.
The chateau Český Rudolec. Building history and stylistic context.
The Bachelor Thesis The chateau Český Rudolec - building history and arts-historical context summarizes the basic information related to the chateau itself, but also to its close surroundings, with a focus on the last reconstruction into neogothic form and on the prospective owner Michael Angelo Picchioni. The chateau is then set in the context of similar 19th-century historicist buildings.
Biography of Zdenka Hlávková (1843-1902)
This thesis presents biography of Zdenka Hlávková (1843-1902), second wife of the czech entrepreneur and philanthropist Josef Hlávka (1831-1908), which came from the family of prominent lawyer Matěj Havelka (1809-1902). Zdenka Hlávková was not just daughter and wife, but also an artist and a member of the Americký klub dam. The thesis is gradually being dealt with family backgrounds of Zdenka Hlávková, her carrer, late marriage and social life. Since childhood moved she to the society of czech patriots and artists. Focus is dedicated her contacts especially in connection with the palace in Lužany. The thesis classifies life of Zdenka Hlávková into the context of women´s history in the second half of 19th century. Female education and their employment are primarily subject of interest. Zdenka Hlávková has remained unmarried for a long time and therefore performed one of the possible female professions.

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