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The first Přemyslids in didactic applications
Hošek, Tomáš ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
(English) The theme of this thesis is to present the time and life of the first Premyslids and to create didactic material for teaching. The didactic material is designed, created and dedicated to teachers of history and history and all students. The work is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled The First Premyslids and their time, is theoretical and deals with the first Premyslids and their time. The first rulers of the Přemyslid family and their relatives are described in detail. The times in which they lived and ruled are described, as well as various aspects of everyday life at the time. The second, practical part, called History at Play, is devoted to didactics and practical activities that will be used in teaching 4th and 7th grade primary school. The research and devising of didactic applications included, in addition to studying the literature, comparing textbook texts, attending listening sessions, consulting with colleagues and carrying out teaching practice. This process included the creation of the author's teaching cards as well as games and their practical testing during the author's teaching practice. This thesis includes the presentation of two basic games (2 variants of the first game and one variant of the second game) and other examples of activities that can be used...
Diplomní projekt - Regenerace vnitřních prostorů blokové zástavby
Hošek, Tomáš
The diploma thesis deals with the problems of Regeneration of indoor spaces of the block building. The model object is a residential courtyard in the southern part of Prostějov, close to the agricultural landscape. The aim of the diploma thesis is the processing of literary research, the study of reference examples and the processing of an architectural study. The thesis is divided into three parts - theoretical, practical and design. The theoretical part deals with the processing of literary research on the basis of study of literature, projects and realizations. The understanding of the literary research will devote us to this problematics. The practical part deals with the analysis of the model object and the visits of the reference examples. The individual reference examples were selected according to a predetermined methodology and then personally visited. The reference examples visited were in the Czech Republic and abroad. Subsequently, the starting point was determined from literary research and reference examples. The last design part deals with the processing of the diploma project in the scope of the architectural study, which is supported by the necessary graphic attachments. Finally of the diploma thesis were laid the basis of the proposal for solution of the problematics of the regeneration of indoor spaces of the block building.
Potenciál brownfields z pohledu zahradně krajinářského architekta
Hošek, Tomáš
Bachelor thesis deal with problems of brownfields and associated with following revitalization. The thesis consists of theoretical, practical and design part. As the model is chosen area of the former brewery in Prostějov. On this area is processed idea studies. The first part of the processing is in the form of a literature review is dedicated general issues including basic division of brownfields by different types, options of a new use of industrial buildings, the main barriers that hinder the reuse of brownfields area or suitable options reuse brownfields. The second part deal with exploration and appropriate solution examples of brownfields selected urban areas abroad and in the Czech Republic. Exploration of these sites were obtained positive and negative findings and on the basis of these results was processed idea studies. Next contains historical information about the city of Prostějov, brewery and natural conditions Prostějov bioregion. The third part deal with idea studies on the model area. At the outset were performed analyzes from which they were derived idea studies in garden and architectural design. The idea studies is documented graphic annex -- situation, cut, perspectives, axonometric and details.

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