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Educational specifics of pupils with autism
Jiříková, Adéla ; Šiška, Jan (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
This thesis deals with educational specifics of autistic pupils. In the beginning, the author describes the elemental areas of disorders within the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the basic methods applied on work with such disordered individuals. The thesis also briefly presents the system of education of pupils and students with ASD in the Czech Republic. The core of the thesis is constituted by a description of TEACCH Program, which is thought to be the most effective method within the work with autistic students. There is also a research attached to the paper, which is grounded on informations gained from teachers and parents of pupils of the Special nursery school, Special primary school and Special school of ELPIS, where the ASD pupils are handled according to the principles of TEACCH Program. The survey was made by using the method of structured conversation and there were six subjects of the research, six particular pupils. The aim of the research was to find out, how much the treatment in school and at home varies and how are the six subjects influenced by this differences. The results should point out advantages and weaknesses of the application of TEACCH Program in the Czech Republic, show the degree of cooperation between family and school and also can serve as an inspiration for...

Leisure time of children and family surrounding.
Bachelor thesis on "Activities for children and family environment" is focused on the issues of free time for children, especially for its use from the perspective of children themselves, as well as their parents. The theoretical part deals with a functionality of free time processed form of questions relating to education which in this area blends together with a family atmosphere. Analysing how parents can intervene positively and negatively to the use of leisure time of their children. Further work their way the function of the family and also the function of family environment on development of children especially their interests and abilities. I focus on leisure activity outside of the classroom and on the distribution of teachers who go in for of this free time. . An integral part of the thesis is the result of the negative impact on children in their free time, describing the consequences that may arise and we should try to avoid them. The practical part contains a survey: analysis of the views of parents whose professional focus is not pedagogical direction, parents with at least one of them is a teacher and an analysis of the answers of the children themselves. The research goal of my work is to analyse the general view of children's free time. How children use leisure time as guidance from parents, to what extent their leisure time is influenced by different factors and how far their ideas, wishes are taken into account.

Content Marketing for Lead Generation in B2B Educational and Consulting Services
Nykodýmová, Barbora ; Zamazalová, Marcela (advisor) ; Pospíchal, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to acquaint the reader with the issue of content marketing for generating leads and information about potential customers, then to analyze and offer some recommendations for its further use among B2B suppliers of educational and consulting services. The theoretical part discusses three key topics: the specifics of the services and B2B sector; content marketing and the reasons for its inclusion in marketing strategy; and the issue of lead generation as a possible metric of content marketing and sales tool. The practical part of the thesis approaches this topic from the perspective of four representatives of service suppliers, complemented by a point of view of the mediate company IVITERA. This company brings together one of the largest B2B communities in the services sector on the Czech market within its (especially online) media projects. Research was conducted through individual interviews with representatives of all five companies and by an analysis of secondary data, leads and keywords provided by the mediate company.

The Quality of Life Analysis at Educators and Propose a Program for Health Support in Tabor Region
HÁJKOVÁ, Martina
Thesis The Quality of Life Analysis at Educators and Propose a Program for Health Support in Tabor Region support especially deals with tutorial profession in the theoretical part, competence of teachers and provides the tutor profile. It describes quality of life concept in the next chapter. Important thing especially is the quality of the teacher´s life and its issue as well as the support of the teacher´s health. There was my aim to analyze the quality of tutor life in Tábor area in the research section and to propose and to verify the program of the health support. The research was realized on the base of questionnaire survey with the help of questionnaire WHOQOL-BREF. There was found a good life quality of the tutors and there was even the quality of life improved in the group that participated of my intervention program.

Anti-Plague texts in the late Middle Ages and the Early modern period.
The theme of this work are late medieval and early modern time anti-plague treatises and official regulations against plague. In times when many countries and even continents were affected by plague, many city councils and rulers themself had the treatises printed in order to reduce the risk of transmission of the infection and development of the illness. The treatises adjusted regulations of towns and villages. These official decrees against plague were supplemented with plague treatises that were written for inhabitants of towns affected by black death. Many of them were written in Latin and therefore incomprehensible to uneducated people. It changed when a doctor Jan Černý wrote such a treatise in Czech language. The treatises advised not only how to prevent plague but also how to treat it. I divided my work into two parts. In the first part I describe particular plague epidemics that took place especially in Bohemia and Moravia. I progressed chronologically from antiquity to the 18th century and described whole course of epidemics in various regions. In the second part I focused mainly on different ways how these treatises deal with prevention and treatment of the disease. I made a comparison of various plague treatises from Prague, České Budějovice and Nepomuk. In order to gather data and informations I focused on historical sources and literature that give us informations from people who had first-hand experience of plague. I do the overall comparison and critique of these sources in seperate chapter. I believe this work can work as an educational material for students and teacher

MS Excel spreadsheet in mathematics education at primary schools
The aim of the thesis is to create a set of examples from mathematics using MS Excel spreadsheet, which could be used for teaching mathematics in primary schools. Pupils practice their work from this spreadsheet calculator and also enrich their knowledge of mathematics for its practical use. This set will be used to practice graphs, functions, financial mathematics, patterns, probability, and another. All these examples will be tested in educational practice.

Developing open approach to mathematics in future primary school teachers
Samková, L. ; Tichá, Marie
In our contribution we focus on the possibility to develop open approach to mathematics in future primary school teachers during a university course on mathematics conducted in inquiry-based manner. We analyse data obtained in the beginning and in the end of the course with respect to two main aspects related to open approach to mathematics: searching for all solutions of a task, and acceptance of different forms of notation of a given solution. Data analysis revealed in the participants three different shifts towards open approach to mathematics, and showed that after the active participation in the course each of the participants improved at least in one of the monitored aspects, and that none of the participants got worse in any of the aspects.