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Protection of personal data in the course of rendering health care
Zeman, Marek ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
Health care services is an area, in which is, with regard to specific nature of processed information, needed to pay special attention to personal data protection of patients. Act that used to regulate this kind of relations for more than 40 years was the Act on Care and Health of Nation. Taking into consideration its historic time of origin and paternalistic theory, on which it was based upon, and despite passage of Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine meaning significant deviation from up to now paternalistic theory, this Act was not able stand under the Czech republic international obligations, principles of democratic legal state and last but not least rapid technological progress,. Therefore it was replaced by Medical Services Act, which is in full compliance with approach that sees relation between physician and patient as equal. One of cornerstones in area of personal data protection in health care services is concept of rule of secrecy, to which is obliged mainly provider of health care, but also other persons stated in the Act. Violation of rule of secrecy is punished. Threat of penal sancion for violation of rule of secrecy highlights the importance of protection of presonal data in health care area. Although under circumstances specified by the law is possible to unveil rule of...
The Company in a Competitive Environment
Zeman, Marek ; Šrédl, Karel (advisor) ; Svoboda, Roman (referee)
This bachelor dissertation deals with a position of the selected company in a competitive environment. The dissertation is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part determines substantial terms which have been mentioned within the dissertation and creates reinforcement for practical part of the thesis. The latter part identifies mainly terms like a company and its goals, fundamental types of competitive environment and analysis of internal and external environment. The practical part is devoted to the analysis of the company METAL STEEL s. r. o., which sells stainless and carbon steel. The financial analysis, collecting chosen ratio indexes, helps to evaluate a situation of the company. Further more there is a description of the main competitors on the market. The current position of the company is reviewed in accordance with comparison method. The SWOT analysis was utilized for identification of strong and weak aspects/points of the company in the conclusion part of the thesis.
Quality of Life as instrument of Balneotherapy effects evaluation made by patients suffering from Bechtěrev disease in Berta Health Spa in Třeboň
ZEMAN, Marek
This diploma work studies quality of life of patients suffering from Bechtěrev disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis), who had global four-weeks cure in Berta Health Spa in Třeboň from 1st January to 31st July 2006. Hypothesis says that six months after the end of balneotherapy the quality of life of these patients will be higher than before. For confirmation or confutation of this hypothesis there was used quantitative method of research, in form of adjusted questionnaire for detection of quality of Life by SEIQoL concept (Schedule for the Evaluation of Individual Quality of Life). By this measure respondents are allowed to nominate five areas of life (aims of life), which are most important, together with percentage rate of their satisfaction with each and the relative importance of each. Average life-quality index of the respondents before balneotharapy was 60,4 %, six months after the end of balneotharapy it was 62,7 %. Thus six months after the end of the cure the respondents have higher quality of life. Then there were mentioned and discussed differences in perception of quality of life of various age groups and of gender. There was also accomplished order of the most often mentioned aims of life, as well an analysis of ``health{\crqq} as alife aim was done. This diploma work could be used in cultural work and for improvement of informedness in problematic of life quality. But mainly, it could be perhaps taken as a little controversial report to the discussion about using of assorted exploratory concepts for evaluation of quality of life.

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