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Expressions with variables with the help of agebraic tiles
Konrádová, Lenka ; Vondrová, Naďa (advisor) ; Novotná, Jarmila (referee)
The diploma with the help of algebraic tiles thesis focuses on teaching expressions with variables in the eighth grade in middle school. It is divided into theoretical and experimental parts. A particular chapter is devoted to an analysis of selected textbooks. First of all, the aim of this thesis was to analyse mathematics textbooks from the perspective the algebraic expressions. Some knowledge acquired thanks to the textbook analysis was used for my own educational experiment, whose preparation, realisation and assessment were the second objective of this thesis. The theoretical part provides a look at expressions with variables in curricular documents. Thereafter the pillars of teaching algebraic expressions are presented. This part is completed by the classification of errors made by students in relation to the topic. An analysis of selected textbooks follows the theoretical part. The core of this thesis is the experimental part, where teaching is based on constructivist principles. The preparation of the course explains the manipulation of the algebra tiles used during the lessons. After the teaching experiments, we may conclude that the application of algebra tiles helps students get into the environment of algebraic expressions, improves the understanding of the rules of manipulations with...
Practical didactic tests for preparation for the math matriculation examination
This bachelor thesis deals with the practical didactic tests for the math matriculation examination. It is divided into two parts. The first part is divided into 7 chapters. Each chapter deals with a specific thematic subjects for the math matriculation examination. The second part includes 3 didactic tests. For each didactic test is assigned solution. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to help students perform math matriculation examination.
Phenomena influencing learners' success when solving problems with algebraic expressions
Benešová, Jana ; Novotná, Jarmila (advisor) ; Jančařík, Antonín (referee)
This thesis focuses on errors and difficulties that students face when solving problems with algebraic expressions in mathematics at secondary school. Its aim was to describe the factors that affect pupils' achievement while dealing with algebraic expressions, classify them on the basis of a classification of pupils' errors used in mathematics and identify the biggest pupils' difficulties. The thesis consists of theoretical and experimental parts. The theoretical part focuses on the factors that influence the success of pupils in their learning process. I present their summary based on information gained from literature and I complete them with my own teaching experience of mathematics at secondary school. Next I deal with the concept of error, error classification and one of the most important phases of learning process, which is a description of teacher's work with pupil's error (again on the basis of information gained from the literature). The theoretical part ends with definitions of basic concepts from specialized literature on algebraic expressions at the end of the theoretical part. In the experimental part I deal with my own experiment during teaching of mathematics at secondary school, which is based on individual written work of students in the first year of their study and on the...
Five subjects for the teaching of algebra
Roubíček, Filip
The paper deals with the problem of the teaching of algebra at elementary school. It includes the description of five methods aimed at developing algebraic skills and based on well-known party games: algebraic domino, pexeso, lotto, quartet and equational marathon.

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